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Aliens & UFO's

They flew out of a thundercloud: missile shaped UFO sightings found in 1940s FBI archives

They flew out of a thundercloud: missile shaped UFO sightings found in 1940s FBI archives 1
© The Telegraph/CIA

Documents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation describe hundreds of sightings of unidentified flying objects by pilots, police officers, soldiers and include stories about objects moving at a speed of 43 thousand km / h and the bodies of aliens, according to The Sun.

Journalists scoured the FBI archives and found investigations into scores of reports of “mysterious ships” and strange objects in the 1940s.

The FBI documents, in particular, describe unknown flying objects in the form of missiles, which could reach speeds of up to 43 thousand kilometers per hour. Such objects are mentioned in the reports of 1949. It was noted that they flew out of a thundercloud.

“The documents describe UFOs moving at hypersonic speed, and even reports of a crash that “disintegrated” a packed transport plane,” the newspaper said.

In particular, the FBI documents detail the incident at the Roswell Army Airfield in New Mexico, which was dubbed the Roswell UFO crash.

According to the publication, in the files, Agent Guy Hottel described how “three so-called flying saucers were discovered in New Mexico” and were “described as having a circular shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet (15 m – Ed.) In diameter. “. According to the agent, each of the plates “was occupied by three human bodies, but only three feet high.”

Also, the FBI documents contain a story about the observation of stunt pilot Richard Rankin two flights of a group of objects in Bakersfield, California, at incredibly high speeds in a V-shaped formation.

Another declassified document tells how three men saw a UFO crashing over the mountains north of Salt Lake City.

According to the publication, interest in UFOs increased sharply after the publication of the Pentagon report in June, in which the United States admitted for the first time that there is something in their skies that they cannot explain.

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7 foot strange living shadows

The US Congress is considering a bill to create a new and permanent office to investigate UFO incidents and related phenomena. One of the main reasons for the renewed interest is the possible link between sightings of unidentified flying objects and nuclear weapons, including several reports in Southern Nevada.

The link between UFOs and nuclear weapons has been documented during the very first atomic event, the 1945 Trinity explosion in New Mexico. Since then, hundreds of former military personnel have come forward with reports of unknown nuclear test sites, nuclear laboratories and missile bases.

Against this backdrop, expert Robert Hastings obtained hundreds of pages of the once-classified Pentagon files on these incidents and personally interviewed more than 150 retired military officers about the ominous clashes involving nuclear weapons.

“UFOs have regularly tracked our nuclear weapons for decades,” he said.

The implications for national security are one of the main reasons former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid co-authored a once-secret UFO investigation overseen by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), but the UFO link to nuclear weapons is far more bizarre than just an unknown object in the sky.

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, in a little-known part of the Nellis Air Force training ground, designated “Zone 2”, there has been a storage of nuclear warheads for decades. The bunkers are believed to contain up to 200 nuclear weapons. Three levels of heavily armed Air Force security teams patrol the area 24/7, monitoring any invasion attempts.

“So on two occasions we had anxiety when there was an unidentified flying object over Zone 2, over the bunkers,” JD said, a former Air Force security officer.

The former security official also said the incursions were not limited to the sky. There have also been several incidents of strange shadow people seen in and around Zone 2, including one dramatic incident since 1991 when security teams were on high alert.

“This man was never found, but the pilot who saw it, this man described them as very tall, about seven feet, and moving very fast. It was very strange,” JD added.

Another co-worker, Chris Cabrera, had heard stories of the Shadow People, but did not know if they were real until he confronted them himself.

“And when I turned around, there was this form of black mass, I don’t know what you would call it. It looked like … I don’t even know how to describe it … like it looked like a human, but it didn’t have a definite head shape. He was black. It looked like a dark blob, but it had something like a crown, almost like a head and almost like a shoulder,” he admitted.

Expert Robert Hastings said that such strange incidents were recorded at several nuclear bases and that none of the mysterious encounters in the sky or on earth were ever solved. And the eyewitnesses were told from above: “You have not seen anything.”

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