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The Unsolved Mystery Of The West Mesa, New Mexico Bone Collector

Between 2002 and 2005, a serial killer who became known as the West Mesa Bone Collector murdered and buried 11 women in the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. To this day, law enforcement officials have been unable to discover the true identity of the murderer, despite the fact that they have a list of potential suspects, two of whom are already dead. The stuff of a mystery television show, the Bone Collector’s saga will leave you with goosebumps.

All of the West Mesa Bone Collector’s victims fall between the ages of 15 and 32, fit a specific profile, were suspected to be involved in the Albuquerque drug scene, and worked as prostitutes. Like many other infamous unsolved murders, the true identity of the West Mesa Bone Collector remains a mystery due to a lack of new evidence, and it’s likely that these crimes will remain unsolved until someone comes forward. Until then, this is everything we know about the West Mesa Bone Collector.

Eleven Bodies Were Found Scattered Over The 92-Acre Site

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Photo:  KRQE/YouTube

When a collection of bodies was discovered in the desert outside of Albuquerque, NM, it wasn’t just the number of bodies that were found that stunned investigators, but the way in which they were buried. The bodies of 11 women and one unborn child were found not in a single mass grave, but rather they were found scattered across a desolate, empty plot of land.

Because of this, it took law enforcement officials quite some time to recover all of the bodies. Then, they started the arduous process of identifying each of them, quickly coming to realized that many of them had been missing for years. By the end of their investigation, the bodies of 11 women had been identified: Jamie Barela, Monica Candelaria, Victoria Chavez, Virginia Cloven, Syllania Edwards, Cinnamon Elks, Doreen Marquez, Julie Nieto, Veronica Romero, Evelyn Salazar, and Michelle Valdez.

One Suspect, Lorenzo Montoya, Died In 2006, At Which Point The Murders Mysteriously Stopped

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Photo:  KOAT/YouTube

Lorenzo Montoya had a rather suspicious criminal background. He not only lived near the burial site, but he was arrested in 1999 for attempting to strangle a prostitute that he’d picked up and taken to a secluded area. In 2006, Montoya died after the boyfriend of Sherick Hill, another prostitute, murdered him. Montoya had hired Hill, and then tied her up and strangled her. But when she didn’t emerge from Montoya’s home at the time she said she would, her boyfriend, whom she’d brought with her, approached the house and killed Montoya in self-defense. Suspiciously, the West Mesa murders stopped after Montoya was killed, leading the authorities to conclude that he may have been the killer.

Police Believe That The Killer Might Also Be Responsible For The Disappearance Of Six Other Women

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Photo:  KRQE/YouTube

When law enforcement officials began searching for other bodies strewn across the plot of land in West Mesa, they had compiled a list of 20 potential victims. All of those women had been missing for some time, and they all shared characteristics with the known victims. Of that list, 11 were found buried in the serial killer’s dumping ground, and 3 others were luckily found still alive. However, the remaining 6, all of whom remain unnamed even though their pictures are available, are still missing, and might have fallen prey to the murderer as well.

The Mass Grave Was First Discovered By A Woman Who Was Out For A Walk

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Photo:  KRQU/YouTube

The West Mesa burial ground was first discovered in February, 2009, by a woman who lived in the area. Allegedly, she had been out walking her dog in this particular 92-acre deserted scrubland known as West Mesa – a section of Albuquerque, NM – when she came across a bone sticking out of the ground and promptly called the police.

Joseph Blea Was Another Potential Suspect, According To His Current Wife And His Ex-Wife

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Photo: KRQUE/YouTube

Two things led Cheryl Blea, Joseph Blea’s wife, to suspect that he may have been the West Mesa Bone Collector. First, there was a large collection of jewelry found in their home that didn’t belong to either her or their daughter, and then a stash of women’s underwear was found in their backyard shed.

Blea had already been on law enforcement’s radar thanks to his habit of stalking prostitutes in Albuquerque’s East Central neighborhood. Plus, he had also been arrested for exposing himself in public. When the police finally caught up with him to bring him in for questioning, they discovered electrical tape and rope in his car. In fact, after the bones were found in West Mesa, Blea’s ex-wife, April Gillen, promptly called the police to inform them that she believed her ex-husband was the killer. However, so far nothing has definitively connected him to the crimes.

Blea is currently in prison serving a 36-year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl.

Police Used Satellite Imagery To See When And How The Soil Was Disturbed

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Photo: KRQE/YouTube

After studying satellite imagery of the area where the bones were uncovered, law enforcement officials were able to pinpoint the approximate years that the ground had been disturbed in the area. They were even able to identify tire tracks leading up to and around some of the burial sites that appeared between the years 2003 and 2005. Those photos also showed evidence of soil movement, most likely from when the graves were dug.

