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TikTok: Do the mythical Sirens exist? The video of the fisherman who claims to have met them

TikTok: Do the mythical Sirens exist? The video of the fisherman who claims to have met them 1

A video is making the rounds on TikTok that allegedly depicts something that until now we all believed existed only in the realm of fiction. Conspiracy theorists claim to have found “evidence” that mythical creatures such as sirens may actually exist.

In the eerie footage captured from his boat during the evening hours, the fisherman appears to have stumbled upon something extraordinary. As he records the scene, he can be heard expressing his confusion and surprise at what he sees.

The allure of the sea and its enigmatic inhabitants has fascinated mankind for centuries. From ancient legends of shape-shifting creatures to the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the mysteries of the ocean seem limitless. 

The footage was captured during the evening hours and shows a creature moving quickly under the sea with him expressing his confusion and surprise at what he is seeing.

An eerie sound is then heard in the background with the fisherman left speechless and claiming to have heard a voice urging him to jump into the water.

The video, taken last year, recently surfaced on TikTok, gaining traction on The Paranormal Chic account. In the recording’s introduction, the influencer highlights the enduring myths and legends surrounding sirens, mythical creatures believed to lure sailors to their doom by drowning and consuming them. Their main method of attracting them, according to lore, is through their enchanting song. Encountering such haunting sounds in the middle of the vast ocean is truly chilling.

Lovers of mystery and conspiracy theories were quick to draw the conclusion that this creature is nothing more than a Siren!

Mythical Siren or a sea creature?

Let’s remember that the Sirens are sea demons found in Greek Mythology and were depicted with a human female head and the body of a bird of prey.

After the Trojan War, Odysseus boarded his ship with his companions to return home. But the journey was long, adventurous and dramatic. Storms and various misfortunes threw Odysseus’ ship on the island of the sorceress Circe, who had the habit of transforming people into animals.

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The resourceful man managed to escape, but their ship had to pass through the lair of the Sirens, who were fatal female creatures. They were standing naked on the shore of the magical island. Their bodies from the waist up were the bodies of beautiful women, but from the waist down they were shaped like fish. Their song was so enticing that every seafarer who heard it was seized with ecstasy, and hastened to the place whence the sweetest song came, not suspecting that there awaited his shipwreck and his own death.

Odysseus, however, closed the ears of his companions with wax, so that they would not hear the song and be drawn into the trap of the Sirens. He himself ordered that he be tied tightly to the middle mast of the ship, so that he would not fall into the water, carried away by their sweet song.

Did all this belong to the imagination? It is unknown. They do, however, have some basis in reality, as historians have been able to determine Odysseus’ itinerary based on Homer’s vivid and detailed descriptions. Circe’s abode was near Terracina in Italy, where the mountainous Cape Circeus is today, which may have been an island. Possibly, centuries ago, some Queen of Asia Minor took refuge there, while her oriental luxury and courtships created a reputation for her magical prowess.

As for the Straits of Scylla and Charybdis, historians have concluded that it must have been the Straits of Messina. There, according to mythology, the Sirens also had their lair. Therefore, if Odysseus encountered them soon after leaving the shores of Terracina and before reaching the Straits of Messina, it seems that the Sirens appeared in the Sea of ​​Naples and more specifically, near the enchanting Isle of Capri.

From a scholar of these places, another version was formulated: that in ancient times, the island of Capri was inhabited by a wild race of man-eaters. They had, therefore, sent their wives to the shore, to bid the mariners to land, where a terrible end awaited them. After all, excavations in Capri have brought to light large quantities of human bones. Homer, however, mentioned that the Sirens were sitting in a meadow and all around them there were piles of human bones, skeletons and skins.

Another tradition asserts that the Sirens settled on the coast of Naples, in Sorrento, the ancient Sirentium, a name apparently related to the word “Sirens”.

According to Homer, there were two of these female mythical monsters and they killed themselves out of their rage, because Odysseus escaped from the trap they had set for him. Other poets, however, mentioned three creatures: Parthenope, Lygeia and Leucopia.

Leaving mythology behind, Biology comes to inform us that there are even today creatures related to the perhaps imaginary Sirens: the sirenoids. They live in the sea and at first glance can be considered fish, but they are mammals, similar to cetaceans. These now endangered sea creatures have a length that can reach three meters and their weight, one hundred and fifty kilograms. Sirenoids do not pose a danger to humans.

As the debate over the authenticity of the videos rages, these recordings continue to capture the imagination of those drawn to the allure of mythical creatures and unexplained phenomena. 

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While skeptics remain wary, enthusiasts of the unknown see these videos as possible proof of the existence of mermaids, reigniting age-old debates about what lies beneath the depths of the world’s oceans.


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