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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Third World War. Predictions, timelines

Will the Third World War happen on the planet? The predictions of the prophets, the predictions of the so-called soothsayers, and the predictions of a number of modern scholars suggest that mankind will not be able to avoid this terrible event. Will there be a war?

The predictions of Nostradamus, Vanga, Messing and other oracles say that this is only a matter of time. Find out what the prophecies are talking about; read whether it is worth blindly believing apocalyptic divination.

World War III: predictions of Nostradamus

Today, many unfulfilled prophecies are known, which in different years of the 21st century already promised the beginning of the most destructive battle in the history of mankind. One of the most truthful and accurate predictions is considered the prophetic messages of the French alchemist and pharmacist Michel de Nostrdam, who is better known to mankind as Nostradamus.

The famous clairvoyant published his prophecies in the years between 1550-1566, bringing a predictor glory during his life. In a letter to his son Cesar, global predictions described world-wide wars and disasters that had never been seen before by mankind.

At different periods, the interpreters set forth their own understanding of the treatises, gave them explanations, and even found actual confirmation of the predictions in the events that occurred. These are the warnings of mankind about:

World War II 1939-1945;

Great London fire;

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima;

The terrorist attacks in America that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Today, scientists continue to study the texts of the famous prophet and believe that the predictions of the Third World War are encrypted in them.

According to a number of scientists, Nostradamus foreshadowed the beginning of the most destructive and terrifying bloodshed in human history for 2018-2024. Some media representatives claim that the prophecies of Nostradamus say that the Third World War will last 27 years, and the hostilities will unleash two powerful forces.

Also in the reports it is noted that Nostradamus, in addition to a large-scale war, predicted numerous destructive natural disasters around the world in the 21st century, and a huge number of terrorist acts in America and Europe. At the same time, according to the researchers of the treatises, Nostradamus wrote that in 2019, humanity will acquire a new ability and will be able to freely talk with the animal world, which, unfortunately, has not happened at the moment.

World War III: Vanga’s Predictions

The famous prophetess Baba Vanga from Bulgaria, excites the minds of mankind with her prophecies. At the age of 12, the girl lost her eyesight and, according to relatives, gained incredible abilities, thanks to which she was able to predict the future.

Numerous followers of the clairvoyant claimed that Vanga accurately determined the diseases existing in a person, sent patients to people who could heal them, accurately predicted fate and events. During her life, Vanga shared that she received similar knowledge from creatures whose nature she could not understand and could not explain. After the sessions, she lost a lot of energy as well as physical and moral strength.

The media talked a lot about the clairvoyant during her life and continues to do so today. Many tabloids write that the worst event that Vanga predicted is the end of the world. Some publications in past years wrote that, according to the Bulgarian seer, it will come in 2016, and such events will precede the apocalypse:

The beginning of the world war using chemical and nuclear weapons – 2010;

Devastation of the Northern Hemisphere (extinction of flora and fauna) as a result of precipitation – 2011;

The beginning of a chemical war by Muslims against surviving Europeans in 2011;

Mass disease of humanity with skin cancer and other skin diseases due to chemical warfare – 2014;

The almost complete disappearance of the European population – 2016.

Despite the fact that many, previously published predictions have not actually been confirmed, the tabloids still publish materials where they write about what Vanga said about the Third World War. In particular, the media claim that the medium warned that bloodshed would begin after the fall of Syria in a large-scale military conflict (the exact dates of the predicted event change annually).

World War III: timing

Also in the materials they write (allegedly according to the famous medium) that, in addition to natural disasters and deadly epidemics, a celestial body will descend on the planet, which will cause large floods and flooding of large territories. Interestingly, the relatives and friends of Vanga, who personally knew the Bulgarian clairvoyant, assure that the soothsayer never gave predictions about the Third World War and the coming end of the world.

World War III: Wolf Messing’s predictions

The most complete and transparent today is considered the recently discovered prediction of pop artist-mentalist from the USSR Wolf Messing.

Numerous media claim that Messing allegedly called the date of the outbreak of global global conflict – the second decade of this century. The publications also indicate the countries that will become the main active forces of the Third World War – the USA, China and Russia.

