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This Movie Was Filmed in the Fifth Dimension

The title to this was something that was communicated to me while I was ganj-i-tating during the witching hour last Sunday Morning, accompanied by a feeling of supreme recognition. The movie they’re referring to is our lives. Friend me for magick updates on Facebook, this is the sort of odd shit that happens. Are cute pug puppy pictures coming soon? Of course they are.

The other week I decided that so as to stay away from the net a bit like I normally do on the weekends, I’d condense my psychic updates to a weekend edition entitled The Weekend in Sorcery. First weekend was interesting. The second was fucking bananas- (edited it a bit to post here, so keep that in mind, but otherwise, read on true believers):

Weekend of January 8-10, 2013 (year of the witch):

This is a rich. Went to the OM show on Friday, which was super packed. Dean, who recorded the Black Science records and who I’m working on a new project called Chapel Supremesus with, texts me like a minute before I get to the show, which I had no idea he was going to. I don’t get the text but I somehow run into the guy instantly during Sir Richard Bishop’s set. Dean has an odd way of doing this. He’s into magick and I always seem to just randomly run into the dude at key moments while I’m up on Cap Hill. It’s pretty much why I’m working on a project with the guy. Now, this is sort of embarrassing, but I’ve never actually had the time to explore the Sublime Frequencies label’s material, and to this point I’d never heard Sir Richard Bishop although I do like Rangda. Yeah, I know. I’m a psychedelic musician in Seattle, pretty retarded right? So, it comes out that that’s why Dean’s there, as I was more stoked on OM. Incredibly convenient. I’m now working with a guy who just so happens to be hugely versed in the exact deficiency in my musickal knowledge. Apparently these dudes are all into the Occult too. Anywho, Sir Richard Bishop starts off with some freak folk that I’m not feeling a whole lot, then drops into absolute guitar shred-i-tude territory to close out his set. Long story short, picked up a few albums the next day on Amazon while taking my morning bong rips. Awesome.

Back to the show. So, I also conveniently run into some other friends and go down to smoke a legal ass joint with them. Probably due to this, during OM’s set (good, drawing heavily from their new record Advaitic Songs, Al’s voice was a bit off though, still great), I totally sheer up the piece I’m going to write for Disinfo next week (update, now next week). It all clicks. Remote Viewing and Sports? Yeah, that crazy.

After the set, I’m honestly contemplating doing the right thing and heading home, but the freaking daemonic side of me takes over and insists I have another drink. Cheap Oly, ugh. Need to work on this shit but not tonight. Of course, I again instantly run into Dean, who I’d lost track of during OM. We have a beer and bullshit a bit, then we notice that one of the dudes who runs the Esoteric Book Conference and Ouroboros Press in Seattle, William Kiesel is just standing there across from us looking bored, so we’re both obviously like, let’s go chat him up. Now, this is odd because I just submitted a talk proposal to the Esoteric Book Conference two weeks ago and they haven’t gotten back to me. I honestly didn’t know what to think because I know exactly no one in that crowd. If they’re not into it, whatevs. So we just start chatting the guy up, probably rather annoyingly. Dean has the hiccups which is rather hilarious and fortunately is actually more familiar with what William actually does than my dumb ass. Seemed like a cool chap. Might pitch him a musical thing as well. When you don’t care if it happens really, what’s the loss? There’s always other shit.

But yeah, I had just a bit too much beer that night. Plans are solidified for new Chapel Supremesus practice schedule starting in March. Getting out of the house and playing guitar regularly will be nice. It was also sort of nice to not be doing regular band practice for a period. Got me working more on my writing and I did write a freaking book for God’s sake, so yeah, obviously. On that front I finally got it off to a real editor for a final copy edit on Saturday. While eating breakfast that morning and watching basketball, I switch games like two seconds after the guy from Wisconsin drilled a half court buzzer beater all Evan Turner style. They’re showing the replay as I tune in. The Badgers go on to upset the number 3 ranked Wolverines in OT. The crowd rushed the court. You know what’s weird, earlier in the week, my wife got caught up by like ten minutes at work, and because of that, rather than watching her regularly scheduled Maddow (she’s addicted and I don’t get in the way of that because I know what’s best for me) – while riding my exercise bike, I catch Illinois taking out number one ranked Indiana in spectacular fashion. Angel walks in the door the second that’s over. I get to see the replay a few times and then she’s there. Nice.

