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“They can take any shape”: famous astrophysicist revealed unexpected information about aliens

“They can take any shape”: famous astrophysicist revealed unexpected information about aliens 1
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PhD, astrophysicist Hugh Ross has long been exploring the question of the existence of extraterrestrial life. For many years he was engaged in people’s reports about aliens and unidentified phenomena. And I came to amazing conclusions.

“About 99% of what people call UFOs, I could explain as natural phenomena, hoaxes or secret government military activities,” Ross said on the Billy Hallowell podcast. “But there is a remainder of 1% that falls into a different category, and these will indeed be UFO phenomena.”

But the astrophysicist has his own theory about the nature of aliens.

“The Bible tells us that God created two different kinds of intelligent life – one is limited by the physics of the universe, and the other is not. Aliens are actually spiritual manifestations, not literal cosmic beings.”

The scientist found circumstantial evidence for this. For example, despite many claims of space accidents, spacecraft landings, and alleged alien encounters, “there’s never any debris or artifacts left behind,” a fact that Ross finds remarkable.

“If it was a physical ship that crashed into the Earth, we would be able to find at least some debris and artifacts,” he said. “But usually what we see is just a crater, melted snow or charred earth and damaged vegetation.”

Another interesting feature is that Ross noted that interacting with aliens “never does any good”.

“The least that will happen after one of these meetings is recurring nightmares. In the worst case, they will simply kill you.”

Ross believes that the parallels between possession and alleged interactions with aliens, from entering a trance to automatic writing, cannot be ignored.

The conclusion the scientist offers is unexpected. “What we consider to be alien lifeforms are fallen angels who can take on any form they choose. They may look like your late grandfather. They may look like flying saucers. They may look like a leprechaun. Don’t trust a supernatural being – test it.”

By the way, back in 2008, the Reverend José Gabriel Funes, who at that time was the head of the Vatican Observatory, said that he did not see a conflict between belief in aliens and the Bible.

“How can we rule out that life evolved somewhere else? Just as there are many beings on earth, so there can be other beings, even intelligent beings created by God. This does not contradict our faith, because we cannot limit the creative freedom of God,” he said then.

Are there aliens among us?

The opinion, or rather the theory, that aliens not only visit the Earth, but are constantly among us, is not new. It was even officially announced at the University of California by Jonathan Malkinson, who is one of the teachers.

Incidentally, he suggested that the Aliens (their race would be difficult to determine) constantly reside between people as observers of an alien civilization that control humanity.

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Malkinson, along with Journalists and scientists, suggested that such “aliens” can take any form, including a person, so they are invisible to us. He substantiated his theory, in particular, by strange cases of people meeting with faces that seemed artificial.

Participants in such encounters (you might say, encounters of the third kind) always emphasize that they felt that the person in front of them was not the real person, despite looking like an ordinary passer-by.

The encounters mentioned have been recorded on every continent and in almost every country.

A few months ago, Stanford University professor Harry Nolan said that extraterrestrial beings not only visited the Earth, but also live among people.

“I think you can go even further – they didn’t just visit us, they were here for a long time and are still here,” the specialist said at the Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs conference in New York.

Dr. Nolan believes that the alien “advanced forms of intelligence” are not trying to be like humans, but are using a little disguise.

“It’s kind of like an intelligence test. They appear among us and see if there is someone who can understand what kind of anomaly is actually in front of him, ” the professor shared his opinion.

“Aliens don’t walk the earth in leather suits. But they are encrypted in their own way, ”said Dr. Nolan

It may seem that such a theory coming out from the mouths of famous scientists is an exaggeration, but many of them believe that myths, legends and sacred books prove that aliens have always lived with people.

Known Aliens Among Us

Proponents of the theory of aliens among people note that not only random people, but also celebrities, members of the artistic and political elite can belong to them.

As evidence of this, numerous videos are presented, recordings from random encounters, from a message, from award ceremonies, conferences, where you can see how suddenly a famous person loses his features.

For many people, this is proof that aliens are bad at hiding and sometimes have trouble maintaining camouflage and can be seen.

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“They can take any shape”: famous astrophysicist revealed unexpected information about aliens 2
Photo: Generated at Midjourney

Hollow black eyes

In many countries, stories appear not so much of mysterious encounters, but also of a sudden radiance from the sky. Quite a few people report with some dismay that they saw this sudden visitation of aliens (age, gender, race varied) similar to humans.

According to the story, the eyes of such guests were black, large, practically without whites, and seemed to be devoid of any human emotions.

Such encounters tend to be strange, short, and leave a strong sense of unease in their wake.

Lizard people, that is, Reptilians

If aliens exist on or off Earth, we don’t know exactly what they look like. They can be similar to people or completely dissimilar and resemble, for example, lizards.

The theory of reptilians originating from another galaxy, but living among people is very popular.

Fits with America’s old beliefs about reptilian creatures that once helped them survive a dark time in human history. Reptilians, because that’s what the mysterious creatures are called, should be able to modify their appearance into humans for mind control.

Since time immemorial

It is likely that in our time, aliens live in close proximity to people. Many of them are located in secret bases, such as the well-known Dulce base. Other species may exist in other dimensions, but in our dimension, they can take on any form and impersonate humans.

Surely, everyone has come across people who behave strangely in everyday life or experienced a feeling of “déjà vu” that suddenly arises in your mind, but no matter how you think about it, you cannot explain it.

It can be assumed that the “creators” of these intangible sensations and impressions are actually representatives of an alien civilization, mixing with the crowd and trying to collect some information.

In other words, aliens have been among us for a very, very long time, whether we like it or not. Their purpose is unknown. Perhaps only government officials aware of the secret alliance know about this.

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But one thing is clear: if they had arrived with bad intentions, we would have been long gone.


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