The tabloids write: the Soviet psychic warned that, despite the open confrontation of the United States and the Russian Federation, the instigator of the military conflict would be Russia-friendly China.

The United States and the Celestial Empire will unite and act as allies in the war against the Russian Federation. The publications say that in this war there will be no winners and losers – all mankind will die. They also write that the psychic artist spoke of the Third World War as an inevitable event that the heads of various states will only be able to delay for a short while.

Today it is reliably known that Wolf Messing spoke to the public with psychological experiments, where he supposedly read the thoughts of those present. The current version that the artist was in fact endowed with extrasensory abilities was built on Messing’s memoirs, which were published in 1965.

However, the forensic scientist, legal scholar Nikolai Kitaev in the brochure “Criminalistic Psychic” Wolf Messing: Truth and Fiction ”asserts that the Memoirs are not authentic. According to Kitaev, they were fabricated by an eminent Soviet journalist.

World War III: predictions of the Arab annals

Predictions about the Third World War have existed since time immemorial and appear on the pages of print media and Internet resources with enviable regularity.

More recently, shocking news was published on the pages of many media outlets: in the Arabic chronicles of the times of Yesugei Bahadur, they found an indication of when the 3rd World War was supposedly to begin. Predictions determine a period of 200 years.

An anonymous researcher claims: the Arabic letters indicate that the beginning of bloodshed will occur in 800-1000 years from the death of the great Genghis Khan. Given that the formidable ruler died in 1227, then perhaps the start of the Third World War will happen in the very near future – in 2027.

At the same time, the prophecies indicate a rather large time period of 200 years. This means that the probability of a terrifying large-scale war can also fall on any year during the period 2027-2227.

The Arabic chronicles also mention the second coming of the invincible Genghis Khan, who allegedly predicted his own reincarnation before his death.

Chronicles assure that the great khan will arise from the dead and after the battle with the “Chinese hero” will change the existing world borders. An anonymous conspiracy theorist also claims that the Russian researcher Przhevalsky and the traveler Ritter heard about this and other similar prophecies during their stay in China and Mongolia.

According to them, an unprecedented scale war awaits in the coming years, which will begin to appear in 2050. However, the start of hostilities will occur only in 2054. The researcher of the Arabic script does not specify how the international conflict will end and whether humanity will survive this grandiose war.

World War III: predictions of modern psychics, scientists, analysts

Modern clairvoyants also publish information about when and where the Third World War will begin. The predictions of living psychics are of no less interest to the public than the prophecies of already deceased soothsayers.

World War III: predictions of modern oracles

Not all of them agree on the dates of the beginning of the military conflict and on what the warring parties will be. However, almost all of them are convinced that the Third World War is an inevitable and an almost accomplished event.

What do modern clairvoyants and scientists say?

Analysts from Britain believe that Taiwan will become the reason for using nuclear weapons and this will happen in the near future. The forecasts say that in 2029 the island’s authorities will declare independence, and this categorically will not suit Beijing. Further, China is projected to initiate a total blockade of the rebellious island. The US will intervene in the conflict and support the rebels, which will provoke China to a decision on the use of nuclear weapons. As a result, a planetary catastrophe will occur.

The Portuguese Horacio Villegas is convinced that the initiator of the armed conflict will be the US President – Donald Trump. The country will enter into a confrontation with Beijing, Moscow and Pyongyang. A colleague from Nigeria, Sylvester Nmanwok, fully agrees with him.

Osman Pamukoglu (Turkish general) has his own opinion. He is confident that a war will break out between the United States, China and Russia. Moreover, according to Osman, Russia and the United States will fight on the same side. A number of other analysts suggest that the Third World War will flare up with the confrontation between Turkey and Russia.

The public’s attention was riveted by the statement of mathematician Aaron Clauset. The scientist mathematically calculated the boundary dates of the start of the Third World War. Aaron operated on data on the wars that took place in 1823-2003. During this period, 95 international armed clashes occurred.

The mathematician notes that only five of them fell on the period 1940-2003. The scientist is confident that the phases of conflict and ceasefire have a certain sequence. The final calculations were made by a specially developed analytical computer program. He took into account the severity and frequency of conflicts, divided them into global and local, and issued the date of the next large-scale military clash – 2150.

