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Top 10 conspiracies of 2012

Everyone loves a good top 10 list and since Tuesday represents the first day of 2013, among all the other top 10 lists you may have seen over the last few days, someone needs to take a look back at the conspiracies that made the most impact throughout the 13th year of the millennium.

Although it is safe to assume that “not everything is a conspiracy,” as you may have heard the common dissenting voice re-iterate, there is an obvious difference between conspiracy “theories” and actual conspiracies and anyone that pays attention to current events knows the highest levels of government and the corporate-world (now virtually one-in-the-same) are rife with actual conspiracies. That is, if one is to consider the rule of written law and the democratic process as concepts which we should typically all strive to respect and honor.

The entire system of mass media in America, mainstream radio and both the small and large screens however are owned and operated by a select few mega-corporations that are owned by the establishment and are unfortunately in the business of colluding to keep the American public from figuring out what they and their partners in both the public and private sectors are up to. Just try being a journalist that works for one of these media monopolies and attempt illustrating conspiracies, if coming even remotely close to exposing the real establishment or its true agenda, and see how long it is that you keep your job.

That said, so many situations that could be regarded as conspiracies unfolded in 2012, or are lingering from before and are still unfolding, that it was impossible to name them all. Because there were enough that were of major political importance or cost any number of lives, there were many that may normally be regarded as fairly important that ended up on the cutting-room floor this year and couldn’t even be mentioned.

Of those that didn’t make the top 10, some of the closest runners-up were events like another revealing episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (TSA episode) being censored during its third season on TruTV and other shenanigans regarding the popular television series, the extraordinary New World Order symbolism that existed within the opening and closing ceremonies during the Olympic Games in London, the ongoing alleged cyber-security threats and potential legislation ultimately intended to curtail the free flow of information on the Internet and the unbelievable findings that came out of an investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team that blew the doors open on the falsehoods that are the documents that allegedly prove Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility and selective service registration.

Here then are the conspiracies, arguably, regarded as the top 10 actual conspiracies that occurred in 2012, or spilled over from previous years and are still having a major effect on the public today.

10. False-flag terror attacks: NY Fed

In order to perpetuate the growing police state in the United States into the monstrosity the establishment is hoping it becomes, they need terrorist attacks to occur so that the people will accept a false need for more and more official security. Anyone and everyone who has ever done their homework, however, knows that the government cannot possibly keep you safe and in almost every single case is far more likely to be less safe than if not involved at all.

Despite the framer’s attempts at warning the public that allowing the loss of essential liberties for safety eventually causes a natural loss of both, Americans have been fooled into giving up their rights (TSA) by allowing compromised politicians to enact legislation like the “Patriot” Act and the NDAA as a false sense of security, after officially concocted scare tactics, such as the “thwarted” New York Fed bomb plot that, had it not been for US government involvement, was unlikely to have occurred in the first place.

The FBI admitted to being in control of the situation the entire time, even from the very beginning of the operation to its final, ridiculous conclusion and even admitted the public was never in any real danger. Nonetheless, the media continues to use these false-flag events as the moral excuse to allow politicians the leverage they need to reduce overall liberty while increasing and consolidating government power over the people. The exact opposite of what the founding fathers had intended, according to the history books.

9. Kony 2012

One of the most ridiculous media hoaxes pulled on the West in recent memory, the Western media-propagated Kony 2012 sensation died just as quickly as it began on Apr. 20, after an infomercial-style YouTube video and an obviously over-acted attempt at convincing the population into supporting swift military action against an alleged evil warlord in central Africa failed to gain enough support for the so-called “humanitarian” movement to save the “Invisible Children” in Uganda.

Joseph Kony, a man who the establishment’s media propagandized as a political terrorist, supposedly began training children over 20 years ago to be (LRA) soldiers for his civil war against the Ugandan government, often at the expense of innocent people in the country. If whoever was truly behind the operation had their way, Kony “desperately” needed to be found and given the justice he deserved. But realities such as Kony not having been seen for at least six years, no one knowing whether or not he was actually still alive and the realization that the Ugandan government was just as corrupt, all stripped away the fabric of the hoax and Kony 2012, publicly, never truly got off the ground.