After that I’m decently hung over, so I end up trying to drink diluted wine so I won’t get drunk, but stave off the hangover hairof the dog style. I’ve never tried this before, but it works pretty damn well. Funny story on that. To cut back my drinking, I first started to drink scotch, which was surprisingly effective. I suppose, because I don’t like it that much, I drink it really slow and it’s easy to hold myself to like two drinks over a several hour period. Not like beer like I just used to tear through. I used to “run on alcohol” as they once explained to me. But, earlier in the week, the spirits seem to be giving me the impression that even my substantial reductions in the last year weren’t enough. They’d hinted at it before. I could feel myself aging a bit this week. They were trying to communicate with me. They told me quite specifically to switch over to wine. Okay.

So after dicking around playing video games for a while, Angel’s out of the house so it strikes me that it’d be a good day to work on some art as Photoshop’s on her Mac. But I’m sort of hungover, so I’m not super jazzed on it. I finally get to it and make a deal to churn something out really quick. The concepts of what I’m doing start to make sense in the context of the holy trinity. Long story short, I’d been wanting to do a cover to my new book, The Galactic Diaoluge I: Occult Initiations – and I intentionally want the cover to be a straight up retro vibe from the original Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati, even went out of my way to buy a copy of that book with the original cover. Showed up autographed with a Star Trek reference. So rad. I’ve basically decided I was going to hire someone to do the cover because I honestly didn’t thing I could do what I wanted, but then I did it by accident. And in spectacularly weird fashion.

Total third mind stuff. Just throwing images together at basically random. If it doesn’t seem weird enough at first, take a look at the top, circular rainbow pattern below the lettering with similar colors. As it goes down to the central theme, the eye which is the center of the piece, pretty much identical color pallet. Even if you look at the bottom you can almost see the brown mound, and it looks like craters a bit even. Also, keep in mind that for the cover, I’m still going to hire someone to crop it and do incredibly similar lettering. Did I mention I wrote this book as a sort of sequel to Cosmic Trigger without even realizing that while I was doing it. It came out right around the time I was born. Ready for it to get even deeper.

Our new puppy was just born this week and I found out that morning that we’re meeting him and dropping off a scent blanket next Saturday (so adorable). Decided a while back that we were going to name it Ezekiel if it was a boy, and as it turns out, that’s all the breeder had and the only reason we got a pup. For breeding purposes, the pug females are more sought after apparently. So, Ezekiel it is. Because of this, I look up images of Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel vision, that Midday Veil actually references in their song Anthem. I think I’ve mentioned I like that band. So I choose one Ezekiel image, blend it into the mix, and there it is, the image I wanted and I wasn’t even trying. Same color scheme and everything, by accident. Oh, did I mention that I told myself I could only get a dog after I finished my goddamn book, and even cast “spells” regarding this? Then forgot I did that, wondered why the “spells” weren’t working, then it came back to me. You know what? Once my book is fucking done, landlord negotiates with us (which is something neither one of us thought would ever happen, saves us so much money) landlord’s good, we’re getting a pup. Just…Like…I…Wanted…It. In fact, I’d forgotten that I’d started this spell even earlier than I realized, when my wife first moved in with me. Did I mention that OM sings Gnostic biblical tunes and I would probably say that there’s roughly 70% odds that Al Cisneros chanted the exact word “Ezekiel” at some point during his set. Holy shit, he did right while I was writing that. I’m listening to OM. The freaking song Gethsemane. And I quote. “and Ezekiel saw the wheel”. Crazy, I got up and went to the bathroom, realized that, came back and that exact song was on.

