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Top 6 useless (and potentially harmful) products. eat them only as a last resort!

Top 6 useless (and potentially harmful) products. eat them only as a last resort! 1
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We eat not only in order to be satisfied, we must also get trace elements and vitamins from food for the structure and performance of our body.

Experiments on guinea pigs have proven that individuals who eat one millet get scurvy and die.

Therefore, everything that we eat, all products, must contain trace elements, something more, something less, but in no case should we eat useless foods, because they take up space in the stomach, we take up calories. At the end, we get nothing from them.

Useless foods can only be used in an emergency, when you urgently need to get fast calories. For example, when you have no strength left in the marathon, but you need to make the final spurt, only then it makes sense to consume ’empty’ sugar calories.

If you consume useless foods all the time, your body will not receive enough micronutrients. It will be sick for a long time and in the end everything will end the same as in guinea pigs. It is impossible to function without microelements!

List of zero benefit – useless products:

1. Pasta, semolina, wheat flour

All of these products are made from refined and bleached flour. If the wheat grain still contains B vitamins, then after cleaning there is nothing left there, since everything useful is contained in the shell.

And even then, it is not clear whether it is still there in the grain. Wheat has been grown on the same land for many years. The earth has simply become impoverished, depleted, and there are already several times less trace elements in it.

2. Cookies, sweets

All sweet products are made from flour, sugar, palm fat and margarine. Sugar, like flour, does not contain a single vitamin or trace element. You will simply die eating only sugar and flour, the body will have nothing to build up from.

3. Soda, juices

Soda is tap water, sugar and flavorings; your body cannot take a single useful element from there. No calcium, no iron, no vitamins.

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4. Bread, pastries

You should know that all, absolutely all baked goods are made on a cheap carcinogen – margarine. Nobody uses butter. Bread is made from very low quality flour, literally similar to what is fed to livestock. If you buy cheap bread, you will feel an unpleasant chemical taste;

in more expensive products, it is hidden by flavor enhancers or raisins for example. There are practically no vitamins or micro elements in modern bread but the ‘gluten free’ disguise.

Previous generations or our ancestors as we call them, ate different types of bread. Wheat has been heavily modified over time as it nowadays contains 3 times more starch and 3 times less trace elements.

5. Low fat foods

What are manufacturers doing? They separate fatty fermented milk into skim and cream, destroying vitamins at the same time, subjecting to heat treatment. All the benefits of products are precisely in this fat, but we are sold simply whitewashed water with zero benefit for the body.

6. Sausages, salami, dumplings

Even in the most expensive sausages, the percentage of meat does not exceed 20%. It’s just that flavor enhancers are added to them, so they are tastier. The base is a paste of starch, water and thickeners.

Always, absolutely always, the worst meat is preferred from poultry or fish, to sausages or similar processed meat products.

There is a simple rule that you can memorize and constantly remind yourselves: 

Eat what nature creates, and not what man creates.

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, mushrooms – all this is created by nature and contains everything necessary for the body structure.

Flour, sweets, canned food, soybean substitutes such as hydrated soy protein – all this is created by a person in factories. The ‘profit’ goal is not to do something useful, but to make the product as cheap as possible. 

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Do not fall into the trap that if you do not consume pastries, sweets and sodas, our faces will be healthier, but also much sadder. There are countless natural alternatives and we just need to brake the habit.


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