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The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults

Cults are eerie and carry weird practices which are not welcomed in the day to day routine of the average human being who lives a normal life. A cult can be extreme in nature with rituals that are beyond bizarre to say the least. The followers in certain cases have been known to pay the ultimate price by giving their lives for a belief fabricated by their charismatic ascetics and leaders. Here’s a list of some of the world’s most bizarre cults.



Bizzare & Odd

Ballenac – Thumbprint Island

In the Adriatic Sea, near Croatia, there is the island of Balenac, which is very tiny and at the same time amazing. Almost unique, because from a bird’s eye view it looks like a thumbprint. 

The area of ​​this oval islet is only about one and a half square kilometers, but this is not its feature and it does not make it look like a fingerprint, but a network of artificial stone walls.

The coastline of Croatia, as well as many other Western European countries, for example, Scotland, England, Ireland, is covered with such low stone barriers that served in ancient times for local farmers as markers of land boundaries. Imagine how much effort it took to free this rocky land from stones in order to cultivate crops on it. At the same time, stones were used to create such amazing fences.

Photos from open sources

Of course, they served not only as markers of territories, first of all they protected farmers’ crops from the sea wind, making it possible to grow something on this coastal strip. It was hard daily work: even the stone walls of this island tell us about it: their length is tens of kilometers with the length of the island only one and a half kilometers.

Photos from open sources

It is also surprising how people used to be able to lay stones so filigree without using cement or any other bond – and the walls are preserved for centuries, and no wind, no rain, or even human intervention …

Balenac is Croatia’s small true miracle. It is no coincidence that this “thumbprint” is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Bizzare & Odd

New US Space Force logo is similar to Star Trek

President Donald Trump published in his account at Twitter the new logo of the US space forces.

He noted that designers, military and other specialists worked on the creation of the sixth type emblem.

The round logo has a dark blue color and white dots representing stars. It also depicts the Earth in blue and a white figure in the form of an arrowhead directed upward. In a circle is the inscription “Space Forces of the United States of America and the Department of the Air Force.”

US Space Force logo on the left and Star Trek logo on the right.

The new logo, which looks suspiciously like the Starfleet from the science fiction series Star Trek (Star Trek), will be used to represent the latest branch of the US armed forces, which will deal exclusively with the country’s space efforts.

General John W. Raymond – Head of Space Operations – wrote in response to the tweet of Trump.

Thank you for your continued leadership and support. I couldn’t be more proud of our team, as we continue to provide critical space resources to America (GPS, SATCOM, Missile Alerts) when creating our newest Armed Service.

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Bizzare & Odd

Who are these snow people walking around Washington?

On January 22, 2020, the WSDOT webcam on the Sherman Pass on Highway 20, owned by the Washington Department of Transportation, shot something that looked like a Bigfoot:

LINK to Sherman Pass webcam – SR 20

Webcam Position:

Original tweet:

Earlier in the same area, the following was filmed:

Now, all the tabloids of the world have rushed or will rush to report, probably they will even turn on the television news, since the Department of Transport is a serious organization, it does not deal with fakes. Nevertheless, it somehow coincided that “snowmen” began to run in front of the camera amid an epidemic in China. Therefore, the question arises: what is it?

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