Someone Who Claims To Have Information On The Killer’s Identity Has Been Harassing Investigator George Walker

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Video: YouTube

In 2010, George Walker, a private investigator in the Albuquerque area, began receiving messages from someone who claimed to know the identity of the West Mesa Bone Collector. In fact, the emails and phone messages are suspected to even be from the killer himself. However, law enforcement still hasn’t determined who has been leaving the messages, and they aren’t sure if that person even knows anything reliable, as none of the information provided has been verified.

Deceased Suspect Fred Reynolds Was Searching For “Missing Women” Before The Bones Were Even Discovered

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Photo: KRQE/YouTube

Fred Reynolds, who died in early 2009 of natural causes, left quite a mystery behind. Reynolds was a former heroin addict who was supposedly looking for several missing women before he passed away – one of whom was Doreen Marquez, whose body was found buried in West Mesa. According to Lori Gallegos, a friend of Marquez’s, Reynolds might have been operating an escort service that employed many of the victims. The real question here is why did he have pictures of Marquez and the other missing women before the body dump was even found? Did he know something that the police didn’t, or was he actually the killer?

A Lack Of Evidence Has Hindered The Progress Of The Case

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Photo: KRQE/YouTube

The main obstacle in the West Mesa Bone Collector case is that there is a surprising lack of evidence. The bodies decomposed drastically while they were buried, and any reliable physical evidence, including DNA, decomposed right along with them. In fact, the coroner couldn’t even definitively tell how the victims were killed, beyond defining it as “homicidal violence.” Additionally, no one has come forward with any eye-witness testimonies that suggest the victims were ever seen with the murderer.

Scott Lee Kimble, A Former FBI Informant And Top Suspect, Had Ties To The Albuquerque Area

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Photo: bruisedupunk/YouTube

In 2002, Scott Lee Kimball was released from prison early after having agreed to work for the FBI as an informant, but instead he went on a killing spree causing him to wind up back in prison by 2005. Since then, he has been accused of murdering his former cellmate’s girlfriend, Jennifer Marcum, as well as a 19-year-old woman named Kaysi McLeod, who would have technically been his stepdaughter, as he married her mother after she “vanished.” Kimball also reportedly killed his uncle, Terry Kimball, and a woman named LeAnn Emery. He is currently serving a 70-year prison term.

In 2011, the authorities listed Kimball as a suspect in the West Mesa killings. He allegedly visited the area regularly between 2002 and 2005 for his job, and has a history of violence. However, he denies being the killer, and no direct connections have been made between him and the victims.

Many People Blame The Lifestyle Led By The Victims For The Lack Of Attention Given To The Case

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Photo: KOAT/YouTube

Unfortuntely, this case has gotten little attention from media outlets, and many suspect that this could have to do with the occupation of the victims. All of the victims were known to work as prostitutes and others had known drug problems. Each of these factors are believed to have played an important part in the amount of attention that the case has so far received. People living in the area continue to be dismayed that the police haven’t given more attention or provided more answers and continue to hope for a future break in the case and peace for the women who were killed.

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Ancient Pyramids in an Icy Landscape: Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?

The World Wide Web is all abuzz with Google Earth images of Antarctica that appear to show pyramids in the icy landscape. The images show what appears to be three pyramids with four sides similar to the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt. Could these be authentic man-made pyramids created by an ancient civilization?

Who Made the Pyramids?

There are numerous theories about the origin of these pyramids. Some of the more controversial suggestions are that the pyramids were remnants of an earlier Atlantean civilization in Antarctica, or that they were built by extraterrestrials.

Other researchers have suggested a natural geological explanation for the Antarctica pyramids. These scientists have suggested that the “pyramids”, may actually be nunataks. Nunataks are the peaks of mountains that protrude through the ice and are higher than the surrounding terrain.

Google Maps )

The Research of Dr. Charles Hapgood

Two of the ‘Antarctica pyramids’ can be found 10 miles (16 kms) from the coast. The third pyramid is located near the shoreline.

The discovery of these pyramids suggests that Antarctica may have been inhabited by humans sometime in the past 6,000 years. It was around this time that man was building pyramids in the Old World. Charles Hapgood’s research supports the possible existence of an ancient civilization on a continent which is now covered by ice.

In Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings , Dr. Charles Hapgood published the Piri Reis Map of Antarctica. This 16 th century map shocked the world because it showed the way Antarctica looked without ice.

The Piri Reis map was found in Turkey. A Turkish Navy officer sent the map to the U.S. Navy Hydro Graphic Bureau in 1953. M.I. Walters, the Chief Engineer of the Bureau, sent the map to Arlington H. Mallery to be evaluated. Mallery determined that Piri Reis map was completely accurate and may have been copied from a map made 6,000 years ago.