(after the fact note, the puppy’s mom’s name is Abby and one of the other images I used in that was of Disinfo staple Abby Martin, again, very random choice)

So, later in the night, I again wake up at 4 in the fucking morning (get ready for a puppy kid). I sigilize the Galactic Dialogue cover image and meditate. They give me advice on the article I’m going to do and I have a series of absolutely crazy visions. The eye in the pyramid. The Inner Eye. The Illuminati (run by Beyonce and Jay-Z). “Don’t be surprised there’s a bug in your eye.” to quote sir Wyndorf. It’s like the eye of Sauron for a second. When you look into the eye, it’s looking back at you. Things get dark and the image of an upside down pentagram projects into my consciousness. It’s projecting into all of us. This pisses me off but I get it. Sports, the dark materialistic masculine side of humanity. We have to get it in check. I focus and turn the pentagram right side up with the power of the same image and eye, flooding it with white light energy. The concept of an avenging angel has been radiating more and more within my psychic life as of late. I see plans within plans. The Eye On The Dollar sees you. I’m later told something I’ve been told again and again. We can control your every move. We can make your shoes come untied (this had been happening a lot with a particular pair of shoes I had and just replaced), which will delay you and you’ll hit your mark and say your lines.

Wake up again because I can’t get back to sleep. Sigilize the image again and meditate. “This Movie is Being Filmed In The 5th Dimension.” Comes through quite specifically. A week earlier I’m pulled into a trance state where the spirits chant me on high with the mantra: It’s Only an Act, which is actually a line from my favorite And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead album, Madonna, the song Totally Natural. I fucked the hottest rave girl in Columbus years back listening to that song. God, the girl had the greatest natural tits and it was such a surprise because she was wearing rave clothes. Didn’t know until they came off. She thought Trail O’ Dead sounded like, “every other band in Cleveland.”, where she was from. She was into riot grrrrrl shit and loved Babes In Toyland. But yeah, this radiates within me, particularly because I was just asked to write some Alejandro Jodorowsky themed interviews and when I was asked I was like: well, there’s a chapter in my book about his movies’ imprint on my psychic life called Art as Spiritual Techonolgy, so, I suppose I’d be your guy. That’s basically how Holy Mountain ends (which there was a piece on Disinfo about last week, after I was asked to do this I might add), human life is a film. Then it occurs to me that after watching Holy Mountain, I had what I call “my enlightenment experience” which involved being very upset about not being able to rescue a pug from careless daemonic clutches. Seriously. It’s in the fucking book.

Then I want to sleep, and kind of tell them to shut up and let me sleep. They don’t and basically explain to me that I need to quit drinking so much. Case closed. No witching hour dream distortion shit. I need to drink even less. And I need to stop drinking liquor. Apparently it’ll cause me to have stomach aches when I’m older and age my face significantly. Seriously, that specific. So, on to wine. 4 hours sleep as punishment and now I’m up writing this weird shit. Crazy guardian kids. I’m only an actor.


Oh, and one final update – right before I posted this, I realized that I wrote this piece about Satan and the church, which featured this picture I did of the pope, which I didn’t like at all or want to do, because you know, it’s creepy.

Last time I checked the Pope just stepped down.



The Ley Lines: could they influence the Earth in any physical way?


The Ley lines would be “subtle” magnetic energy flows that would be found throughout the Earth. They would physically influence the places they travel.

The Ley Lines are hypothetical energy routes that run throughout the Earth. According to experts on this subject, many ancient megalithic monuments were built in vortices or intersection points of these lines (like Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Egypt). These routes would establish a planetary harmonical energy and it is thought that would influence the ecology of the planet, since the energy would be perceived concentrated in fertile natural places such as mountains, lakes and forests. They would also affect the human beings!

This kind of Energy has been referred to as “subtle” or “etheric”, since it is different from the types of magnetic energy that science knows. Different ancient cultures would also have called them: dragon trails, dragon currents or snake paths.

The Law Lines: could they influence the Earth in any physical way?
The so-called San Miguel Law Line, with several sacred places lined up by Europe (Public domain).

