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“This is probably the strangest UFO you’ve ever seen”: A woman from India saw an open door in the sky

"This is probably the strangest UFO you've ever seen": A woman from India saw an open door in the sky 1

A woman from India captured a curious rectangular shape that looks like a glowing doorway. A shadow form appeared in the sky above the city, and no one knows exactly what could have created this terrible anomaly.

As outlined by, the bizarre scene was reportedly filmed last Sunday evening as Aditi Singh was returning to her residence in Bangalore city.

Sharing her video of the strange event on Instagram, she explained that “my friend was taking me home” when they noticed something rather unusual above them in the form of a distinctly rectangular shadow-like shape that seemed to glow around the edges:

Surprised that a very strange aerial anomaly didn’t appear to be a “natural phenomenon,” Singh observed that “clouds rolled over her as if something were levitating in the air.”

According to Singh, the strange sighting lasted about 90 seconds before the anomaly disappeared, and “the sky was just covered with clouds.”

The bewildered woman also noted that “the moon was at this point in its waxing crescent phase,” which made the considerable amount of illumination surrounding the oddity particularly inexplicable.

Left without an explanation of what appeared in the sky, Aditi Singh finally thought that “I have so many questions, so let someone who knows better explain it to me.”

Many attempts have been made to explain the phenomenon, from UFOs to the Brocken spectre. The latter can be ruled out immediately, as it only occurs in daylight, representing the observer’s shadow cast on fog. Therefore, natural scientific explanations are not applicable here. 

Aditi’s instagram page provides a little more information – she clarifies there that she observed all this in an almost rural area, that is, there were no tall buildings that could cast such a shadow, nor any attractions. And there was no fog either – this manifestation shimmered among the clouds that seemed to bump into it. 

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Most likely, the reason for this phenomenon is a certain UFO type, since there are a lot of similar such wonders around now:

A similar incident in California was even featured on FOX News:

Therefore, what was seen in India could have been some huge spacecraft or a portal from which such vehicles fly out. However, it may also have been the real door leading from the Matrix or from under the Flat Earth dome.

Against the background of such a wild theory, even the UFO version theory seems already natural science, nevertheless, this can be, in the end we don’t know exactly what aliens are. In this case, maybe other such doors will soon begin to appear. 


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