Map of the world by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis, drawn in 1513. ( Public Domain )

Confirming the Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map of Antarctica is very accurate. Using seismic soundings and sonar, researchers found that underneath the ice-cap the coastlines, mountain ranges, plateaus etc. on the Piri Reis map matched the Queen Maud land, Antarctica. Olhmeyer, leader of the British-Swedish expedition to Antarctica wrote Hapgood the following letter:

“Dear Professor Hapgood,
Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis Antarctica map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed. The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctic, and the Palmer Peninsular, is reasonable. We find that this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map. The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica ice free. The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick. We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513.”

Harold Z. Olhmeyer Lt. Colonel, USAF Commander

The Aheloy Nunatak, a natural formation ( public domain )

The letter from Ohlmeyer confirmed Dr. Charles Hapgood’s theory that the Piri Reis map was probably copied from a map made in ancient times. Dr. Charles Hapgood wrote in Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings that he was sure that although the Piri Reis Map contained latitudes and longitudes plotted out at right angles in a traditional plane geometry, it had to have been based on an earlier map. Hapgood was sure the map was ancient in origin because the Piri Reis map’s creator used spheroid trigonometry which was thought to have been invented in the 18th Century, even though the Piri Reis map has been dated to 1513.

No matter what the origin of the snow pyramids may be, the discovery of these mysterious features will increase speculation on the possible human habitation of Antarctica in recent history.

Antarctic pyramids. Location of the pyramid making the news: 79°58’39.2″S 81°57’32.2″W. ( Google Maps )

Top Image: One of the so-called pyramids of Antartica. Source: VAN ALEXIS MORALES GONZALEZ/ Google Maps

By Clyde Winters


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The Week In Mystery Booms: The Phenomenon Continues Without Explanation

by Brett Tingley

 It’s that time again: the weekly mystery boom round-up. Unexplained and powerful explosions continued to shake the ground throughout the United States this week with seemingly little attention paid to them by elected officials and law enforcement agencies. What on Earth (or off) could be causing these booms?

On February 5, the Tucson News Now reported an Earth-rattling explosion felt throughout Tucson. Residents took to social media to share their experience with the booms, which apparently have been baffling residents of southern Arizona for years. Several of the noises have been powerful enough to register on seismograph. The Tucson News Now reached out to the three closest military installations to Tucson, and while Luke Air Force Base confirmed that their exercises produced sonic booms in the area on the same day, the times at which the base reported those booms occurred did not correspond with the times of the noises reported by residents.

Tucson, Arizona

A few days later on February 7, residents along the Wake County-Franklin County line in North Carolina reported sudden and terrifying loud booms. According to CBS 17, many homeowners “walls rattled and floors shook when mysterious blasts occurred nearby.” While the nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base was a prime suspect, officials there denied all responsibility for the booms. As in many other modern cases of mystery booms, explosive firearms targets containing tannerite were also suspected, although gun store owners interviewed by CBS 17 say it’s doubtful the small targets could cause such loud booms heard throughout such large areas.

Seymour Johnson AFB is home to the F-15E Strike Eagle Team, 4th Fighter Wing.

On February 11, residents of Davidson, North Carolina were also frightened by a mysterious loud boom. “I swear it like shook our entire house,” Davidson Jacqueline Hawtin told local NBC affiliate WCNC. “I was scared.” Construction sites in the area were suspected, but the similarity with the innumerable other cases over the last several years likely suggests this one will remain unsolved.

The Week in Booms ended on Valentine’s Day as mystery booms were reported in East Louisville, Kentucky. People in several neighborhoods have been hearing booms for months without any official explanation, and some witnesses even report bright flashes of light which coincide with the anomalous sounds. Local news station WLKY reached out to the University of Louisville Geology Department and nearby rock quarries, but so far the booms remain unexplained.

While I personally feel that sonic booms are to blame, that leaves the question of why they seem to be occurring with increasing frequency all throughout the country. If these are sonic booms, what might the Air Force be up to? Is American airspace being threatened by an adversary or unknown force, prompting bases to scramble jets at supersonic speeds? Or are these merely exercises or training drills? If so, again, why the sudden increase in frequency?

So many questions, and so few answers. Will we ever find out what’s behind these unexplained booms? The silence of federal law enforcement agencies is deafening given the frequency and scope of the phenomenon. Who knows something we don’t know, and why aren’t they telling us?

