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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Time’s Up! It’s Closer than we Think!

Time’s Up! It’s Closer than we Think! 1

Two hundred years ago, life was simple.  A big problem would be if the plow horse became lame and couldn’t work, a coyote got into the chicken coup or if there was a drought and the crops died.  Today we live in a very different world and share all its resources with 7 billion other people.  We don’t grow our own food or make our own clothes.  We have become specialized and society works together to make sure we have power, food, water, transportation, etc.  Strictly speaking, we no longer control our own destiny.  Others do. And now we are part of a worldwide system that needs to work together and share with one another.  If one little piece of this big machine fails, the world could grind to a halt.  We may not have personal problems but one small problem in the global machinery and it can become a big problem for everyone!


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