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Top Secret . TR3B Astra Is UFO Technology And Derived By Aliens

Top Secret . TR3B Astra Is UFO Technology And Derived By Aliens 1

The revolutionary TR-3B Astra technology is part of a secret project to develop the anti-gravity takeoff called the aurora Project. Dr. Fuchai was one of the scientists working in Area 51 for 10 consecutive days of reform and development.

He did not know that the government has such a pioneering technology, which is based on the manufacture of triangular shaped vehicles that contain a rotary accelerator in the middle, The antithesis has been said explicitly that such technology exists and that technology has been taken from the UFO spacecraft and that the source of it is extraterrestrial technology from Aliens.

Credits: RED STONE

Skeptics of alien theories unequivocally state: this is not a UFO, but a top-secret US Air Force aircraft, a project that is funded by the US Department of Defense, the NSA and the CIA with black budget appropriations. We do not have evidence at a similar level in order to dispel all doubts and firmly state whether the triangular UFOs observed for more than a decade are alien objects or secret developments of anyone there. We consider both theories in parallel, which have the right to exist.

According to some reports, the TR-3B Astra is the latest development of tactical reconnaissance aircraft. It is quite possible to use alien technology, by mutual agreement or copied from the wreckage of the crashed UFO. The outer coating of the TR-3B reacts to electrical stimulation, if I may say so, which can cause the aircraft to change its color, reflectivity, and radar detection capability.

The cockpit of the TR-3B Astra is supposedly surrounded by some kind of ring particle accelerator, which is ahead of all conceivable modern technologies. The main goal and feature of such an installation is to generate a powerful magnetic vortex field, which somehow, partially (up to 90%) or completely, neutralizes the effect of gravity on the mass of the apparatus itself. 

According to Edgar Fuchai, who claims to have worked on the project for some time at Area 51, the ring accelerator uses mercury and rotates at around 60,000 rpm. The main source of power on the TR-3B is believed to be a modified nuclear engine, and the size of the flying triangle allows this.

People who observe such flying objects declare that the vehicles hang for a long time, which can be achieved by three propellers located at the vertices of the triangle, where the glow is observed. 

Triangular UFOs, as well as their round counterparts, are famous for their ability to dramatically develop phenomenal speed, which, however, is easily explained scientifically, if scientists really managed to practically deprive the mass of the flying machine. 

TR-3B’s are often seen over the territory of France and Belgium in Europe, as well as, according to eyewitnesses, in the area of ​​​​one of the military bases in the American desert, also known as Area 51.

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So what is it, alien UFOs or secret American developments? We think we will not find out the truthful answer soon, but you can judge by the information currently available.


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