The term was coined in 1921 by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, who observed a alignment of several megalithic monuments and ancient places from Great Britain. First it was considered that the Ley Lines were only alignments, but then they were given an esoteric character, with the rectilinear flow of that subtle energy of the Earth.

The Ley Lines influence the ecology of the Earth

Theorists of this esoteric phenomenon say that the lines intersect in several places, forming power points or vortex points around the planet. These vortex points would influence the ecology and life of each place. This is also related to the so-called geomancy.

In fact, this concept has bases in the ancient Chinese religious philosophy of feng shui. Feng shui speaks of chi, or “vital breath” that moves in currents and is affected by the shapes, space and direction of the cardinal points. The art of feng shui seeks to perceive the flow of lung-mei or dragon currents and accommodate space and objects to benefit that flow.

The Law Lines: could they influence the Earth in any physical way?
Another illustration of the lines, look at the vortex of Giza, Egypt (Public domain).

The Ley lines, and especially the vortex points, would be places of concentration of positive chi (energy). A great natural example where this occurs is a valley surrounded by hills: the mountainous circle would create a vortex point of etheric energy, forming a kind of shield and fortress. The green valley with the help of that vortex, attracts water currents and creates fertile soils.

In druid belief, the energy of the Earth was called wyvern, and it slid across the ground. The wyvern lines transmitted life (or vitality) and fertilized the land.

Magnetism affects water and earth

You have to keep in mind that magnetism affects water (can purify it). According to researcher Rene Noorbergen, the ancient civilizations knew about Earth’s magnetism (or of one type of energy, at least) and that would have been used to fertilize the earth (Modern horticulturists know about the fertilizing properties of magnetic fields).

The Law Lines: could they influence the Earth in any physical way?
Malvern hills in England. Alfred Watkins thought that a LeyLine passed along its mountainous ridge. Credit: Daderot / Wikimedia commons.

In the vortex points too, observable energy phenomena would be generated, like strange lights that have been reported near a Dolmen monument  in Loon and near a monastery in Aduard, both in the Netherlands.

Will the existence of these Ley lines be possible? Scientists have not really investigated this, but it is known that the Earth has enough movement of magnetic energy which, in addition to the known electromagnetic spectrum, is very wide, with different wavelengths (such as visible light and X-rays).

References: EarthGeomancy / Ancient-Wisdom / LeyLijnen / IntuitiveDoc.

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The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community

Eric Spitznagel
NY Post

Medium Annette Rodgers leads a séance, allegedly with the help of her deceased daughter, Lauren.

Shannon Taggart was never a big believer in ghosts. But that changed in 2001, during one of her first visits to Lily Dale — a hamlet in southwestern New York state that’s home to the world’s largest spiritualist community.

The Brooklyn photojournalist was taken by surprise while watching a private reading with Gretchen Clark, a fifth-generation medium.

“All of a sudden, she started laughing at nothing,” Taggart tells The Post. “Apparently the spirit of her brother was in the room and told her a joke.”

“I told him not to interrupt me while I’m working,” Clark explained to her client and then turned to an empty spot and yelled, “Chapman, we’ve talked about this!”

She composed herself and returned to the reading and then just as quickly turned back to Taggart.

“Margaret’s here,” Clark announced.

“Margaret? I don’t know any Margaret,” Taggart insisted.

Clark closed her eyes and listened. “She says ‘Texas.’ What does ‘Texas’ mean?”

Taggart instantly knew. “My great aunt Margaret lived in Texas and she’d died a few months earlier,” Taggart says. “I’d totally forgotten. My whole body just tensed up. It was truly spooky.”

That encounter was just the beginning of a spiritual awakening for Taggart, who would spend the next 18 years documenting mediums in New York as well as Essex, England, and Antequera, Spain. More than 150 of her photographs, many never before seen, are published in her new book Séance (Fulgur Press).

Taggart didn’t set out to prove or disprove spiritualism. Rather, she says, she was driven by “a sinking feeling that these mediums knew something about life that I didn’t.”

