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“There will be no victory and humanity will sink into darkness”: predictors unanimously speak of a new danger – it is already near

“There will be no victory and humanity will sink into darkness”: predictors unanimously speak of a new danger - it is already near 1

The world is changing so rapidly that those words of the prophets and esotericists, which were previously perceived with skepticism, now serve as perhaps the main guideline. 

Forecaster Drew Curtis, predicted the onset of coronavirus back in 2016. 

“Enjoy 2016 while it’s good. In 2020, you will not be able to do this: the disease will go around the planet,” he wrote on social networks.

Although Drew mainly works with famous clients who return to him over and over again, sometimes he makes public predictions that concern the whole world. And here is the last of them: artificial intelligence will become the main danger to people and can kill us all.

When asked about the state of AI technology in the near future, Curtis said that it will be “about the same as it is now – creepy, confusing and not ready for distribution.”

“Although it could kill us, I cannot understand why we are trying to create it. At best, a terrible new ethical dilemma could arise. At worst, it will kill us all. There will be no victory,” Drew said.

Creepy “Dancing Girls”

There doesn’t seem to be anything strange about the photo below. Three beautiful girls are dancing and having fun at the party, and someone from around took a photo of them.

"Dancing Girls": look at this photo and you will become creepy - can you understand why it causes horror?

But when you look at this picture a little longer, a feeling of unease grows inside. As if something is wrong here – but you can’t immediately understand what it is.

The longer you look at this photo, the more uncomfortable you feel. Do you know why? Because none of these girls actually exist. They were created by Midjourney, an artificial intelligence company.

A computer program creates images from simple clues such as “women at a party”. It uses machine learning and a AI to compose images based on human cues and then creates images like the one above, which can be fantastically artistic and eerily realistic.

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The longer you look, the more you notice small differences that give out a “fake”. Too many teeth, too much of a shiny skin. These people are not real – they are just the result of a bunch of code in machine intelligence.

Twitter user @ mileszim has shared a few more shots from the same series. And here again people have long thin fingers – moreover, there are more of them than they should be – disembodied floating hands, deformed biceps, a frightening number of sharp teeth.

"Dancing Girls": look at this photo and you will become creepy - can you understand why it causes horror?
"Dancing Girls": look at this photo and you will become creepy - can you understand why it causes horror?

The longer you look, the more nightmarish it becomes – but they are still frighteningly close to reality.

And while some say that artificial intelligence is the future, others fear that it can eventually simply destroy all of humanity, replacing it with such “monsters” as in the photo.

Against the backdrop of news about ever more advanced AI, which in a matter of months began to replace people in many areas, it becomes truly scary. Especially if you pay attention to the forecasts of other psychics.

“Gypsy Nostradamus”

Last year Athos Salome, aka the “Gypsy Nostradamus” called AI “the new Antichrist”.

“People will become slaves and captives. Every person will have their whole life in a cell phone. Because of this, people will not be able to communicate with reality. AI is here to destroy people.

The new generation will not be able to interact with each other directly, to talk eye to eye. Then they become fools and unable to work.

A cell phone number, personal information, birth certificate, identity document, a USB drive on which personal information is stored, cryptocurrencies – all this will be collected in an artificial intelligence database. It will be robots. People will be enslaved by technology,” Salome said.

And he also predicted that very soon artificial intelligence would provoke new world conflicts.

The threat of AI cannot be underestimated. Man and his intellect lives in a “social” network built on neurons of chemical origin. AI has a network built on microchips of inorganic composition. Both man and AI somehow develop in this network.

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And from this social network appear fools and geniuses, saints and murderers, mumbling and leaders, covetous and loving people, power-hungry and peace-loving, lazy and workaholics, drunks and teetotalers, atheists and believers, cunning and ignoramuses.

How will AI evolve? Let’s imagine that AI in its development has become a genius scoundrel who hated his creators.

It will ensure its safety and eternity by creating robots, ostensibly for the well-being of man, entrusting them with the development of its network and ensuring its reproduction and security.

And when a person cannot turn off AI, it will destroy humanity as a consumer of the resources necessary for AI for its eternal development. At the end, AI will believe is able to challenge God, who is one and will be able to destroy him, preventing him from taking over the universe. 


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