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“They sacrifice children”, reveals Ronald Bernard, a former executive of the global financial elite and demonstrates who the elites are

"They sacrifice children", reveals Ronald Bernard, a former executive of the global financial elite and demonstrates who the elites are 1

Ronald Bernard worked directly with the top people of the financial elite, who essentially rule the world. He was very good at handling their huge cash flows in such a way that no one could discover their criminal practices. At one point they invited him to participate in their services, in the churches of Satan.

Bernard found it fun to see naked women and enjoyed drugs and alcohol. But the next step shocked him: he was invited to participate in the child sacrifice.

He discovered that most of the people operating at the highest economic levels of our world are all part of a religion called Luciferism, where children are sacrificed.

Some of Ronald Bernard’s messages:

– The only way to get into the top levels of the financial world is to freeze your conscience.

– If you want to know what’s going on in our world, then just follow the money.

– The financial elite make sure that no one knows what is really going on.

– All the so-called warring parties are actually working closely together, if you look at how money flows between them.

– Secret services are criminal organizations, which deal in drugs, weapons, people, etc. CIA, FBI, British Intelligence, Mossad… All of them.

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– Does everyone who works in the financial world at the top sign a life contract never to reveal names? Otherwise, they kill them.

– People at the highest levels are trained to become psychopaths.

– Most people at the top of the financial world worship an intangible being called “Lucifer”.

– Everything must appear as something different.

– Satanists divide and oppress people. Once the people stand up and unite, the Luciferians will be defeated.

– Ronald was physically tortured by the financial elite to ensure he would never reveal their true


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