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There is life after life but most people just don’t remember what’s going on. Reincarnation exists and is even scientifically proven

There is life after life but most people just don't remember what's going on. Reincarnation exists and is even scientifically proven 1

The issue of reincarnations (or reincarnations of souls from one physical body to another) is an incredibly complex topic for human cognition, rather subject to deep study when we are already in the other world, have a large spectrum of perception and more effective tools of knowledge – does not mean at all that this phenomenon does not exist, as such.

On the contrary, everything around says that reincarnation exists and works properly. We live many lives, returning to Earth again and again after the death of the previous physical body, meeting, parting, and then meeting again with our soul mates.

We will not plunge into the jungle of this most important phenomenon in the chains of universal life, wade through multiple studies and scientists’ reports on the return of diseased children to the same or other families, look for and identify birthmarks on the body of the current incarnation, corresponding to the places of injuries in past lives, and also discuss other evidence, although important.

Let’s attempt on the realization of the fact of the existence of reincarnations, which are of less interest to us. Let’s consider the most obvious, familiar phenomena that clearly show that there are reincarnations and even more, that they cannot be absent.

It has been proven that nothing in the universe is destroyed or dies, it just changes shape. When we see how something dies and habitually call it death, even on our earthly level, it is not death. The elementary particles of any substance, when it is destroyed as a result of aging or someone’s intent, do not cease to exist. They just transform into a different form, into something else. Everything in the universe exists forever.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another. So you see that neither energy nor matter can die. Death in its usual human sense does not exist.

If we look closely at what is happening around us, we will see that everything in the universe lives in cycles. Our planet revolves around the sun, repeating the same cycle every year. The solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy. Birds fly south in winter and then come back. The ebb and flow of the tides, the shedding and return of foliage by the trees, the seasons, sleep and wakefulness, the beating of hearts, the cycles of elements in nature, the female menstrual cycles, and so on and so forth, all are subject to the law of cyclic existence for the purpose of continuing life and its development.

It is even strange to think that our life is not subject to such a law. Of course, the human spirit also lives in cycles, periodically incarnating and disincarnating in the material world with the aim of developing, continuing eternal life and spreading it in the Universe.

The second, most obvious proof of reincarnation is that all people are different from birth. One grows up as a genius, the other as a simpleton and ignoramus, although both are in approximately the same conditions, brought up by the same standards, go to the same kindergartens and schools, universities and academies, shops and theaters. Everyone already from infancy has his own, unique, set of characteristics, qualities, speed of assimilation of knowledge and, it seems, even experience. It just doesn’t seem like it, but it really is. If there were no reincarnations, we would all be plus or minus the same, physically and mentally. But the fact is that we are all different, and this difference is huge. No amount of genetics and environment can make such a huge difference. Only by reincarnation, only by the fact that we bring most of the knowledge and experience to this world with us from the other side, can it be reasonably explained, and by nothing else.

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The existence of reincarnations has been researched and confirmed for centuries and even millennia by many scientists, philosophers and creative figures, from Pythagoras to the world-famous Dr. Raymond Moody. Professor Ian Stevenson devoted almost his entire life to the study of reincarnations and left for posterity whole deposits of information and confirmation of the cyclic existence of the soul in his books and articles.

The physical segment of our eternal life is only part of a large cycle that includes existence in a biological body, then, after the so-called death, life in one spiritual body, then in the next, and in several more, with the final exit to the point of completion of this cycle and return to the beginning – reincarnation into a new physical body.

How does this happen, with what frequency, according to what laws, is it obligatory for everyone or can the cycle be lengthened and remain in the spiritual world without returning not to the Earth, but, perhaps, choosing even an incarnation on another planet? These questions will really remain mysteries until our arrival in the Other World, where we can sort them out together with our relatives and loved ones. But this does not mean that reincarnation does not exist. They exist, and this is as certain as the fact that you are now reading these lines.

And one more important proof in support of what was written is your inner feeling, which, in fact, is exhaustive. If you think about it, turn inside yourself, listen to your inner voice and correlate it with what is happening around you, you will understand that reincarnations are an absolute fact, you have not lived here for the first time, and you have always known about it.

While we live exclusively in the material world, which claims that there is no life after life, but that there is only something that can be seen, felt and measured, many questions swarm in our heads that cannot be answered. Everything seems to be wrong, out of place, there is injustice everywhere, some kind of abnormality and inconsistency with our deep, fundamental ideas about life, about good and evil. And only when we discover the knowledge that souls undoubtedly reincarnate and periodically return to Earth, everything falls into place, all questions receive their logical answers, and all knots are untied.

This amazing harmony, this true satisfaction, this pleasant understanding, calmness and deliverance from fears can be obtained only and exclusively through the discovery of the other world, our eternal, immortal nature and confidence in the continuation of life after the death of the physical body.


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