Despite solid efforts by UN propagandist Angelina Jolie to gain support for the invasion of Uganda and having over 95 million views, the failure of the video to garner enough support for the movement and the video’s alleged creator, Jason Russell, being videotaped wandering naked through San Diego, apparently suffering from “brief reactive psychosis,” according to his family, represented the beginning of the end of another establishment-concocted false-flag event to gain support for the overthrow of an uncooperative Middle Eastern or African nation that stands in the way of total natural resource domination by the “West” in the region (PNAC).

8. 2012 election season

Quite possibly because of just how much information is now available to the public, the 2012 election cycle was the most visible and, as a result, the most visibly corrupt in the history of politics. It’s truly mind-boggling to realize just how many scandals occurred over the course of the year, in so many states and on so many levels of the election that the media, even if it tried, wouldn’t have been able to cover it all.

The usual anti-Ron Paul sentiment echoed throughout the halls of every news agency, especially in those that are alleged to be the most prominent, purposely assuring Ron Paul wouldn’t have an equal opportunity in the eyes of the public. From the very beginning it became apparent there was an agenda to shape the election into one that favored the establishment, regardless of the candidate that was to emerge as Obama’s challenger.

Had the media been honest about Ron Paul and the reality behind his policies and philosophy however it is very likely he would have won the Republican nomination. From pre-election polls and commentary, to the Iowa straw poll and caucus, to many different state caucuses and primaries along the way, to the Republican convention and right on through to the general election itself, never before have those that attempt to stay on top of elections witnessed as much corruption, election fraud and other shenanigans take place as what was seen in 2012.

As always, the media covered very little of what was occurring or spun the circumstances, if unavoidable, to favor the establishment and played its role as spoiler to those who weren’t willing to play the game of assuring the continuance of a status-quo that includes Middle Eastern and North African war propaganda, apologizing for the Fed and projecting the false-threat of domestic terrorism and thus the need for the continued loss of “unalienable” rights for the people in the United States.

7. LIBOR, interest rate rigging scandal

Largely ignored by the mainstream media and Americans watching their favorite sitcoms, the LIBOR scandal is the epitome of the total corruption that has taken over many governments and their financial systems, allowing the money masters in central banking to control the real wealth of the U.S. and many Western nations. Not only as it sheds light on the blatant and shameless criminal acts of the banking mafia system, but as it outlines their ruthless and cavalier audacity to continue their open robbery of the American people and the world even after being discovered at their crimes time and time again.

In a mere continuation of the same corruption that has surfaced in the news because of many high-level banking scandals over several decades, corporate giants Barclays, UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland have been accused and admitted to colluding internally and with other firms to manipulate interest rates, along with many other banks yet to be investigated. Following investigations by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and lawsuits filed by Charles Schwab Corp., accusing Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., Barclays Plc., Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings Plc, Lloyds Banking Group Plc, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, UBS AG and WestLB AG, of conspiring to manipulate the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The implications of this scandal are certainly of epic proportions considering that these are the same banks caught time and time again rigging the very loans that are set by LIBOR and the vast number of financial products tied to LIBOR.

The real scandal brought to light by the LIBOR fiasco however is the level of involvement in corruption from politicians, government oversight groups, to the Federal Reserve, the media and every participating bank in this giant scam in which the public, as the victim, is being stripped of every last piece of real wealth. This is a glimpse into the reality of a corrupt and rigged system that is hiding behind the facade of a “free market” that is largely responsible for the suffering of millions of families worldwide, impacted by record unemployment and a collapsing financial system – all while banking corporate heads and their special shareholders enjoy the finer things and real wealth like real estate, gold and other precious metals, purchased with the money they created, leaving the population holding on to the worthless paper.

6. Fast & Furious

Despite the fact that the “Fast and Furious” gun-smuggling scandal broke prior to 2012, the sheer magnitude of the scandal assured it would spill over and likely far beyond the end of the year.

Sure enough, more innocent people became victims of guns that were handed to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF in 2012 and despite what looks to be obvious misrepresentations of the circumstances by mid to high level officials under oath, very few have truly yet to be held accountable for their involvement in an operation that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent citizens on either side of the Mexican-American border.

