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Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, true History?

Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, true History? 1

by T.S. Caladan

Is it possible that the world J.R.R. Tolkien so elegantly defined for us in ‘Lord of the Rings’ has a ring of historical truth?  Could elements of the ‘Hobbit’ and the following ‘Trilogy’ be his interpretations of actual events?

Jay Weidner’s work (see ‘Kubrick’ article on W-M) inspired this writer with a mention of ‘Tolkien’ while investigating Stanley’s mysterious death.  Upon hearing a YT of Weidner on radio, he states a small tidbit of info this writer has come across down through the years…and that was the colorful characters and strange events Tolkien gave the world in his epics were NOT figments of his wild imagination; they were REAL! 

Consider the printed transcript of Jay’s radio show:

     ‘…J.R.R. Tolkien who’s the only person who can read the books in the basement of Oxford.  He’s got all these (very old) books from Finland and Sweden and he’s the only guy who can actually READ them, alright?  And he spends hours and hours reading all this stuff (history) that’s down there… 

     …and he writes ‘Lord of the Rings’ after he’s done reading it, OK?  He says to his friends like C.S. Lewis…he says, there’s a whole History we don’t even know about.  And, he told people in his letters that ‘Lord of the Rings’ was about Europe 6500 years ago; that the Irish were the Hobbits and the elves were the Nords.  He had this whole thing figured out… 

     …This is all based on Truth…and he would get ANGRY when people said this was only analogy and metaphor.  He would say, ‘NO!  It isn’t analogy and metaphor!  This is what I learned from my reading…’ 

     …There is this ‘Lord of the Rings’ like SATURN and his name is Sauron.  Sauron is obviously so close to the Mesopotamian dictator Sargon who invented Time.  He literally invented clocks, calendars, schedules and really delivered the world into the linear, monochromic world that we live in now… 

     …Tolkien understands this and is trying to show us that this Saturnian Power (alien?) came in and forced us into a kind of SLAVERY; wrecking the planet; destroying the planet; using up all the energy of the planet for its own devices… 

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     …We don’t really know what it is Sauron is trying to accomplish, not really…He’s trying to destroy the elves who know too much and have too much power.  He’s trying to trap the Earth into an energy-sucking thing and he’s creating half-breeds of CLONES, the Orcs and all those who are not really human; they’re only partially human, just like the Archons… 

     …And, he (Tolkien) knows all this (true History) and he’s reading all this.  He’s absorbing it…and so this knowledge was in our own histories and it has been wiped out by these Archons; these forces that don’t want us to figure out what’s going on…’


Such a wide array of creatures inhabits MIDDLE-Earth from beautiful elves to variations of Orc-monsters.  Does Middle-Earth connect with (pre) Middle Ages?  Phenomenal thought that the magical and menacing life forms we find in ‘Rings’ could have once existed being wiped out over the course of time. 

Do the RINGS (and its Lord) really refer to Saturn’s rings?  [Saturn, the planet ‘2001’ spaceship was supposed to go to like in the book, but was changed to Jupiter.  Saturn, like the ‘Saturn 5’ MOON rocket that did not go to the planet of many rings].

One fact for certain is prehistoric GIANTS truly roamed the lands long ago as told in the Bible and in countless other stories around the globe.  ‘Behemoths’ are specifically stated in Genesis.  Legendary ‘Sons of Heaven’ (giant humans) came down (landed) and mated with the ‘comely’ ‘Children of Earth’ producing the ‘Titans’ of myth.

GIANT HUMANOIDS, like the large monster-Orcs in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ once walked the surface of Earth…as much as archeologists would like to sweep the following photos under the rug:


Ancient bones of human-like creatures from a range of 9 feet to over 50 feet have been unearthed, often.  See the people in photos for scale.  Giants do not adorn our museums, for the most part.  Rather, the unconventional finds have been locked away in (Vatican?) archives or underground chambers for the world to NOT SEE.  Reports exist of‘lives lost’ by researchers and locals who have tried to make such discoveries public knowledge (Pitcairn Island, 1934).

Same can be said about photos of aliens and UFOS, ‘what are we NOT seeing?’  Maybe we’re not seeing the good stuff?  Could an uncensored; financed; detailed investigation reveal BONES of Centaurs, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Pegasus, Cerberus, Hydras, Griffins, Dragons, Orcs, Cyclops, Mermaids, Harpies, Pixies, Chimeras, Krakens and other mythological creatures?  Possibly…physical evidence (fossils) for these life forms is locked away from us, far from public eyes?

