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Top Paranormal Videos of 2013

Top Paranormal Videos of 2013 1

This year there have been a lot of alleged paranormal encounters that were captured on video and then shared on the internet. One question is always wondered when photos and videos like these are presented. Are they real or fake?

With today’s sophisticated graphic design computer programs, ghosts and other strange phenomena can easily be edited into any video with digital video and audio editing software. Even cellular telephones now have applications that can add creepy effects to photos and videos.

Many videos claiming to have proof of the paranormal are appearing every day on Youtube. Quite a few of the encounters seem believable but a majority of them are believed to be fake. Most true paranormal encounters caught on video are often overlooked because of the fakes and people often question the validity of those videos as well.

12. Ghost attack caught on security camera
A video uploaded to Youtube in April appeared to have captured a man getting assaulted by a ghostly attacker. In the video, a black shadowy figure is seen pushing a man and dragging him down a long hallway in an apartment complex. Watch the video

11. Paranormal phenomena captured on supermarket surveillance camera 
A surveillance camera captured footage of an alleged haunting in a health food store in July. In the surveillance video, a shopper is seen in the aisle browsing items when all of a sudden something strange happens on the shelf behind him. Two boxes of tea are seen levitating through midair to the center of the aisle and then suddenly fall to the ground. The shopper doesn’t seem to notice. Watch the video

10. Three friends encounter shadow figure near Arizona park
An Arizona woman and two friends captured a shadow figure on video near an alleged haunted park by her home last month. The woman believes that the entity in the video may be a demon that lurks in an area known as the Demon Playground. Watch the video

9. Ghosts blamed for tripping baseball players
The University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Louisiana State University Tigers faced off in the College World Series in June. During one of the games, three UNC outfielders attempted to field a foul ball and right before colliding, two of them seemed to trip over thin air. The spectacular event was captured on camera with two different angles. Some people speculate that paranormal phenomena have caused the incident. Watch the video

8. Strange sky sounds scare town
Loud booming sounds are being heard all over the world lately. A lot of folks have witnessed this strange phenomena in a few states across the country. The booms seem to originate from the sky. Just recently a woman in Canada captured the eerie phenomena on video from her front porch. Watch the video

7. Security guard finds ghostly figure in hotel surveillance footage
Employees of a historic hotel in Florida recently noticed something strange on their security footage. One of the security officers witnessed a ghost-like figure on the video surveillance system in the hotel’s bar in October. Watch the video

6. Mysterious light haunting town for years is captured on video
For more than a century a ghostly light has been appearing in the Ozark hills of Missouri and Oklahoma. Two men believe that they have captured the mysterious spook light on video. Watch the video

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5. Strange shadowy figure captured on time-lapse camera in Oregon
A photographer got more than he hoped for in July after reviewing a time-lapse camera that he set up in a cemetery to a capture the sunset. A mysterious shadowy figure is seen in one of the images. Watch the video

4. Statue mysteriously moves in locked display case 
An ancient Egyptian statue in a British museum has been captured on video mysteriously moving in a circle. One of the museum’s employees noticed the statue had been moving earlier this year and placed a time-lapse video camera to capture the strange phenomena. As of right now no one has an explanation for the movement of the object. Watch the video

3. Ghostly figure caught on video damaging police officer’s car
Connecticut police officers are convinced that their parking lot is haunted.On October 31 an off-duty Hartford police officer was shocked to come out to his car and find it damaged. The officer noticed that the driver’s side mirror was ripped off and found it lying on the ground next to the vehicle. His first thought was that it might be vandals that were responsible. Watch the video

2. Arizona paranormal team captures shadow person on video at haunted mortuary
A paranormal research group captured a shadowy figure on video at a business in Arizona last month. The lead investigator believes the video shows proof of the shadow person phenomena. Watch the video

1. New York man captures ghost of a cat on video at haunted hotel
A paranormal investigator captured some compelling footage at a hotel in New York earlier this year. Stephen Barcelo posted what he believes to be proof of a ghost cat on his YouTube channel in January.Watch the video

Are the videos real or fake? Post your opinion in the comment section below.


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