World War III: the predictions of contemporaries

Will the Third World War happen or not and is it worth believing the predictions? Aaron Clauset believes that, based on the development of world events, it is inevitable. In his opinion, the forecasts will turn out to be erroneous, and a world armed conflict will not happen only if humanity reaches a new level of thinking and becomes able to solve any international problems by peaceful means.

This statement of an authoritative scientist from the USA makes one believe that humanity can still avoid the Third World War and achieve harmony and peace on the whole planet.


Apocalypse & Armageddon

The Third Temple could be built no later than next year

According to the well-known eschatological resource The End Times Forecaster with reference to Mahon ha-Mikdash (a research institute in Jerusalem whose activity is focused on building the Third Temple), both red heifers that can be used to consecrate the Third Temple feel good and now -they have reached the age of three:

According to the rules, heifers can be sacrificed at the age of three, although some rabbis believe that this is not necessary. Nevertheless, based on tradition, the cows will reach three years of age in August 2021. Obviously, at this moment the Third Temple will be built.

Surprisingly, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, who studies the Torah codes, completely independent of The End Times Forecaster, came to a similar conclusion.

According to Breaking Israel News, retelling Glaserson’s video, Mashiach will come “anytime from the night of Rosh Hashanah, from September 18, 2020 to September 6, 2021.

However, what confused both the editors of Breaking Israel News, and Glazerson himself, when reading the Torah, according to a special algorithm that helps to open hidden messages there, near the time interval 18/09/20 – 06/09/20 and the words “God’s time” and “Messiah” also the words “End of Times” are spelled:

It is very unlikely that this is a coincidence, so the appearance of the “Messiah” is definitely not far off and everything is going to that.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Nibiru with satellites spotted near the sun

On the evening of June 22, 2020, at about 19:00 UTC, a gigantic coronal mass ejection occurred on the Sun:

Judging by the frames provided by STEREO satellites, the explosion in the Sun was somehow unexpectedly large, so a number of enthusiasts began to examine these images by downloading from NASA Pictures in full and experimenting with filters. In the end, this is what happened there:

Thus, what was originally interpreted as a flash turned out to be a glow of the atmosphere of a certain celestial body, the proximity of which caused an ejection of solar mass. The body there is clearly not one, but surrounded by satellites:

Now the question arises: what is it? Instead of an answer, NASA began repair work on the service and it shows only the current picture.

Suppose, purely theoretically, that this was a shooting artifact, or rather, three artifacts at once. However, the same satellite on April 8, 2020 showed a similar picture:

Thus, the “artifacts” became somewhat more frequent and the satellites show even more often. Probably, the satellites have broken down and are showing incorrectly, so we will see what people see there on their own, without satellites:

The photo was taken in Mexico, where now the sky is covered with “dust from the Sahara”, so let’s see what the cameras in Brazil show, where there is less dust:

So there seems to be some kind of dust over Brazil too. Moreover, this dust from the Sahara tends to stray into luminous lumps.

We do not know how this will end, but we are afraid that we really need to be afraid not of the pole reversal and the landing of the Anunnaki. The main problem will begin when 7 billion people see it all. And then the real Apocalypse begins, after which the pole shift will seem like a children’s matinee.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

June 21 will initiate the countdown to the Three Days of Darkness

On June 13, 2020 over a number of countries in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia), for the 33rd time this year a “Rare” atmospheric phenomenon was observed, which the officials call “sprites”:

For the first time, these “sprites” were seen only in 1989, after which they were seen again several years later and then began to appear more and more often. In particular, over the past couple of months, sprites have been seen in Brazil at the end of April, then in May, twice in the USA, now in Europe.

Lately, sprites in one form or another are seen every week, if not every day, and therefore the question arises: why?

The photon belt

The photon belt is a hypothetical region of space formed inside the Pleiades star cluster. The central star of the cluster is Alcyone around which several thousand stars revolve and one of these stars is supposed to be the sun.