Stay tuned; coming up is how this ‘lost history’ and madness could have happened in the real world.  Also, readers will discover…‘what happened to the prehistoric, genetic experiments?’  Here’s a clue:  They were washed away.  What’s the story of Unicorns missing Noah’s Ark? 

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Transcript of Tray Caladan’s interview for Russian TV, Feb., 2014: 

     ‘…I believe the ancient constructions were done with anti-gravity…powerful lasers and super-computers.  Everything that we have today, they had (long ago) in a greater form…

…They (we) had CLONING.  Now, what was the problem in Atlantis?  If they had all the power (in the world) they could generate…They actually had Utopia.  Atlantis was Eden and we have this memory that we came from Paradise.  That was Atlantis.  Now, what happened to it?

…Well, if you had all this power…you’re Human; you’re going to be producing the Next Generation of humans.  They’re not going to keep the same Laws sacred anymore.  (Time changes everything)  You’re going to have ultimate Freedom and that’s what happens when you have all the technology in the world.  You can do anything…

…WHY NOT CLONE SERVANTS?  First, you may clone for body parts if you were injured.  But later, you may have servants that are clones.  Later…you may have SOLDIERS (that are clones) and create wars…  (There may have been a growing desire in Atlantis for clones).

…And the funny thing that Edgar Cayce said; he called them ‘things.’  Edgar Cayce did not have the word ‘clone’ (in his time)…(ancient) wars were about the ‘things.’  Are they property or do they have rights?  What do you do?

…George Lucas made ‘Attack of the Clones.’  Maybe he knew something in History?  Maybe Utopia became…that perverted in time?  That’s the problem.  We are so old of a species.  We are so ancient…

The destruction of Atlantis was 12,000 years ago and like Cayce said…was electrical.  This is the destruction of the World (Power) Grid.  There was a NUCLEAR AGE 8000 years ago and then a World Flood 5000 years ago… (check the date Tolkien gave for Middle-Earth: 6500 years ago.  Time fits with a NEEDED FLOOD 5000 years ago).

…I think the Great Flood really happened to cleanse all these ‘hot-spots.’  Because we have deserts today that aren’t natural formations.  We’ve found GREEN GLASS in the Sahara; in Australia; in the Gobi Desert.  When you do an atomic test and you pulverize the land with so much heat and sand that it creates glass…and we’ve done that in our tests and found this in the old deserts.  There are ruins of this nuclear age…

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…I believe the Great Flood also cleansed (killed)…ANIMALS that were cloned!  We have mythological Greek and Roman legends of a half-man, half-horse; 3-headed dog…all these mythical animals.  They may have been genetic experiments…all that had to be wiped out in a Flood to LOWER RADIATION LEVELS…and to just get rid of the (cloned monsters) madness.  And, what else would we be left with but the pyramids and fantastic constructions that we can’t build today…’   – TSC


Where is evidence for these so-called ‘monsters’ or genetic ARMIES and slaves in ancient times?  The precise answer for one particular group of them is in what you call variations of ‘PRIMATES.’  These would be the actual varieties of sub-humans with sloped-foreheads or knuckle-draggers with brains the size of golf balls.  Homo-Erectus, Australopithecus, Neanderthal to name only a few of the small-brained ‘clone armies’ where possibly the WAR-WEAPON of the time was genetics?  [Brave New World’s Citizens A, B, C & D out of test tubes.  Talking about the Ds].


NOT CRO-MAGNONS because they were the A-type Cloners!  Cro-Mags had brains LARGER than modern humans of present timesCro-Magnons were the ‘gods’ or human Ancient Astronauts.  They were our Seeders; the pyramid-builders and electrical Grid-builders; Atlanteans and later Egyptians and Incas (Edgar Cayce wrote). 

History never progressed.  Maybe Tolkien was trying to tell us this with his Lost History of Middle-Earth?  Not saying the ‘Lord of the Rings’ creatures were real, exactly.  But, do not be surprised to discover a nuclear age neatly hidden away from you.  And if that were true…then maybe sea shells truly found on top of Mt. Everest proving a global Waterworld was because…bizarre, unnatural creatures and their insane Cloners HAD to be removed.  Great Flood was not an act of God; but Science from ‘angels’ (Indians) with remnants of old technology fighting to save the planet (again) from dark forces.

