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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The world is plunged into darkness for 6 months

The world is plunged into darkness for 6 months 1

On the evening of September 22, 2020, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the head of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, addressed Parliament and announced how the second phase of the quarantine would proceed.

So far, only the British press writes to everyone about this, but from experience we know that the center of the fight against the pandemic is located somewhere in London, all the brightest minds are there, so other countries and peoples will now copy the actions of Great Britain. They boil down to the following:

1. All kinds of mass events such as sports are prohibited and only chess battles are allowed, and both opponents must wear masks. Events such as weddings are allowed, but the number of participants is limited to 15. What caused this figure, why not 14 or 16, we do not know, but probably there is some secret insidious plan in this. So, usually the bride and groom invite guests in equal numbers, so that the rights of each side are respected and no one feels more important in the future unit of society. But, if the number of guests is odd, then one of the parties will invite more people to the wedding, which will be the reason for the first family conflict. As a result, the wedding may not take place, which, probably, is the strategic plan of the epidemiologists.

2. For violation of the mask regime for the first time, the fine will be 200 pounds and it is allowed to take off the mask only when a person eats. But you can eat and drink in a public place exactly until 22:00, after which a curfew is imposed. Why can pubs be open until 10 pm? Obviously, the coronavirus has some daily fluctuations in infectivity and after the chimes it becomes especially aggressive. So, it is known from scientific journals that the coronavirus originated from bats, and bats are vampires. But vampires just start gnawing at their victims after sunset, so the timing of the pubs closing is most likely connected with this.

3. Since the police will not be able to cope with the increased workload, a certain number of military personnel will be brought into the cities and put on watch at the most valuable buildings. And in order, obviously, how to increase the incentive for the police – only they were allowed to collect fines. It is also a very wise and correct decision – otherwise the military may start a war for the territory with the police.

4. Offices of different companies and management establishments are recommended to return to work of employees from home, as it was in the spring. The people are protesting because it is not very convenient to drive from the office, for example, trucks – but who cares?

5. All of the above measures are only initial measures and everything will depend on how the coronavirus reacts to the situation. So, if the coronavirus reacts badly and the bright minds from medicine are not satisfied with the results, the measures will be tightened.

6. The end date of the quarantine has not been named, everything will be determined by the item above, however, Mr. Johnson warned that the quarantine could last for 6 months and apologized in advance to voters for disrupting the New Year and Christmas holidays.

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It is obvious that approximately the same measures will be taken in other countries. Moreover, they are unlikely to be somewhere softer, since the chiefs in Scotland have already run ahead of the locomotive and ordered not to gather more than three. In the official language it sounds like “mixing households”, but in practice it is a ban on visiting each other.

When and where all this will be adopted – here we do not know, but based on the British innovations in March – countries and peoples have about one or two weeks left.


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