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The US Department of Health warns of a smallpox outbreak among those vaccinated while a new global pandemic pact is being prepared

The US Department of Health warns of a smallpox outbreak among those vaccinated while a new global pandemic pact is being prepared 1

In the summer of 2022, the conspiracy world was alarmed caused by the monkeypox epidemic that began to unfold before our eyes. However, in the autumn, to everyone’s joy, monkeypox was defeated, as it were, and everyone forgot about it. 

But now, on May 10, the CDC reports the following:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday it is working with several health departments to investigate new cases of smallpox across the country. It comes less than a month after officials reported a drop to zero in the weekly rate of new infections.

News of the CDC investigations came a day after Chicago public health officials warned they had tracked a spike in infections from monkeypox. At the same time, officials noted that many cases were detected among fully vaccinated residents.

“Most weeks we didn’t see a single case of monkeypox, maybe one or two in a higher week. But in the last couple of weeks alone, we’ve seen two, then five, and now six more,” says Dr. Allison Arwady, Commissioner The Chicago Department of Health said on Tuesday.

Of the 13 new confirmed or probable cases in the city, 9 were among men who were fully vaccinated, local authorities said in an alert distributed to health workers.

None of the 13 patients were hospitalized. Four said they had recently traveled outside of Chicago to New York, New Orleans and Mexico, the Chicago Department of Health said.

The CDC says it continues to recommend that at-risk Americans get two doses of the Jynneos vaccine to protect against the virus, but urged doctors to test all symptomatic patients regardless of their vaccination status.

“Vaccination is still very important. No vaccine is 100% effective, and infections after vaccination are possible, but they may be milder and less likely to result in hospitalization,” the CDC said in a statement this week.

The CDC does not specify which “fully vaccinated” refers to. That is, are we are talking about those vaccinated against monkeypox, vaccinated against COVID, or vaccinated against some other disease. To date, vaccination packages are offered only for COVID, the monkeypox vaccine is single use.

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In addition, we have not heard of any global campaign to treat monkeypox, so we can talk about those vaccinated against COVID. But then it’s strange – why should this vaccine work against monkeypox?

In other words, the situation is still rather vague and what happens to people cured of covid is not very clear. 

WHO’s ‘Pandemic Agreement’

Incidentally, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a few days ago a draft of the first legally binding treaty aimed at ensuring that vaccines, medicines and diagnostics are shared more fairly around the world in a possible next pandemic, avoiding the inequities seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the WHO’s so-called “Pandemic Pact“, which many have expressed reservations about and whose proposals will be put before the WHO’s governing body, the World Health Assembly, in May next year.

As concerned scholars and lawyers have detailed, these agreements threaten to fundamentally reshape the relationship between the WHO, national governments and individuals.

The agreements will enshrine in international law a top-down supranational approach to public health in which the WHO, acting in some cases through the sole discretion of one person, its Director-General in this case, will have the power to impose sweeping , legally binding directives on member states and their citizens, ranging from imposing financial contributions from individual states, to requiring the manufacture and international distribution of vaccines and other health products, to requiring the surrender of intellectual property rights, bypassing national approval processes of the safety of vaccines, gene therapies, medical devices and diagnostics, the enforcement of national, regional and global quarantines that will prevent citizens from traveling and mandate medical tests and treatments.

A global system for digital “health certificates” to verify vaccine status or test results will establish, integrate and expand a biosurveillance network to identify – and monitor – viruses and variants of concern of national compliance with WHO policy guidelines if they exist.

Invoking any of these sweeping powers would not require a ‘genuine’ health emergency in which people would suffer measurable harm – instead, it would be sufficient for the WHO, acting in its discretion, to have merely identified the “contingency” of such an event.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, who was a former political adviser to Al Gore and Bill Clinton, also rings the bell and states, among other things:

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WHO Pandemic Agreement”. This is a real overthrow of national sovereignty.

The world must understand that, if this “Treaty” passes, tomorrow we may see the construction of quarantine camps in every state.”


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