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The United States has the highest coronavirus mortality rate in the world

The United States has the highest coronavirus mortality rate in the world 1

Based on the ratio of confirmed deaths to reported cases, 5.4% of patients died in the United States. This is much higher than the global rate of 3.4% and even higher than 3.7% in mainland China.

Only the Philippines has a higher mortality rate from coronavirus than the United States, and this is because it had only three cases of recorded human infection.

It is highly unlikely that coronavirus is more deadly in the US; this number is most likely the result of limited testing in the USA.

Until Wednesday, the agency tested only those people who had recently been exposed to a confirmed patient, traveled to the country with an outbreak, or needed to be hospitalized.

As of midday Thursday, the CDC confirmed only 99 cases nationwide. If you calculate the mortality rate based only on cases that have been verified at the federal level, it will jump to about 10%.

Thus, the United States did not test or diagnose many patients with mild cases.

Since limited funding initially meant that testing opportunities in the US were limited, the CDC checked only about 470 people in the US as of Sunday.

However, the CDC has since removed these test numbers from its website. Meanwhile, Alex Hazard, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, said 3,600 Americans were checked.

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South Korea, by contrast, introduced a free drive-thrus coronavirus test and tested over 136,000 people. The mortality rate in the country is currently only 0.5% – 35 deaths out of a total of 6,088 registered infections.

“Other countries are testing much wider than we are. We are trotting and they are trotting,” said William Schaffner, specialist in infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Of course, the United States has a much lower registry score overall than South Korea or China, so any death significantly affects the country’s mortality rate. But then again, the low number of cases is likely due to how few people were tested.

“It is possible that there are currently 100,000 people infected with this virus in the United States. Health care providers may be exposed, other patients may be exposed, and until you can give people confidence in these answers, we are in crisis, ”said Yale University professor Howard Forman, radiologist and health management expert .

Coronavirus wreaks havoc in Iran

The corpses of the dead “accumulate” in Qom because of an outbreak of coronavirus, the Iranian deputy said, and he also warned that if the city is not quarantined, Iran will ultimately have the most deaths in the world due to the virus.

Several Iranian officials disputed official coronavirus data in Iran and criticized the government’s response to the outbreak.

“The piling up of corpses in Qom and the helplessness of the people of Rasht are evidence of the inability to give timely warnings about the coronavirus,” Abdolkarim Hosseinzade tweeted on Wednesday.

And he continued in the same tweet: “you did not quarantine the cities, but now that we are at the peak of the outbreak, at least make quarantines mandatory at home in Qom and Rasht so that we do not become world champions in the number of deaths associated with coronavirus. ”

The video shows bodies piled in plastic bags inside the morgue of Kum cemetery. The man who shot the horrific video was arrested by the authorities.

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The death toll from coronavirus in Iran is much higher than the official death toll.


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