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TikTok Simulation Theory: Kids Believe They Live In Simulation

TikTok Simulation Theory: Kids Believe They Live In Simulation 1

Recently, the theory of modeling one of the most popular mobile applications has become very popular. We are talking about TikTok, which is mostly used by teenagers and young people. By subscribing to and using the app, they see the idea of ​​TikTok as a modern world that is presented as a giant matrix simulation.

It is demonstrated in the relevant reviews. The idea of ​​the entire platform is the presence of an ultra-modern civilization. She can be both human and alien, and her merit is that she created an incredibly spectacular virtual environment where all digital characters live in a complex video game.

For the first time, the theory of simulation was considered by scientists from Oxford in 2001. Researcher Nick Bostrom stated that the simulation exists. Today, this theory is evident in the TikTok app.

One of the users of the application published a video in which this hypothesis was presented , but also evidence was sounded confirming that soon a person will live in a simulation longer, more interesting and more active than in reality.

Recent advances in video games only confirm this. According to users, out of all simulations there is only one basic reality, so there is a statistically high probability of being in a simulation.

More and more famous and popular people appear among the users. This makes it possible to say that, in fact, a person begins to constantly live in a video game. If you think about how realistic video games become, then all the troubles in real life over time can seem just “glitches”.

It is impossible to test the simulation hypothesis today, because there is no such way. But there is a fact that this hypothesis is difficult to refute, as well as to make it true.

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