As if that weren’t enough to get the blood boiling, the Obama administration pulled the same executive privilege style political chicanery as did the final Bush administration, whenever it came time to unearth documents that likely led to knowledge that the highest levels in government were likely either aware of or were directly involved in the operation and/or responsible for its existence to begin with.

Although the media refuses to call it anything other than a “botched” operation, as if it was originally a well intended attempt at rooting out drug smugglers, the fact that the cartel that received the guns was magically taking out rival cartels with those guns that weren’t laundering their drug money through Wall Street banks in the US, automatically brings the realization that it wasn’t actually a “botched” operation after all strait into the realm of sheer likelihood.

Someone’s going to make billions a year off of the hundreds of metric tons of drugs that enter the US every year, it might as well be the US intelligence apparatus and its ultimate controllers, right?

5. Cali Prop 37

From probable vote fraud to dirty corporate tricks, California voters had an uphill battle to make GMO labeling mandatory in their state and sadly this important effort was shot down on Election Day in November due to the nearly $46 million spent by companies like Monsanto, PepsiCo, Bayer, Nestle, DuPont and ConAgra Foods to oppose the bill (if you actually believe the voters of California didn’t want to know what was in their food). Supporters say that any hope in this incredible move for a democratic debate was drowned in a sea of money spent on a massive advertising campaign aimed to brainwash the public to vote against the measure.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which now represent 85% of corn and 91% of soybeans grown in the U.S., are abundantly found in many processed foods but many just don’t know it because it is not required to appear on the label. Animal studies showing that GMOs cause massive tumors and sterility within three generations however have made many realize the importance of mandatory labeling of GM foods for public choice and safety.

The BioTech industry is then presented with the same problem as the Tobacco industry, which is artistically employing the carefully balanced set of dirty tactics necessary to push deadly products while limiting bad publicity and maximizing returns.

In California, the “No on Prop 37” campaign enjoyed the support of many professors from the University of California at Davis that coincidentally receives millions of dollars from the bio-tech industry, primarily “for research.” The campaign also employed the help of MB Public Affairs, Inc. to help create the false image that corporate influence against the measure was really grassroots efforts, just as they did for former client Phillip Morris.

It should be no surprise that these giants of biotechnology will stop at nothing to ensure their GM crops are here to stay. In the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks it was revealed that U.S. diplomats were conspiring with companies like Monsanto to covertly undermine any efforts opposing GM crops by nations of the European Union. This is why many supporters believe in the very real possibility of vote fraud, particularly because of the premature media reports that the measure was defeated 53.1% to 46.9%, with at least 3.3 million votes still left to count.

While this battle may have been lost the war most definitely continues. It is highly unlikely that the people of California actually believe that knowing the content of their food is unimportant or a bad idea. It is far more likely and obvious that corporations pay millions to promote the lie, but as more and more people realize that transparency is the only way to keep deadly poisons out of our food, air and water their ability to rig the system will become more and more difficult.

4. Andrew Breitbart’s death

No one in the establishment’s media dared to ask the question that everyone should have been asking, what is the likelihood a highly respected investigative journalist would simply keel over dead, at a relatively young age, on the very day he was supposedly set to expose humiliating and potentially incriminating video footage of the incumbent president from his college days as a young radical activist?

In fact, those who are ultimately responsible for Breitbart’s death would have possibly gotten away with it being regarded as a natural act, like the media was trying desperately to propose, despite an already extraordinarily unlikely coincidence, had it not been for the poisoning of the corner involved in Breitbart’s autopsy only days later.

Upon the realization of Breitbart’s passing, the weighted importance of questioning shifted from the obvious need to find out who may have killed Andrew Breitbart, to also needing to find out what exactly was hidden in that video? It was obviously pretty important to someone.

Unfortunately, the world may never know because the video’s release was delayed, supposedly over an “argument” about the film’s eventual rating and it will always be unclear as to whether or not what was ultimately released, something virtually harmless, was actually what Breitbart had initially intended the public to see… Not likely.

3. Al Qaeda is a US, allied operation

If it weren’t already bad enough that Americans are being forced to come to terms with the fact that the deaths of four Americans during this summer’s Benghazi attacks were directly related to Al Qaeda, even worse is the fact that Al Qaeda has been a tool of the US federal government the entire time, stretching back to even before the so-called war on terror began.