When she first traveled to Lily Dale, it was out of curiosity.

Years earlier, her cousin had learned from a medium that their grandfather hadn’t died from heart disease — as Taggart had always believed — but by asphyxiation. She laughed off the story, until her parents confirmed it.

“Someone at the hospital put food into his mouth and left him alone,” her father had said, “and he choked.”

This story stayed with Taggart over the years, and she became consumed with “how a total stranger could have known the details of this tragedy.”

In 2001, at age 26, she decided to visit Lily Dale despite knowing nothing about the place except that it was a short drive from Buffalo, where she grew up, and the medium who revealed her grandfather’s secret had lived there.

The town was founded as a gated spiritualist summer retreat in 1879, and not much has changed since then. With a population of some 275 residents — many of whom are practicing mediums — it looks like a town frozen in the mid-19th century. Narrow roads are lined with old-fashioned houses, many adorned with signs announcing “the medium is in.” A rickety wooden auditorium in the center of town is typically “papered with flyers advertising trumpet séances, past-life regressions, astral-travel workshops, spoon-bending classes and circles to develop mediumship,” Taggart writes.

She arrived with no plan and was initially too nervous to do anything but drive around.

But Taggart eventually wrote a letter to the Lily Dale Assembly’s board of directors asking permission to take photos during what she first thought would be “one summer making a photo essay about this quirky little town.”

“I would just wander around and literally knock on people’s doors and say, ‘Would you talk to me? Would you teach me about spiritualism?’ ” she recalled. “And they very graciously did.”

medium letters

A medium claims to have received letters under her pillow from a man who lived in the 1800s after meeting him through a Ouija board.

What she learned from them wasn’t necessarily how to communicate with ghosts. It was a peek into a shadowy subculture that “was once a seminal force in Western culture,” Taggart writes. “A legacy that was absent from every textbook I had ever studied, including my histories of photography.”

Spiritualism — a belief system based not just on the existence of spirits, but the idea that they want to stay in contact with the living — was once part of the mainstream. It was embraced by public figures like psychoanalyst Carl Jung, evolutionary biologist Alfred Russel Wallace, poet William Butler Yeats and even Abraham Lincoln. But today, it’s almost entirely hidden.

“It flourishes in fiction and entertainment but is marginalized by academia and the media,” Taggart writes. The contemporary Western worldview is that spiritualism is the stuff of fiction. But after what Taggart witnessed, and photographed, she wasn’t so sure.

As her exploration took her overseas, she learned that not all mediums started out wanting to be mediums.

Reverend Jane from Erie, Pa., found the calling at age 6, when “she saw a spirit standing inside her grandmother’s closet,” Taggart writes, and discovered she could make supermarket cans fly across shelves and candles do somersaults in the air.

Others came to it after being triggered by the grief of losing a loved one.

British medium Simone Key, a lifelong atheist, was drawn to spiritualism after her mother passed and she began getting messages, on her long-broken word processor, that read: “We must communicate.”

Annette Rodgers of Essex, England, felt the calling after her 16-year-old daughter, Lauren, died from a heroin overdose. Two years later, still deep in depression, Rodgers attended a spiritualist church “on a whim and immediately felt ‘Yes, this is what I need,’ ” she told Taggart.

She now runs a spiritualist center in Spain and says her dead daughter visits regularly.

Lily dale museum

Dorothy Pries works at the Lily Dale Museum

“I once saw Lauren turn Annette’s iPhone around on a table,” a fellow medium recounted to Taggart. “Her connection to her mother is that strong.”

But mediumship isn’t limited to communication with dead loved ones. Sometimes things get awkward.

Lily Dale medium Betty Schultz recalled a reading she had with a Catholic priest who was a regular client. “The spirits showed Betty a baby who had died and told her the priest was its father,” Taggart writes. Betty silently insisted to the spirits that there was no way she’d be sharing this information.

Without explaining why, she sent him to another medium — who later scolded Schultz: “Why didn’t you give that man the message from his baby?”

