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Top 5 of the biggest hidden treasures

Top 5 of the biggest hidden treasures 1

Our world is so vast that it is easy to imagine the number of fascinating treasures still buried. According to the latest news, all of these have not yet been discovered, so we left to go explore the Earth, hoping to return with a beautiful gem. Here is a TOP 5 of the greatest treasures in the world yet never discovered.

1) Forrest Fenn’s treasure

In 2010, Forrest Fenn, a famous collector of Santa Fe, hid a treasure of 20 kilos of gold coins, nuggets, pre-Columbian figurines … He hid clues in his autobiography. The loot is estimated at a million dollars.

Thousands of treasure hunters have begun to roam the Santa Fe area. The treasure may not be found for decades, according to the 82-year-old millionaire.

2) The treasure of the Invincible Armada

Composed of 130 ships, the Invincible Armada was used by the Spanish monarchy to conquer and control the new empire. On July 15, 1733, a hurricane hit the coast of Florida. He sank 20 boats. According to legend, the wrecks are full of treasures.

Only a small part of the cargo could be brought to the surface.

3) The treasure of the Incas of Lake Titicaca

In 1532 Emperor Atahualpa was captured by Francisco Pizarro. In exchange for his freedom, the Spanish conquistador demanded that the Inca pay him a colossal ransom. The latter therefore gives orders to his lieutenants. On Lake Titicaca, a boat was filled with pounds of gold and silver.

But on August 29, 1533, when the mariners learned of the execution of Atahualpa, they would have thrown the treasure into the waters of the lake. Passionate about this story, Commander Cousteau looked for this famous treasure but found nothing.

4) The Eldorado

This mythical land in South America is supposed to be full of gold. But nobody really knows its geographic location. During the 16th century, an expedition of Spaniards landed in South America.

They meet the Muiscas and discover that they easily give their gold. This is how the legend was born.

5) The treasure of the Nazis

Gold, jewelry and rare stamps stolen from prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp. Since 1945, a treasure would be hidden below the Arlberg pass at an altitude of more than 1970 meters (Austria). It has still not been discovered.

At its peak in 1949, the United States held half of all the gold ever mined in history, almost 22,000 tonnes. As the world struggles to extricate itself from the Great Depression, a new crisis is fast approaching. This threatens the entire civilization.

Adolf Hitler takes power while Germany is still faltering from its defeat in the First World War. Its gold reserves are empty and its currency worthless. Having promised to restore the country to its original glory, Hitler set out to rebuild the German Empire. To do this, he needs gold.

It is essential to understand that the gold reserves of Germany in 1939 are not enormous, about 200 million dollars and that they were already largely engaged in particular in the construction of the German war machine. In addition, the country can no longer buy manufactured products abroad or basic raw materials with its Reichsmark too low. Its only alternative is gold.

Nazi army loots gold resources

Also, as it marched on Europe, the German army plundered the gold reserves of the nations. In 1938, Czechoslovakia with its 30 million dollars in gold, in 1939 Poland with 85 million dollars in gold. In reality, it started in 1938 with the Anschluss in Austria. They first took the gold from the Austrians, then in 1939 they seized Czech reserves, ending their occupation of Czechoslovakia, and at the start of the war, each time they took control of a country , they looted the gold.

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Most of Hitler’s loot is stored in vaults at the Reichsbank in Berlin. But the wind begins to turn for this Reich which must last a thousand years. The intensive bombardments carried out day and night by the allied forces systematically destroy Hitler’s war machine by striking it in the heart, that is to say by destroying the industrial infrastructures themselves built on stolen gold.

On February 3, 1945, more than 900 Allied bombers dropped nearly 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin. The city is reduced to the state of ashes and ruins, the Reichsbank is practically destroyed. In February 1945, what remained of the Reichsbank’s gold reserves was probably loaded onto trucks by prisoners, presumably French, and transported to Merkers in the south of Germany.

There are other rumors of an incredible retreat in Austria and plans to build underground factories.

Did these fortresses really exist? Where have the hidden Nazi treasures gone? Even today, experts comb the region in the hope of finding something.


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