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These are the mutations the human species will undergo within the next 1000 years

The human race will look quite different in 1000 years from today, as climate change, genetic mutations and technological additions are likely to drastically change our bodies.

This scenario is presented in a new video created by the Canadian scientific organization AsapScience, which presents the future possibility of a drastic mutation of the human body.

This, as the creators of the video speculate, is likely to be done through technological interventions, compatible with the rapid development of medical nanotechnology.

In the future, various types of tiny robotic devices will be able to be integrated into the human body, offering new capabilities to humans. Our physiology will no longer be an obstacle as it can be enriched with technological means.

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Dr Kwan argues that our eyes will become much larger as the human species travels in the solar system, to new worlds away from the sun, where light will be less.

In addition, human vision will undergo various mutations due to the new uses required by technology in our daily lives and the changes that will result from the fluctuation of the density of cosmic radiation.

According to scientists, by 2050 we will have a new species of human, the result of mutations and adaptation to new conditions.


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