Taggart developed close friendships with some of her photo subjects, like Lauren Thibodeau, a longtime Lily Dale resident who found her way to spiritualism without any warning. She explained how she first went into a trance on New Year’s Eve 1989 in front of her husband and his friend, the best man from their wedding, “who never came to their home again,” writes Taggart.

Thibodeau shared one of the biggest headaches of spiritualism: uninvited famous people. Most mediums want nothing to do with celebrity ghosts — there’s no faster way to drive away an on-the-fence skeptic than “I have a message from Albert Einstein” — but Thibodeau says it’s sometimes unavoidable.

She remembers a session in which Elvis Presley’s ghost showed up unannounced.

“No!” Thibodeau shouted at the ghost. “I’m not doing this, get out of here!”

When the spirit refused to leave, Thibodeau apologized to her clients. “I’m sorry, I have Elvis here and I don’t know why,” she said. She then learned that the mother of the woman she was doing a reading for had been a housekeeper at Graceland.

For Thibodeau, it was a lesson in not being too quick to cast judgment. “Now, any time a spirit comes, regardless of who they are, I’ll give a message,” she told Taggart. “I don’t shoo them away. We communicate with dead people, and a dead celebrity is still dead.”

Even after almost two decades following mediums, Taggart isn’t sure she’d call herself a believer just yet. “I no longer subscribe to the popular belief that spiritualists are charlatans just trying to make money off of people,” Taggart says. “For the most part, I found them to be very sincere.”

But as for whether she believes in ghosts and life after death, the now 44-year-old is still on the fence. The closest she comes to sounding like a convert is when discussing an unsettling experience from 2013. It happened while she was visiting Sylvia and Chris Howarth, a married medium couple in England.

The morning after watching Sylvia do a séance in the dark — something the experienced spiritualist rarely did because “sometimes the phenomena continued into the next day” — Taggart was making tea in their kitchen and reached to open a cupboard.

“The ceramic knob exploded in my hands,” Taggart remembers. “Half of it shot into the air and crashed to the floor. The other half became razor-sharp and cut into my hand, and it started gushing blood.” Chris ran into the room, reached for the broken knob, and soon he was bleeding too.

“Just telling that story again, it gives me chills,” Taggart says.

So was it a paranormal encounter? She isn’t sure.

“All I know is, I still have a scar because of what happened that day,” she says. “And I still think about it all the time. So who knows?”

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Miracle in Colombia – A saint statue rescues city dwellers from landslide

Residents of the city of Jericó, in the Colombian department of Antioquia, are sure that it is the statue of St. Montoya which rescued them from a heavy landslide a week ago because of heavy rains.

The altar with the statue was located on the slope of the mountain from which the landslide descended. Muddy streams flooded the streets and destroyed more than 10 houses. However, none of the locals died or even seriously injured, and the statue itself was not damaged at all.

However, more than a thousand people lost access to their homes and were evacuated.

Local priest Jesus Herrera told reporters:

“We consider it a true sacred miracle that nobody was killed, and Los Aguacates did not collapse.”

Only two people were slightly injured – an elderly woman and a small child. This muddy landslide floods the entire surrounding area, including the city streets.

According to locals, at such a level of disaster, there would have been many more casualties had it not been for the protection of St. Montoya.

The statue of the patron saint of the city of St. Laura Montoya (Saint Laura Montoya), was installed here in 1919, in honor of a true Catholic nun.

She was Colombia’s first saint. Immediately after the statue was erected, worshipers began to visit it, finding it miraculous.

One of the locals says:

“Apart from material damage, we have no reason to cry. I’m sure we were all saved from the miracle the saint gave us. “

Mariana Garces, another resident says:

“Just look at all this horror that is now on our streets. No one can help us, but I think, nevertheless, someone or something intervenes. I already believe that there are spiritual powers in these places, and I am not the most religious person. “

In addition to Heriko, heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslides in six other Antioquia regions, but there the effects were smaller and only 3 houses were completely destroyed.

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