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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Time has come to reveal who is the boss of all religious, political, paramilitary, terrorist powers

Time has come to reveal who is the boss of all religious, political, paramilitary, terrorist powers 1

The fullness of time has come to reveal who is the boss of all religious, political, paramilitary, terrorist powers, non-governmental organizations and all forms of overt or covert powers and who they serve. They serve the Black Soul.

The most ancient Anti-cosmic Face, the active manifestation of Nothing Ain, the first greatest manifestation of the Eleven Primordial Chaos, he is the Other God – Deus Alienus, the eternal God of the Poison of Uncreation – Deus Venenum, the most mysterious Unknown God – Deus Absconditus and in his symbolic manifestations he is cognizable and unknowable. His robes are radiant Darkness, his countenance is magnificent and bright. He is Satan – the Enemy of Creation, Sitna – the Opponent of the Cosmos, Mashchit – the Destroyer of Worlds, Mastema – the Wrathful Truth, Melekhra – the King of Darkness. 

He sits on the throne of the Black Flame, and the tongues of fire are subject to him. The rays of the Black Light emanating from it enlighten the seekers and destroy all the structures of limitation of the four hundred thousand worlds. He is the Black Soul and his followers claim the brilliance of these black rays will descend on the worthy, who is called the sacred poisonous fruit of the Qliphoth tree.

The Black Soul is a being that has no creative thought, no energy of its own, because its connection to the Creator has been severed, and thus no energy is channeled to it from the Creation itself. He had of course reached a very high evolutionary level, so he relied on his skills, but they turned into machinations – disasters, inventing everything he needed to hide all the un-truth and lead people to absolute ignorance.

As the Apostle Paul wrote, “you cannot imagine who your enemy is”. You cannot imagine how cunning he is, what skills he has, how many faces he takes and what he can do. He needs darkness, the shadows, to be able to hide.

Jesus knew well who he was and where he came from. When Jesus Christ prepared to teach, in the last attempt made by the Black Soul to vilify him, telling him that he would give him all material goods if he worshiped him, Jesus replied, “behind me I have you ‘Satan’, and he was the first to use the word ‘Satan’, because he knew him very well, who he was and where he came from.

This fallen angel come from the Satania constellation of the Nebadon galaxy, which is why in the USA there is the Nevada desert with the rocky mountains. It is no coincidence that fossilized rocks are found there: The black souls who served the Black Soul return to where they started, in the electron of a molecule of a fossilized rock, which, however, has no evolution like the active one. The second and last death of these black souls will be until the end of this Divine plan, until the end of this Big Bang.

You can imagine the Black Soul as a fisherman who has cast a longline and underneath it there are infinite hooks: Celebrity system, religious and political powers, degeneration of the human body, theft, selfishness, suicides, murders, intrigues, manufactured economic crises, permanent war conflicts, etc. His only purpose and concern is to catch you. He is not even interested in the type of “hook” used to catch you, that is, the bait, but only the result. Because all he cares about is taking your energy. Which hook of all will do the job doesn’t even matter. Anyway, the hooks are many, but the line is one, because all the powers of the planet educate people in a different way, but with the same result: the lack of essential freedom and the entrapment of the Mind.

He is the “master”, the main “boss”, the top coordinator of all the powers and bosses of the planet, he moves the threads, the puppets, he doesn’t live for a few years like people do and he doesn’t die, because he doesn’t live in the physical field.

The Black Soul is the enemy that man must face and is invisible, hides, has insidious and hidden weapons, and causes confusion and illusions through the transformations he can and does take. That’s why you should “study” him, as much as possible. Because it not only destroys souls, but they in turn destroy others and so on.

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The Black Soul knows that his reign on earth is coming to an end and he plays his last cards with convulsive movements. The laws applied to all the lengths and breadths of humanity, to all continents, to all states, without any exception, have only one purpose: to enslave and trap people, hindering their spiritual evolution. And now all this is being done completely overtly.


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