Since the late 70s Osama bin Laden and his Mujahideen “freedom fighters,” as they were referred to by the establishment then, have been working with the US and allied forces in the Middle East and North Africa ever since, despite now being referred to as the alleged “enemy” and the overriding excuse for establishment encroachment on civil liberties in the US.

At the same time, the organization that has been blamed for countless terror attacks around the world is now somehow regarded by NATO as a legitimate government in 2012, in the Libyan state in which they were supported by the US and allied forces in the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime, but are now slated to be publicly funded by taxpayers with foreign aid that is typically designated for allied and/or friendly governments.

Somehow, despite the fact that even Hillary Clinton has admitted that Al Qaeda was an invention of United States intelligence and are now being regarded as a legitimate government in a country we helped them overthrow, the media wants you to believe they were the enemy at some point in between.

Wrap your head around the fact that, depending on political expedience at any given time, depending on which politician, media outlet or corporation is talking about it, Al Qaeda is now publicly regarded as both an enemy and an ally in the United States.

2. Benghazi Consulate “Al Qaeda” attack

So much about the so-called “war on terror” is a hoax that almost everything that happens overseas in the war has to be twisted by the media in order to hide what is actually happening and the real reason the United States military-industrial complex is involved (PNAC) and the 9/11/12 attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya is no different.

Even mainstream news reports had to admit that the death of Amb. Stephens and three of his colleagues were likely connected to the US – Al Qaeda arms trade occurring in the region and the ambassador may have actually been a victim of his own association with the official weapons smuggling operation he was a part of.

As usual, the establishment’s media went into damage control and attempted to diffuse the situation but twitter conversations and news reports connected the dots of a much larger, stand-down order, scandal that went all the way up to the White House.

What eventually emerged is the fact that video coverage of the entire evening’s attack was being monitored by White House and State Department officials but the attacks were allowed to continue until after it was too late and the deaths of four American citizens, including the ambassador, had already taken place.

The scandal doesn’t stop there however, because just before Gen. David Petraeus was set to testify, a very timely extra-marital affair scandal broke separately, also involving the general and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was set to testify, she somehow avoided immediate accountability and magically ended up becoming injured in a fall that gave her an alleged concussion and subsequent blood clot that continues to prevent her from testifying.

1. The UN Small Arms Treaty, the Aurora theater shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting and the Newtown Connecticut tragedy.

People are likely going to be eventually forced to come to terms with who the individuals and families are that were originally and still are largely responsible for the vast majority of the largest and most important happenings in the Western world, for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, if the free flow of information on the Internet isn’t ultimately restricted. Almost everything of true significance that happens in the world of politics and media is scripted and carefully managed, if at all possible and very few of the most important situations are left to chance.

Those same families and their ancestors were largely responsible for the adaptation of the United Nations, who recently passed a “small-arms treaty” and are openly hellbent on destroying the freedom of firearms ownership in the United States, despite their mostly foreign citizenship statuses and allegiances to entities outside of the interests and security of the people and laws of the USA.

Their hatred for the US right to bear arms is legendary and the United Nations building in New York City even dons a statue outside of its front doors showing a large semi-automatic handgun tied in a knot. They have also been responsible for funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into anti-gun related projects and propaganda in politics and in the media and are a similar, yet modern, version of the tyrannical oligarchy the original American settlers came to the New World to get away from in the first place.

What the people of the Western world are also going to eventually be likely forced to come to terms with is the fact that these families are also willing to do anything it takes to assure their world political agendas are fulfilled, regardless of how hurtful or horrible those things may be, even if that means enacting false-flag events that includes the deaths of American citizens within America’s borders.

No one wants to think that rogue factions within the US government, or entities controlled by these foreign yet domestic powers, could be responsible for the tragic murders of so many innocent people in situations like the Aurora Theatre shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting or the Newtown Connecticut tragedy, simply for the purposes of garnering the support for stricter gun legislation, but in every case there were facts conveniently left out by the media that, if known by the general public, would change the overall attitude about these situations and who is likely responsible.

