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They made and advertise salami from the meat of deceased celebrities. Is cannibalism of the dead being actively promoted as a solution to the food crisis?

They made and advertise salami from the meat of deceased celebrities. Is cannibalism of the dead being actively promoted as a solution to the food crisis? 1

After eating crickets, locusts and insects in the wake of climate change, are we now being guided into eating human flesh? Today, a new company is boasting about handmade lab-grown salami made from humans.

In other words, mainstream media is trying to normalize cannibalism as a viable alternative to eating red meat in the name of climate change and supposedly saving the Earth.

The US food company BiteLabs advertises its lab-grown salami from human tissues. As the company claims, these tissues are samples from international celebrities.

Swedish Strategic Marketing Professor Magnus Soderland says that eating human flesh from the dead can help save the human race, and that we could overcome taboos about not eating each other, just by trying it.

Reportedly, in 2019 at a food conference, which included issues of whether humans were too selfish to live sustainably, the professor suggested that cannibalism could be a viable solution to climate change, and that we could start eating our pets.

Obviously, the “experts” forget that beyond the huge moral issue, there is also the practical one. Cannibals are known to suffer from neurological prion diseases such as ‘kuru’.

In general, Nature doesn’t really sympathize with mammals eating their own species.

In essence, it is a revival of the dystopian scenario of the 1973 film Soylent Green with the legendary Charlton Easton, where in a very dark future there was no longer enough food for people and governments had created food that essentially came from “recycling” the dead.

It is noted that the European Commission recently approved the consumption of crickets, worms and locusts as food for European citizens in order to withstand the reduction in agricultural production caused by the war in Ukraine.

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That is, they urge citizens to eat these instead of bread, vegetables or meat, because Russia has banned “unfriendly states” from exporting fertilizers, which has resulted in a decrease in the production of vegetables, cereals, etc., but also ban on the export of cereals which resulted in the reduction of animal feed.

And in response to this, the European Commission decided that citizens should eat insects!

It is also noted that representatives of the company “Prairie Cricket Farms” make small children eat crickets, giving them parallelly instructions on how they can change their food choices, for the good of the environment.


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