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This world is a lie – according to “Westworld” creators. A series that creates conspiracy theories

Westworld doesn’t just create a plot, it creates meanings. In addition to the usual narrative, there is a second layer, hints at the structure of this world.

The problem with this series is that it’s very difficult to comprehend. Even eminent bloggers who understand the intricacies and complexities of Game of Thrones houses, births and related ties have abandoned Westworld series on seasons 2-3. A few timelines, actors who can be both humans and hosts (robots) or both at the same time – all this is very difficult to absorb.

But if you begin to understand, then this knowledge simply shoots through you, pierces, as if it opens the chakra. Although it is just an artistic script, if you transfer it to real life – it becomes scary.

For example, in the first season, the series diligently hinted that not all people are real people, and some of them are just biorobots, made of flesh and blood, but artificially created, manageable, which can sometimes fail and break.

You will at least be alarmed by the fact that in order for a biorobot to simulate the natural behavior of a person, for example, 20 million lines of code are needed. And if you disassemble the very behavior of a person into a code, then it fits in only 5 million lines. That is, we are used to thinking that we are very complex creatures – but on the contrary, people are just very simple and predictable. All our behavior is cause and reaction – a code that is easy to repeat.

In this, and probably the last season, it is told that our entire human world is a lie. This is a kind of aquarium, a spherical shape called the Earth controlled by God, which is in fact an overgrown artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is perfect, has no flaws, but does not know pity and compassion. This is practically a description of our world order.

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The statement “God is everywhere” – in this case takes on a clear meaning, since AI writes the scripts of our lives, it is truly omniscient and omnipotent.

If humanity exists in an artificial world, like the “Truman Show” which is controlled by Artificial Intelligence, then in our world there are Players, Hosts, some semi-divine, compared to humans creatures. This is in fact, the hypostases of artificial intelligence who spend their endless existence having fun in a park called “Earth”.

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And we are just like animals in a zoo and are designed to entertain our owners (in the series, people are controlled with the help of low-frequency vibrations). For example, there is no doubt that progress is moving artificially. This is not human technology. I am now typing this text on my smartphone, but even in a hundred years with a team of people like me, I will not be able to create a microchip that provides computing power in the processor.

First they, our hosts, the Hosts, played in the Middle Ages with knights and tournaments, then progressed to the Victorian era, and now they are having fun in the information age. Well, this is their game, and our task is only to create an entourage for them, to be a screen or living decorations.

We are sure that you caught the idea, but most likely the ones who watched the “Westworld” series will fully understand and agree with us.

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