The general public is under the impression that a lone gunman was responsible for each and every tragedy, but in every single case witnesses and evidence points to a startling reality that is starkly contrast to what the media and the establishment have been propagating.

Under the circumstances, the fact that there are foreign entities, having already established economic control through the inception of the Fed, and are now attempting to overthrow American’s right to keep and bear arms, makes this the number one conspiracy and the biggest threat to the safety and security of the American public at the current time.

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Conspiracy Theories

NASA Lies: The “Mars rover” is not on Mars, is the island of Devon, Canada

So-called “truthers” believe they have uncovered “solid evidence” that PROVES the space agency’s Mars Rovers never reached the Red Planet.

And they have allegedly found where the pictures and video were “beamed back” from.

They have pinpointed a largely uninhabited island, which NASA itself says “resembles the Mars surface in more ways than any other place on Earth”.

The bombshell allegations have been compared to claims the Moon landing was faked.
Investigator Harold Saive claims NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers – robots which are supposedly scouring the Martian landscape for signs of water, and possibly alien life – never reached their target.

Instead, they allegedly “fell short” – and landed on Devon Island, in Canada.

Devon Island – the world’s largest uninhabited island – lies in the Arctic Circle off the Canadian mainland.


It is characterized by freezing temperatures, barren terrain – and strangely familiar red rocks.

NASA readily admits it has a base there and drives rovers around its rocky surface.
Mr Saive said: “There are an increasing number of people who believe that NASA’s rovers never left the Earth in the first place, and the pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet.

“Evidence suggests that the pictures that we see on NASA’s website are not even taken by the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers.

“It is possible that by now, both rovers are stored in a hangar, somewhere at NASA’s headquarters.”
But the conspiracy theorist goes further – and denies the “Red Planet” is even red.

He says “all amateur telescope pictures” reveal its true color (presumably brown) but NASA Photoshops its pictures of Devon Island to fit our preconceptions.


A NASA robot on Devon Island, Canada

A NASA base on Devon Island

Mr. Saive even provides a video by fellow truther Danny Wilten showing how it’s done.
NASA has had a base at Nunavut, on Devon Island, since 1997 and up to 100 staff work there each summer.

The space agency insists its “mission” to the faraway world of…Canada…is to practice for Mars expeditions.

It says the Haughton Crater on Devon Island provides the perfect terrain for the job.

A spokesman said: “The Haughton-Mars Project exploration program studies the technologies, strategies, and personal training that will be used in human exploration missions to the Moon, Mars, and other planetary bodies.

“HMP researchers test technology prototypes, such as K-10, a robot designed to assist humans before, during, and after human exploration missions.

“Because the environment is harsh, isolated, and poorly mapped, it provides an analog for testing planetary exploration strategies, such as safety and telemedicine.”
Professor Lewis Dartnell, an astrobiology at the University of Westminster, who is designing laser eyes for the European Space Agency’s own Mars rover, told the Daily Star Online: “NASA’s Mars rover program is real, and Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity rovers are all on the surface of Mars.

“The radio signals beamed back to Earth from Opportunity and Curiosity are picked up by an international system of radio dishes called the Deep Space Network — so if this was a conspiracy then many different nations would need to be involved, and not just the USA.

“Also, satellites like the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter can clearly see the rovers on the surface of Mars, and the tracks left by their wheels tracing out across the Martian landscape.

“Any planetary scientist around the world can request images of particular regions on Mars from these orbital probes.”


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The Cosmic False Flag: Experts Claim Shadow Government Will Fake Alien Invasion

Quoting a report published in Aviation Week and Space Technology on August 17, 1992, aerospace historian Michael Schratt states more than $100 million dollars of tax payer money a day — every day of the year — is being spent on covert operations with no civilian oversight whatsoever.

That’s $3 billion a month going to projects that you and I know absolutely nothing about.

Think about that for a moment. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money?

Now try imagine what greedy-power drunk psychopaths could do with that money?

If that’s not disturbing enough, it has already been officially acknowledged that trillions of dollars of tax payer money cannot be accounted for…

Of course, this is pretty mind blowing to consider in and of itself. It’s actually very difficult to even believe or comprehend how the government can get away with something like this. But sadly they can, and they do.