About The Author

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

One of the most important mysteries of antiquity is the Dogon tribe, a people that has maintained for centuries a complex knowledge about the universe and especially the existence of the star Sirius, from where a highly developed civilization would come who contacted them in the past.

half fish Dogon tribe

The town or Tribe Dogon inhabits in the Republic of Mali, – African country located in the border of the Sahara with the savannas of Western Africa, and to about 1,500 kilometers of the Atlantic – specifically in the plateau of Bandiagara and the Mounts Homburí. According to an oral tradition, they arrived in Mali some 600 years ago and built the houses on the cliffs to protect themselves from the attacks of the tribes that already inhabited the region.

The practically uncultivable zones raise a rocky sector where almost 450,000 Dogons live, each family has a unique care with the approach of foreigners since they are generally not accepted. For them, life has a sacred nature, so that any conflict is solved peacefully.

Knowledge of the Dogon culture has been taken to pictograms that are printed on plates, but the largest archive is still cultivated orally, trying not to distort its history and worrying that this is the purest possible.

half fish

According to the tradition of the Dogon people, about a thousand years ago you reached the area of the plateau of Youga Dogurou in broad daylight a very bright star which they called “ie-pelu-tolo”: the star of the tenth moon. This object was covered by a very reddish light that they related to the blood. After this great star came a second that turned on itself, was large and emitted a deafening noise.

The curious thing is that when arriving at earth, this star no longer had a circular shape, but it looked like a large basket or pyramid with a square base, and on each of its faces a staircase with six steps was opened. Its color changed from red to bright white. The people -according to the Dogones- ran away since the landing of that “ark” had generated a lot of fear in them.

For example, eight Nommos “di-tigi” who had the body of a fish, although some traditions mention some snake characteristics, would have descended from ie-pelu-tolo. They had 40 very sharp teeth, which explains why the Dogons used to sharpen them. The contact with these beings that supposedly were sacred, generated an approach of the Dogon people, with a great amount of knowledge of the universe, which until today cannot be explained rationally.

According to the belief, the Nommos had come down to Earth to evangelize the people, helping them and teaching them techniques to cultivate the savanna, to fish, in addition to brewing beer and making the outbreak of tree fruits simpler. However there are reports that present the Nommos as murderers and not as teachers of goodwill, it is even believed that there were hundreds of Dogons who perished because of the evil of this race that supposedly came from space. However, it is important to keep in mind that oral narration is always distorted through the passage of time.

Within the information poured by the Nommos to the Dogon tribes, is the existence of the star Sirius, from which they came. “Sigi Tolo” is the name given to the brightest body in the sky and according to these beings was the star of the foundation. The funny thing is that they did not present it alone, since they claimed it was triple, that is, they were three stars far from each other. Astronomy at that time had no notion of a second star on Sirius, and less than a third.

half fish Dogon tribe

In 1995 the French Diventy and Benest discovered a third body in the Sirius system. According to the Dogon, the fish men told him about Sirius B as “po tolo” and said that it was a small star but of a very heavy mass called “sagala”. For the first time, in the year 1862, the American astronomer Alvan Clark managed to see in the star of Sirius, that it was not only one, but two stars. With a goal of 47 cm. in diameter he could distinguish the one that was known from that moment as Sirius B.

Today it is known that this body is a white dwarf very inferior in size to Sirius and in which a cubic meter can weigh more than seventy thousand tons. Then there is the Sirius C star which they know as “emme ya” and it would be four times lighter than Sirius B, it would have a satellite spinning around it called “nyan tolo”: the star of women. Its orbit is 50 years, which coincides with the party of “Sigui”, which is held to remember the arrival of the gods of Sirius (according to official science his calculations are estimated at present in 50,040 years).

In spite of the isolation in which this town lives and the little culture they receive from civilization, the information they handle about certain cosmic themes is really incredible, especially considering that they have dominated them for many centuries, which undoubtedly has put in check to the most orthodox science, which is not explained as this is possible, but for the actual manifestation of certain extraterrestrial beings in the past have contacted this African culture.

The Dogons knew about the spiral structure of the Milky Way, and they claim that there are more than a billion solar systems equal to ours in the universe. They also knew Jupiter and its four inner satellites, Saturn and its rings, many centuries ago. They even speak with much authority about the Moon, presenting it as a dead star unlike the Sun, which is the most important manifestation of life in our system. They propose that our system does not have nine planets, if not eleven, besides the existence of only one omnipresent God which they call “Amma”.

It is necessary to emphasize that the strange coffers and their main characteristics have a lot of relation with what we know today of the UFO phenomenon since the changes of color and the forms used are part of the continuous sightings of this striking phenomenon.

Nowadays, important investigations are being carried out that would lead to a deeper unraveling of data related to the presence of the Nommos in the history of the Dogon people, which would confirm that in the past there was an extraterrestrial manifestation on Earth, and not only with this African tribe, if not with many other cultures of the world.

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