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The world’s largest desert brings “bloody” rains to Europe

The world's largest desert brings "bloody" rains to Europe 1

Experts warn that in the very near future, residents of Western Europe will witness a rather rare phenomenon: the rain will have a “bloody” hue. A huge amount of dust and sand is sent to Europe from the Sahara. Large concentrations are reported mainly by Spain, France and also Germany. Dust from the world’s largest desert turns the rain red.

However, despite the rather ominous appearance, such precipitation does not pose any danger to people.

In fact, dust storms in the Sahara and the movement of large air masses are to blame – it is the smallest particles of sand from the largest hot desert in the world that color the heavenly moisture in a reddish color.

“It will be literally bloody rain, one of the strongest in recent years ,” German meteorologists warn and say that precipitation is expected from March 15.

Also, the dust on the streets, buildings, car surfaces will also acquire a “bloody” shade. However, it will become noticeable during precipitation.

“In addition to deteriorating air quality and cloudy skies, dust particles in the air bring brightly colored orange and red twilight phenomena,” Czech meteorologist Dagmar Honsova said.

Modern meteorologists, armed with science, urge people not to worry and even admire the unusual phenomenon.

According to Honsova, dust from the Sahara or the northern coast of Africa reaches Europe in the upper atmosphere several times a year. For example, last September or February, when there was orange snow in the mountains.

It was similar in April 2009, April 2019, April 2020, May 2020 or June of the same year. Dust from Ukraine can also reach Europe, such as March 24, 2007. According to foreign studies, up to 60,000 tons of dust reach Central Europe each year.

Now a cloud of Saharan dust is also over the Atlantic, reaching as far as South America.

Prophecies coming true?

The ancient Celts believed that red rains did not bode well for the world – wars, the death of many people and famine – this is what, in their opinion, could make the sky cry bloody tears.

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There is also an opinion that this dust is somehow connected either with the approach of Nibiru, or with the activity of aliens. However, in the light of the events currently taking place around Ukraine, it is impossible not to recall the well-known prophecy of Alois Irlmaier, which sounds like this:

… Planes will drop yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Thus, a strip of death was created, in a straight line from the Black Sea to the North Sea, half the width of Bavaria. In this zone, grass can no longer grow, let alone human life. The supply of the Russians is interrupted …

I see the Earth as a ball in front of me, on which white doves are now flying nearby, a very large number rising from the sand. And then they bring yellow dust down the line. When the golden city is destroyed, it will be done. Perhaps the yellow line will go to the city on the coast. There will be a clear night when they start throwing it away.

The tanks are still moving, but those who sit in these tanks turn completely black. Where it falls, nothing will survive, neither trees, nor bushes, nor cattle, nor grass, they will wither and turn black. The houses are still standing. I don’t know what it is and therefore I can’t say it. This is a long line. Whoever goes through this line will die. Those on one side will not be able to cross over to the other side. Then everything on the front line will fall apart. They all need to go north. Everything they have with them, they will throw away. No one will return…

It is impossible to unambiguously interpret either the messages of Alois IrlmaIer or anyone else but perhaps, the world has just come to the point in time that Alois Irlmaier observed in his visions. In this case, if this yellow dust does not disappear indefinitely, but appears more and more often and starts to grow, then there is very little left before the full-scale Third World Time. 


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