The obvious question here is, where is all this money going?

According to this documentary, these funds are going into the planning of an unprecedented false flag attack that will “make 9/11 look like a picnic,” and ultimately be used to justify an authoritarian government unlike anything the human race has ever seen.

You can watch the trailer below;

The Highest Form Of Ignorance Is When You Reject Something You Know Nothing About

Personally, I have no idea whether this story is true or not, but I did decide to keep an open mind and watch the documentary which I was very impressed with.

Not only does it make a sensible argument to support the theory of a cosmic false flag event in the making, but it also presents strong evidence — particularly in the form of high ranking government/military official testimony — that alien visitation has already taken place, bodies have been recovered, and all of this has actually been hidden in plain sight for decades.

So instead of mindlessly rejecting this information based on your personal narrow minded prejudice, simply hear what these reputable authorities have to say. The highest form of ignorance is when we reject something we actually know nothing about.

Source, also on Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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Agartha, A Subterranean World Inside Our Planet, Confirmed By Top Secret Nazi Maps And Documents

Us humans know a lot about the surface of the Earth. We’ve drilled oil rigs into it, mapped it, and studied it so many times that we can pretty much find out anything about the Earth from some database out there. However, we know very little about the inside of the Earth, a fact that the Nazis think that they have a lead into.

Map of Neuschwabenland

Nazi maps were recently uncovered that brought up questions as to whether the Earth is partially hollow and inhabited by lifeforms that we might have never seen. There are even stories of these Nazis who explored the polar regions of the Earth and going so far as to create secret bases in Antarctica.Imperial German maps of the Hollow Earth

Imperial German maps of the Hollow Earth

Translation:Maps for the passage of the depths of the seas.Use only during manoeuvers!Instructions to pass spaces and corridors for the voyage to Agartha.

Beyond the Nazis, many other researchers have discovered and published material regarding Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s journeys in which technologically-advanced airships and UFO were believed to be seen flying around, and even aggressively engaging with them. In addition, a top-secret map found in a U-Boat depicts many secret passages that were used by the U-boats to explore unknown and mysterious underground regions. All these maps indicated that the center of the Earth is hollow. But why have the Nazis kept this a secret for so long? Such a fact would be of great curiosity to man if it were found true.

This is a close up of the document showing us the NS Seal and advice on how to work with it.

Translation:After returning from the assigment hand in at the secret department!IN CASE OF DANGER DESTROY FIRST!Printed for the Military Navy in an edition of 1300 copies at the special laboratory of the KZ Dachau. January 1944.

Perhaps all this was merely a propaganda scheme made for the war. After all, the Nazis wanted to establish themselves as a master race, and making it look like they had access to underground U-Boat tunnels and that they could communicate with supernatural things such as UFOs would make them look very dominant if that U-Boat were to be captured by the enemy.

This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere named Liberia. The main ocean here again is also the Valkarian Ocean. On the lower part of the map the city of Shambala is depicted. The Tibetan Monks believe that the City of Shambala is not on our surface but on the inside of the Earth. This map of the Inner Earth shows us the actual position of Shambala confirming the actual existence of this mythical place.Or maybe the Nazis wanted to keep this information secret to us in case they ever needed to use it for military needs in the future. Think about it: having access to secret underground tunnels could lead to more efficient and safe travel over enemy waters.

This is a letter from a German U Boat crewman of U-209. He says in the letter that U-209 commanded by Heinrich Brodda made it to the Inner Earth of Agharta and that they wouldn’t be coming back.

Translation: Dear old comrade,This message will be a surprise to you. The U Boat 209 has made it, the Earth is HOLLOW! Dr. Haushofer and Hess were right. The whole crew is doing well, but they cannot come back. We are no prisoners. I am certain, that this message will reach you, it is the last contact with the U 209. We will meet again comrade. I am worried about the people that have to live on the surface, since the Fuehrer is gone.God bless our Germany always.With hearty greetings,Karl Unger

Whether the Earth is hollow or not, the Nazis have left us quite a puzzle to deal with. Hopefully one day we will take a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and find out!


Neuschwabenland, Antarctica and Operation Highjump

More info and translations of all the text on the documents:

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