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Tic Tac UFOs chased by US fighters found on Google maps

Tic Tac UFOs chased by US fighters found on Google maps 1

The US military does not lie when talking about UFOs, meetings with which have become more frequent recently. A confirmation came from an unexpected source – Google Earth. Ufologists detected on google space images, those mysterious UAP objects which the US Navy fighter pilots saw on radar screens and tried to pursue in 2017.

The two brothers, Blake and Brent Cousins, identified the UAP as a Tic Tac due to its resemblance to the famous military encounter which took place back in 2017 and subsequently made their announcement on their YouTube channel Thirdphaseofmoon.

The Tic Tac first became known in 2017, when a video of it being chased was somehow leaked online. In 2018, the Pentagon recognized the footage as authentic and confirmed that they were taken from the radar screen of a US fighter.

Tic Tac UFOs chased by US fighters found on Google maps 2
Tick-tock on the radar of an American fighter. Photo: Video frame

As it became known from the report prepared by the military, the encounter took place on November 14, 2004 off the west coast of the United States south of California. At that time, exercises were taking place there, in which aircraft and ships of the aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy took part. The very same UAP or UFO, as noted in the report, began to appear on November 10th. It was observed by the radar operators of the Princeton missile cruiser and the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft. They then named them Tic Tac.

On November 14, this very Tic Tac, which the military recorded as an anomalous aerial vehicle, struck the operators of the Princeton cruiser by the fact that it rapidly – in a few seconds – “fell” from a height of about 20 thousand meters and hovered about 20 meters above water. Two McDonnell Douglas F / A-18 Hornet fighters were sent to intercept the “violator of the laws of physics” while just returning from a mission. One of the fighters was piloted by David Fravor, commander of the Black Aces, an elite flying unit. A recording was made from his board.

But it turns out that Tic-Tac has appeared off the coast of California before. At least once – when a picture was taken from space for Google Earth in 2002. On maps, the object is visible over the Pacific Ocean in front of San Clemete Island, the southernmost of the Channel Islands, almost in the same area as 2014. What is not very surprising – San Clemete is under the control of the US Navy. A UFO seems to be “pulling” to military facilities.

The ufologist brothers believe that the UFO-UAP “give out” the characteristic shape and size. According to the testimonies of the pilots, the Tic Tac was about 20 meters across. The dimensions of the object found on the maps and determined using the resource are the same.

Tic Tac UFOs chased by US fighters found on Google maps 3
Tic Tac’s dimensions coincide with those reported by the pilots.

Since the Tic Tac is visible in the picture, then it is by no means a glitch of the radar or other electronic fighter equipment, as some experts tried to explain. This is something real.

Aliens? It is unknown as representatives of the military, the CIA and NASA, involved in the search for an answer, do not publicly commemorate them aloud, but do not also completely exclude extraterrestrial interference.


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