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Time travelers send a stark warning: ‘Worst hurricane in history coming on 8/14’

Time travelers send a stark warning: 'Worst hurricane in history coming on 8/14' 1

Time travelers are making an increasingly strong presence online with most predicting catastrophic events that are expected to occur in the future.

This time a traveler named ‘Kim Windell Nocos appeared’, who claims to come from the year 2090 and warns humanity of an impending doom.

According to Kim, residents of South Carolina in the US should prepare for “the worst hurricane in history,” which he claims will hit the state within the month, specifically on August 14.

Time travelers send a stark warning: 'Worst hurricane in history coming on 8/14' 2

In a Facebook post, the time traveler says the storm will hit on August 14 and wreak havoc in the area. The post, which was shared on the Time Travel team, says:

On August 14, 2022, the worst hurricane in history will hit South Carolina, this one will be a category one. Six hurricanes with wind speeds over 250 mph will cause billions in damage and many lives. Stay safe.”

A few days before the date given by the traveler and the post has gathered quite a bit of attention.

“Finally, someone who claims to be a time traveler and makes a prediction. If he’s right, I might change my skepticism about time travelers a bit. If what he says really happens, I will be very sorry for everyone. It sounds traumatic. On the other hand… if he’s right, I’ll believe the travelers,” one user said under the post.

Despite Kim ‘s pessimism, according to the World Meteorological Organization, Charleston, South Carolina is set to enjoy warm weather in the coming days, including the aforementioned August 14.


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