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There’s a strange chain reaction in the Sun, a powerful magnetic storm and a solar tsunami will cover the entire planet on March

In the past days, magnetic storms have literally gone berserk, attacking the Earth with very powerful bursts of flares and geostrikes. 

On Friday, February 24, 2023, another flare occurred on the Sun, the source of which was the spot AR3236.

A few hours later, the same thing happened, this time the source was the AR3229 spot:

In the past day, on February 27, the magnetosphere was attacked by the most powerful geostrikes in the whole winter, the strength of which reached a critical level of 7 points and thoughts about suspicions of magnetic storms reaching shocking levels in March only strengthened.

As writes, two strong flashes in a row, and in relative proximity gave rise to a burst of protons with an energy of more than 10 MeV, which is “somewhat unusual” and we are talking about some kind of “chain reaction”:

How unusual this can be understood from the situation in March last year, when after the giant CME there was such a picture:

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As scientists write, in anticipation of the micron for years and while observing the readings of NOAA GOES-16, they have never seen anything like this.

Given the obvious discrepancy between the huge energy of protons and previous events, one should think about the upcoming CME, against which many X-class flares will seem like an amusement hall – something is happening inside the star. 

After the impending big bang, wherever it is directed, there will be a strong earthquake on Earth and at a maximum, it can even blow away the atmosphere a little while in the tropics, beachgoers will get a powerful tan without even taking off their clothes. 

Big Quake coming?

Seismologists warn that another strong earthquake will hit the Middle East in the first week of March. Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets who with his controversial method had predicted the devastating 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake in the Turkish south also announced that he expects another big earthquake in the Middle East in the first week of March. 

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Hoogerbeets states: “A convergence of critical planetary geometry around March 2nd and 5th could lead to large to very large seismic activity, possibly even a large thrust earthquake around March 3-4 and/or March 6-7.” “The first week of March will be very critical,” he says. It could be 7 and up but well over 8.


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