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Trap camera filmed a “zombie deer” in Illinois

Trap camera filmed a "zombie deer" in Illinois 1

The footage below was recorded by an automatic camera that reacts to movement is shocking. It is impossible to understand how a deer with such a wound is not only alive and walking, but it seems that it does not feel anything at all!

This deer should be dead with such injuries, but it is alive and not just alive, but behaves as if nothing had happened.

Please note that in the place where part of the animal is removed – there is no blood at all! It looks as if someone acted on this deer with some potent drugs and removed a part of its body with some very unusual instrument – bloodless and so that the animal did not even notice it.

One explanation comes to mind – the phenomenon of the so-called “cattle mutilation”, which is attributed to alien researchers who harvest organs from terrestrial animals (and people) for their experiments.

What we see on this deer coincides with the wounds that “cattle mutilations” are found on the ground, just in this case the poor animal is still alive … Moreover, the cameras recorded this particular deer twice – on October 17 and 18 – it was alive !

Chris Evans, an Illinois white-tailed hunter, could hardly believe what his hunting cameras were filming. 

In the photo from October 17 and the video from October 18, a zombie deer with a huge wound walks past the trap cameras. The male first appeared on camera in September and was then completely healthy. 

“Pretty wild thing to see a deer still walking after something like this,” Evans said. “We are trying to see if we can find and kill him if he is still alive.”

Kip Adams, Illinois’ director of environmental protection, believes the injury is fatal. If the coyotes don’t kill this white-tailed deer, winter will.

“I can’t imagine the infection won’t get him,” Adams said. “Very sad.”

The video can be shocking. 18+
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