Apocalypse & Armageddon

Third world war was announced by Putin’s mentor

Alexander Dugin, the political philosopher and analyst, who many call “Putin’s theorist” (with others however questioning that he plays an important role in the Russian leader’s decisions) emphasizes that the “special military operation”, which aimed to “liberate territories of the New of Russia by Nazi Ukrainian forces” is essentially over now. But Russia is already in another conflict, which could even lead to World War III, Dugin continues, stressing the need to put the whole country on alert.

Putin theorist Alexander Dugin has warned that the world is on the brink of World War III, while Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, as such, has failed.

In a lengthy article, Dugin, who has been described as “Putin’s brain”, observes that the course of the war in Ukraine is changing the balance in a world that after this war will never be the same again.

Although the article was written almost two weeks ago, that is, before the “referendums” were held in the occupied territories, but after the Ukrainian counterattack that exposed Putin, it illuminates aspects of the thinking of the Russian elite, or at least part of it that expresses Dugin.

And precisely because the intellectual and political influence of the far-right nationalist Dugin is important to Russian policymakers and, for many, to Putin himself, it is potentially revealing.

Here are excerpts from his article:

On the brink of World War III

“We are on the brink of World War III, which the West is pressing for. And this is no longer a fear or an expectation, it is a fact. Russia is at war with the collective West, with NATO and its allies (though not with all of them: Turkey and Greece have their own place and some European countries, mainly but not only France and Italy, do not want to actively participate in a war with Russia). However, the threat of a third world war looms ever closer.

Whether it will lead to the use of nuclear weapons is an open question. But the possibility of a nuclear Armageddon is increasing by the day. It is clear, and many American military commanders (such as former US commander in Europe Ben Hodges) openly state this, that the West will not even be satisfied with our complete withdrawal from the territory of the former Ukraine, we will end up on our own territory, insisting on “unconditional surrender” (Jens Stoltenberg), “de-imperialism” (Ben Hodges) and dismemberment of Russia.

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In 1991, the West settled for the collapse of the USSR and our ideological tradition, mainly by accepting Western liberal ideology, political system and economy under Western leadership. Today, the red line for the West is the existence of a sovereign Russia, even within the borders of the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is a tangible NATO success

The counterattack of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region is a direct attack by the West on Russia. Everyone knows that this attack was organized, prepared and equipped by the US and NATO military command and was carried out under their direct supervision. It is not only the use of NATO military equipment, but also the direct involvement of Western aerospace intelligence, mercenaries and trainers. In the eyes of the West, this is the beginning of “our end”. We have weakened the defense of the territories under our control in the Kharkiv region and can be defeated further. This is not a small success of Kiev’s counter-offensive, but the first tangible success of NATO forces in the “March to the East”.(according to the motto of German expansionism, “Drang nach Osten”).

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“The West has declared war on us”

Of course, one can try to attribute this to temporary “technical difficulties” and postpone the substantive analysis of the situation until later. But that would only delay the realization of the fait accompli and depress and discourage us.

So it is worth coldly admitting that the West has declared war on us and is already waging it. We did not choose this war, we did not want it. Even in 1941, we did not want war with Nazi Germany and refused to believe in it until the end. But in the present situation, when the war is being waged against us de facto, this is not decisive. All that matters now is to win it by defending Russia’s right to be.

The end of the special military operation

The special military operation as a limited operation for the liberation of Donbass and certain territories in “New Russia” (the occupied territories in Ukraine) has come to an end. It has gradually degenerated into a full-scale war with the West, in which, in fact, the very terrorist regime of the Nazis in Kyiv is only playing the role of an instrument. The attempt to besiege it and liberate some Ukrainian territories controlled by the Nazis in the “New Russia”, maintaining the existing geopolitical balance in the world as a technical operation, has failed and we are pretending to just continue it.

Against our will, we are now at war, and this affects every Russian citizen: each of us is in the crosshairs of the enemy.

Having said that, the situation is such that, all things considered, it is impossible to return everything to its original state – before February 24, 2022. What has happened is irreversible and we should not fear any concessions or compromises on the part of us. The enemy will only accept our total surrender, submission, dismemberment and occupation. So we simply have no choice.

The ideological front against the “legalization of perversion”

Russia is in a state of ideological war. The values ​​championed by the globalizing West – LGBT, legalization of perversion, drugs, fusion of man and machine, total assimilation through uncontrolled immigration, etc. are inextricably linked to its ideological front. They are inextricably linked to its politico-military hegemony and unipolar system. Western liberalism and the global politico-military and economic dominance of the US and NATO are one and the same. It is absurd to fight the West and accept (even partially) its values, in the name of which it is waging a war against us, a war of annihilation.

“Conscripting is inevitable”

Conscription is inevitable. War affects everyone and everything, but mobilization does not mean forcibly sending conscripts to the front, this can be avoided, for example, by forming a comprehensive voluntary movement, with the necessary benefits and state support.

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We need to focus on veterans and special support of warriors in the “New Russia”. Russia has few of them, but there are supporters abroad. We should not hesitate to form anti-Nazi and anti-globalization international brigades with honest people from East and West.

Above all, we should not underestimate the Russians. We are a nation of heroes. At great cost, but a formidable foe whom we have defeated not once or twice in our glorious history. And this time we will be victorious, even in the war against the West, and this time it will be a people’s war. We are winning the people’s wars, wars in which the giant people have awakened to fight.”


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