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This 5-Year-Old Girl Sold Cookies To Pay The Lunch Debt Of 123 Schoolmates

This 5-Year-Old Girl Sold Cookies To Pay The Lunch Debt Of 123 Schoolmates 1

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It isn’t every day that you find a 5-year-old selling cookie and cocoa to people so that she can help her 123 classmates with their lunch debts. Remember the name- Katelynn Hardee. This San Diego student teaches everyone how to be humane.

This kindergartner from the Breeze Hill Elementary school has an extremely strong stand on what is ethical and what is not. While the older generations can scream about how the latest generation doesn’t care about humanity, here is a child about to prove them wrong. After she overheard a parent talking about how difficult it was for her to pay the school expenses of her child, Katelynn Hardee decided to do something about it.

She then asked her mother Karina Hardee about the situation. But it wouldn’t exactly be easy to explain to a 5-year-old about how unfortunate some people are. Karina mentioned it to KSWB that the best she could do in the situation was tell Katelynn that some people had a lot going on in their lives and were unfortunate, unlike others.

Katelynn Hardee’s morale as a human came out now as she started thinking of a plan that would help her alleviate the lunch debts of her fellow classmates. As luck would have it, she was already quite adept at making lemonades and had a lemonade stall in the summers. She decided to add to it by making cookies and selling hot cocoa. The money that she would raise through this would automatically be donated to the school.

There was no end to her enthusiasm, as she immediately started making the cookies and the cocoa. Not only that – she also gave in 3 hours daily to sell these products to people who might be passing by her stall.

Good deeds don’t stay hidden- which is why her news went viral over the next week. Since everyone wanted to be a part of it, Katelynn Hardee’s business kept doubling overnight. After collecting quite a generous amount, her mother penned down a note for the school where she mentioned how her daughter was bringing together this fundraising event where all proceeds would be given to the students with deficits.

Needless to say, they raised enough money to clear off the debts of about 123 students.

Jamie Phillips of the Child Nutrition Services for Vista Unified School District spoke about how it was quite endearing to see the spirit this little girl showed towards humanity. And he isn’t lying- we can all learn a lot from Katelynn Hardee about what it means to be a human being.

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Lunch debts have become a major problem in most American schools, where students are even shamed due to their parents’ incapacity to pay for it. On many occasions, the students receive alternative lunches which are far inferior to the one another student receives.

But this is all about to change from 2020 for the Governor of California has instituted a law stating that a student can’t be devoid of lunches even if their parents didn’t pay. And under no circumstances was a student supposed to be shamed for this. All this would be in place from 1st January 2020.

Katelynn Hardee’s dedication is just another step towards tackling this problem.

Credit: Karina Hardee via FOX 5 San Diego

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