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Translucent rotating disk with no reflection on water: An unexplained light phenomenon was observed in the skies over Switzerland

Translucent rotating disk with no reflection on water: An unexplained light phenomenon was observed in the skies over Switzerland 1
Photo: Generated by Midjourney

According to eyewitnesses, they noticed blue lights that moved in a circle for five minutes, after which they “darkened and disappeared,” reports the information portal 20 Minutes.

The Swiss information portal 20 Minutes reported on Monday, citing several eyewitnesses, about an unusual atmospheric phenomenon or UFO, which was observed in the sky on Sunday night by residents of the cantons of Zurich, Schaffhausen and Thurgau – glowing bluish dots that moved in a circle.

The video published on the portal shows dots moving in a circle. At the same time, we can also distinguish a transparent rotating disk with a lighter circle in the middle. 

As a Zurich resident who saw this unusual phenomenon or object reported, she woke up on Sunday at about 02:20 am “because of the light.” Through the window she saw a luminous disk with bright moving dots and filmed it. 

“At first we thought it was a club light show,” the woman said. However, there was no visible laser beam from the ground, which is the case with light shows. There was also, she said, “no noise.” The spinning dots were visible for about five minutes, then “darkened and disappeared.”

Lights were also spotted in the night sky in Schaffhausen. An eyewitness said he saw them around 11:30 pm local time on Saturday. At first he thought they were talking about spotlights. 

“However, the lights were visible at a distance of about 20-25 km and were moving along a strange trajectory, and I ruled out this hypothesis,” he explained.

As 20 Minutes notes, “As far as the authorities are concerned, no one has any explanation.” The Zurich cantonal police said that “no drone or laser show was announced that night.” 

In turn, the air navigation company Skyguide, which monitors Swiss airspace, reported that they could not determine the nature of the unusual phenomenon or object. 

According to the company spokesman, what “personally puzzles him is that the lights of this object were not reflected in the lake, unlike others.”

On Sept. 14, NASA released a 33-page report following a year-long study of UFOs and said understanding it requires more new scientific techniques, including advanced satellites, as well as a change in attitudes toward unidentified flying objects. NBC later warned of a possible alien mothership approaching Earth as reported by Nightly News show host Lester Holt, citing an expert from the Pentagon.

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