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Thousands of “apocalyptic” lightning strikes and flash floods hit the UK

Thousands of "apocalyptic" lightning strikes and flash floods hit the UK 1

Parts of the UK have been hit by flooding due to heavy rainfall, with a flood warning issued in Scotland, Wales and northern England. Meanwhile, the sweltering heat continues to bake the rest of Britain. 

Heat alerts have been issued to young children and the elderly as 34 ° C (93.2F) has been recorded for the fifth day in a row.

The skies over the UK were illuminated by approximately 50,000 lightning strikes per night, resulting in blackouts and power outages for several hours.

Heavy rains continued for four hours, and golf-ball-sized hail hit the Curig Herons in North Wales. The drainage system overflowed, flooding streets in different parts of Britain.

The sky looked fiery red due to thunderstorms in South Wales, and in Bowland, Lanks and Worcestershire.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” a resident said, stating that they saw constant flashes of lightning for 25 minutes.


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