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This road is so haunted, drivers are scared to drive on it

This road is so haunted, drivers are scared to drive on it 1

Located in Australia, is a very unusual route. Known as Wakehurst Parkway, this long winding road connects Seaforth to Narrabeen in New South Wales. The stretch has left many skeptics frightened after traveling here. The road is not terribly far from Sydney – being a little off the beaten track, is a 25 minute journey.

“There is definitely darkness there.”

The road has a haunted history. Accidents are not uncommon here and for good reason. There are restless spirits here, who literally drove the drivers off the road. On it, windscreen wipers suddenly stop working, cars lock and unlock themselves, radios switch off, or ramp up unexpectedly… and ghoulish apparitions reportedly appear under cover of darkness.Even more frightening are two “ghostly” women arriving along the highway at night, writes the Australian Daily Telegraph. One is older, the other is younger and the two motorists “terrify” when they appear in the rear view mirror.

The Parkway Hauntings Australia

One of them is known as Kelly. This young woman was tragically killed in the 1970s by that of a serial killer. As happened a long time ago, she was stuck in the back seat of the car when she died. Her older sister was with her, a Scottish nun.

Psychic medium Mary Loughland said, “If you don’t tell Kelly to leave your vehicle, she’ll make you run off the road. Personally, Mary saw Kelly several times on the road. Over time, it has been reported that the wipers suddenly stop working. Other examples include unlocking and locking car doors by themselves. The radios were suddenly turned on, and people feel touched when they travel alone.

Mary went on to say, “The first time I took the road was about six years ago,. It was about 2am, and I had the feeling of someone touching the back of my neck. It felt like a cool hand would on a cold day. She is like a white, veiled apparition of a girl in the back seat.”

“My daughter Ellie used to drive on the road on the way home from work at Chatswood RSL. She saw Kelly and an older woman in her car, who could be the nun. Mary says she thinks most of the obsessions happen in places where tragic deaths have taken place. She doesn’t think Kelly is an evil presence – but is traumatized. She just wants to go home.“

Wakehurst Parkway Road Australia

Apparitions have been seen along the road here or coming out of the cover of darkness – even during daylight hours. It’s not just Mary who believes in the poignant stories of Wakehurst Parkway. Samantha Fisher, 22, of the Bilgola Plateau, says her mother Sherryll passed out without reason while driving there in 1998.

Everything Samantha remembered was passing out on a sharp turn along the road. When she became conscious again, she felt that something had happened. She was in an accident, but could neither move nor see it. She alone could hear and feel it. It was pretty scary.

With the deadly past of the roads, it is easy to think that there are things here that have not yet progressed beyond. These tragic souls, it seems, have been trapped here. Paranormal enthusiasts even placed an ad in the local newspaper. They invited skeptics and believers to investigate sightings and supernatural experiences along the infamous Wakehurst Drive.

This long stretch of road is known to be a body dumping site, even in recent times. Deep Creek Reserve, is a nearby place with a tragic history and paranormal phenomena.

Another ghostly report includes drivers seeing a crosswalk at Oxford Falls. This is where an alleged green man blinks repeatedly around 3 a.m. This is one of the many other strange appearances that have been seen. It is a road not to be traveled, especially during late nights.

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Source: HMB and The Parkway Hauntings


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