See Doug Yurchey’s (Tray’s) registered script on World-Mysteries called God.’
[ link: ]
Readers will understand (in a wild story of genetic-mutations and nukes) the Old Testament stories better than any other source.

Speaking of NOAH…there’s big-money, big-budget Hollywood portraying the biblical story of the Flood.  There’s Russell Crowe as Noah.  There are all the animals LITERALLY walking up the plank; in perfect pairs, not eating each other.  Who’s going to clean up the bottom of the ark, that’s what I want to know?  In my version, the true version…the animals’ DNA was on millions of crystal chips (suspended animation) on MANY ARKS that sailedScience, people; the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ of the ‘gods’ is the only thing to believe and have faith in!

Were the dinosaurs also a part (big part) of these prehistoric, genetic experiments?  Consider the dinos not as old as we think which explains the famous enigma of the ‘squashed-Trilobite, sandal fossil’ and Puluxy River finds.  (Carbon-14 is bogus).

The next quotes of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were snatched off the Internet and are revealing.  J.R.R. apparently converted Lewis to the reality of mysticism, even religious mysticism…

‘…Tolkien’s encounter with the depths of Christian mysticism and his understanding of the truths of orthodox theology enabled him to unravel the philosophy of myth that inspired not only the ‘magic’ of his books but also the conversion of his friend C.S. Lewis to Christianity…

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…Myths, Lewis told Tolkien, were ‘lies and therefore worthless, even though breathed through silver.’

…‘No,’ Tolkien replied.  ‘They are not lies.’  Far from being lies they were the best way…sometimes the only way…of conveying truths that would otherwise remain inexpressible.  We have come from God, Tolkien argued, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God.  Myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily toward the true harbor, whereas materialistic ‘progress’ leads only to the abyss and the power of evil.

‘…In expounding this belief in the inherent truth of mythology,’ wrote Tolkien’s biographer, Humphrey Carpenter, ‘Tolkien had laid bare the center of his philosophy as a writer, the creed that is at the heart of The Silmarillion.’  It is also the creed at the heart of all his other work.  His short novel, Tree and Leaf, is essentially an allegory on the concept of true myth, and his poem, ‘Mythopoeia,’ is an exposition in verse of the same concept…

Bottom line: possibly, some of the familiar Greek/Roman stories of Mt. Olympus and other myths…may have roots in truth; if we consider the Lost History of technology and bio-technology hidden from our view.  Could some of the creatures of myth from goblins to banshees to werewolves to vampires…have seeds in historical reality if we trace the source?  Does the reality of ancient genetic-engineers, even seen in George Pal’s ‘Atlantis, the Lost Continent’ (1961), make the legends more plausible?

Also consider the scientific reality that…huge amounts of water to the point of NO LAND would heal a war torn surface ravaged by atomics.  We know nuclear warfare existed 8000 years ago from descriptions recorded in very early and sacred Books of India.  Again, review Tolkien’s date for the chaos of Middle-Earth: 6500 years ago.  Radiation levels would drop very fast after such an awesome Deluge of a global Flood.  Not only would the land heal, but fascist cloners or genetic engineers and their monsters would all be washed away; buried under miles of sedimentary deposits post Flood.

We should look at the Hobbit and Trilogy with new eyes.  Not only may the creatures of Middle-Earth have some distant reflection of historical reality, but so might the actions and storylines.  If J.R.R. was really writing about a Saturnian (Sauron) cult whose evil intent was the enslavement of our planet, then he could be talking of the NWO or Templar/masons.  Such slave masters are not fictitious; with their ‘Big Brother’ CBS ONE-EYE always watching us/programming us, like Sauron.

Will we be building genetic monsters in the future?  The truth is ‘they’ already have.  Tell me governments haven’t worked on making Super Soldiers!  How different is that from cloning Orcs for battle?  Why have we done such secret DNA experiments?  Possibly, we have created monsters before in the buried past and are only repeating history?

    We are missing the positive side of genetic-engineering.  It’s not always monsters; not if the society is enlightened, sophisticated and compassionate.  It’s not always War.  It’s also healing; no birth defects; perfect operations; DNA choices, etc.  There have been times in our long, lost history where we have (genetically) built PARADISE


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