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The Vatican announced the grave state of health of Benedict XVI. On the day of his death, the End begins?

The Vatican announced the grave state of health of Benedict XVI. On the day of his death, the End begins? 1

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is conscious, stable but still critical. This is reported on Thursday, December 29, the official publication of the Vatican, Vatican News.

“The Pope Emeritus was able to rest well last night, he is conscious, and today, despite the fact that his condition is still serious, the situation is stable,” Matteo Bruni, head of the press service of the Holy See, quoted the portal as saying.

Bruni also noted that Pope Francis once again called on the faithful to pray for the health of Benedict XVI.

The day before, the Vatican reported a deterioration in the condition of the 95-year-old pope emeritus. Bruni specified that the situation is under control, doctors are constantly monitoring Benedict XVI. He also said that Pope Francis went to visit him.

Benedict XVI (in the world Joseph Alois Ratzinger) ascended the papal throne in 2005, and abdicated in 2013 at his own request. He became the first pontiff in the last 600 years to renounce the papacy. Then he explained his decision by the lack of forces to manage the Roman Catholic Church.

The news of the deterioration of the health of Pope Benedict XVI is, of course, sad news for all Catholics, but for eschatologists is another Pandora box opening. Why?

First, the situation with the election of Francis as Pope under a living predecessor is very ambiguous and some Catholics consider Francis to be a Deep State pope in the Vatican version. How true this theory is not for us to judge, but we note that the current head of the Vatican does not fit into Malachi’s prophecy about the Popes.

Pope Benedict XVI, the 111th Pope on the St. Malachy list, held the title of Cardinal Velletri-Segni from 1993 to 2005. The coat of arms of the city of Velletri depicts three olive trees, which is quite consistent with the text of St. Malachy about the 111th Pope – Glory of the olive. As for the 112th Pope, Malachy describes him as follows:

“In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will lead his sheep through many tribulations, at the end of which the City of Seven Hills shall be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge shall judge the people.”

Since the name Francis is not Peter’s name, with the election of a new Pope, the Vatican tries to prove that “Petrus Romanus” is not Peter after all, but some kind of “Roman stronghold”. However, during the 9 years of Francis’ reign, neither many torments, nor the destruction of Rome, nor the Last Judgment were noticed. The prophecy was not fulfilled and Benedict’s real successor will be a man named Peter and nothing else. And now, if Benedict XVI dies, then whoever is officially the Pope, we must wait for Peter and the destruction of Rome.

The second famous prophecy about the Popes was given in ancient times by Roman oracles and goes like this:

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“When the White Pope and the Black Pope shall die during the same night, then there will dawn upon the Christian nations of the Great White Day. Woe to the City of Philosophers, woe to Lombardy, for your towers of joy will be destroyed; all tyrants will be expelled from God’s Church, and there will be a general conversion to the Faith of Christ under the Great Lion“.

The “Black Pope” is traditionally referred to as the head of the Jesuits because he wears a black robe. Since Pope Francis was a cardinal of the Jesuits before his election, some Catholics have reason to believe that some kind of dual power has developed in the Vatican, as described by the oracle. That is, the church is ruled, as it were, by two popes – the “Black Pope” from the Jesuit order and Benedict XVI, the “White Pope”.

If the prophecy is correct and its interpretation is correct, then both Popes may die on the same day, after which some epic upheaval awaits the world with the destruction of towers and other things. It is possible that Rome will also be destroyed by some kind of cataclysm, about which there are also many prophecies.

For example, in the Sanhedrin 21a treatise, the Talmud writes that when King Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh, the angel Gabriel lowered a reed into the sea, around which the earth began to gather. In the end, this is how the land appeared, on which Rome was subsequently built. But, as it is written in the Kabbalistic book Chesed L’Avraham (Kindness of Abraham), before the End of the World, an angel will pull this reed out of the water, after which Rome will again plunge into the depths of the sea.


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