The Sun makes a complete revolution in approximately 24,000 years, of which 10,000 fly in a pure vacuum, then 2,000 years in the photon belt, and then repeats a semicircle. The previous 10,000 years, we were just in that very vacuum, while somewhere from the middle of the 20th century we began to fly up to the photon belt. And in the very near future the sun will enter this area completely, a sign of which will be “three days of darkness”. However, this darkness will be unusual.

As the myths of different nations and the messages of mystics narrate, there will be not just darkness, but a change in the properties of matter and space / time, as a result of which the atoms will jump or vibrate, certain physical laws will be violated, and some incredible miracles will appear. The the effect can be either total darkness, or vice versa – the brightest ice light.

Naturally, the TV will not say this, but there will be certain signs that everyone will see. In particular, incomprehensible glows in the sky, under the description of which these sprites just fall. Previously, after all, there were no sprites, but they appeared suddenly.

Mystics call the second important signal the growth of cosmic gamma radiation. Sitting at home at the computer, of course, we can’t check this radiation, but we can go to the NASA profile page and look at the gamma-ray bursts with which the real madhouse has reigned over the past six months:

A year ago, each gamma-ray burst was a sensation, forcing volcanologists to bounce on their sofas after each burst, a strong earthquake occurred with a 75% probability.

Somewhere from December last year, these surges occur 2-3 times a week, sometimes several a day. Where are they coming from? The officials do not explain, because they can not. But the theory of the photon belt offers a good and logical explanation.

Finally, there is another topic called the Mayan calendar. About the fact that it ends not on December 21, 2012, but in June 21, 2020 many people already know as we also previously posted. Consider that a whole generation of specially trained Mayan priests-astronomers watched the Pleiades.

Once every 52 years, these priests climbed the pyramid and established the exact position of Alcyone relative to other stars, after which, making sure that with the Pleiades all normally enlightened adherents descended to the herd, lit a sacred fire and told the rams to drink wine, beat on drums and dance on occasion extending the life of the world for another 52 years.

Another sign of the approach to the photon belt is a mixture of seasons, that is, the absence of spring and autumn, a fuzzy winter, among which grass grows and an incomprehensibly cold summer. Since we are already observing this, then the countdown to the “three days of darkness” either has already started (December 21, 2012) or is about to start (June 21, 2020).

NASA assures that the End of the World will not come on June 21

The panic in social networks is growing and crowds of pilgrims and cultists have set off to Mexico, who intend to meet the End of the World exactly where it all began:

To somehow end this mind-boggling conspiracy theory, NASA made official clarifications. NASA says:

“This whole story began with Nibiru, the hypothetical planet mentioned by the Sumerians, heading toward Earth. Nibiru’s initial passage and catastrophe were predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened, the End of the World date was deferred to December 2012. Fortunately, on December 21, 2012, nothing happened again, and therefore the conspiracy theorists again had the need for an urgent transfer. ”

However, if 50 years ago NASA’s authority was undeniable, now it is not and conspiracy theorists ask: where did the priceless original telemetry from the moon go? And what is this luminous hanging constantly above the cities that flies around? In addition, several disasters and terrifying events have already occurred this year: the global pandemic, the global economic downturn, and riots that began in the United States.

Nevertheless, NASA stands its ground and continues to believe that there is no evidence or any scientific evidence that the world will end on June 21, 2020.

“For such fundamental forecasts as the End of the World, there must be a justification. But where is it ?! Where is the science? What is your evidence? ”The NASA expert invited to television exclaims in hysteria.

Renowned experts on  Mesoamerican culture also say that the predictions of the “end of the world” based on the Mayan calendar were misinterpreted. Instead, the calendar will be reset at the end of the 13th Baktun, and will not end with the annihilation of the Earth.

William Saturno, a Mayan archeology expert at Boston University, told National Geographic that the calendar is akin to a car’s mileage.

“When your mileage counter shows  99,999.99 miles, you don’t jump out onto the track and start to pray there?” No, you just wait for the mileage counter to reset to zero and drive on. The calendar works the same way,” Saturno says.

Nevertheless, the public continues to disbelieve the glorious experts invited to the TV and the panic is growing.

What do you think? Is the photon belt and the Mayan beliefs interconnected?

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