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“Time Traveler” from 5000 told about the flooded cities of the future, showing a photo

In the United States, a man who claims to have traveled in time spoke of the global catastrophe of the future.

According to The Sun, the man called himself Edward, but did not want to show his face. NASA denied his story.

According to him, he visited Los Angeles in 5000 and showed a photograph that showed the flooded city.

Edward stated that he was part of a top-secret experiment that was conducted in LA in 2004 by the laboratory he worked on.

He said that having stepped 2,000 years forward, he found himself on a large wooden platform, all the buildings around were also wooden.

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Only after a while did he realize that he was in Los Angeles, and that the city was flooded.

He managed to talk with residents of the city, who explained that the aircraft went under water as a result of melting glaciers.

When the publication asked scientists from NASA to comment on the incident, they were skeptical about the news.

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They pointed out that, in spite of the different speed at which satellites and airplanes move, which differ from earthly speeds, the apparatus – a time machine – does not exist. And such travels themselves are impossible.


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