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These Bionic Contacts Gives You Vision That’s 3 Times Better Than 20/20

These Bionic Contacts Gives You Vision That's 3 Times Better Than 20/20 1

New bionic contact technology gives supervision!

Recent developments in visual technology have formed something truly remarkable. Many people will face problems with their vision in one form or another, whether it be nearsightedness, farsightedness, or even being partially blind. Vision is one of the most crucial senses, and yet we take it for granted. According to the World Health Organisation, 285 million people worldwide suffer from vision problems, with cataracts accounting for a whopping one-third of cases.

Reading Text From 30 Feet Away

A report from the National Eye Institute states that over half of the American population will have cataracts or will have had cataract surgery by the time they are 80. That is an astounding statistic. However, new technology may be able to offer hope to many.

Ocumetics have developed a bionic contact that could advance human sight forward by a whopping 3x of having 20/20 vision. Instead of reading text from 10 feet away, imagine reading the same text from 30 feet away. These contacts will also help those who can’t see properly see better than the average person. Cataracts may be completely eradicated thanks to this new development.

Contacts Available Sometime In 2018

If you have any worries about implanting a bionic lens into your eye, the creator of the lens has reassuring words. Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist and the man who invented the Bionic Lens says that the procedure is very similar to cataract surgery and would take only eight minutes. He also adds that people who get specialized lenses inserted into their eyes would never suffer from cataracts and that the lenses feel natural and won’t cause headaches or eyestrain.

The Ocumetics Bionic Lens cost $3 million US dollars to develop alongside many years of research, nearly a decade so far. It will still take some time before they will be available to the general public for purchase, but according to Dr. Webb, human studies have already gone underway from July 2017 and the lens could be available sometime in 2018. If the trials are successful and the product proves to be safe, this could be a great leap forward for humanity.


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