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The truth about the Vatican’s ‘worst secret’: Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 1

The investigation into the mysterious disappearance exactly 40 years ago of the 15-year-old daughter of Emanuela Orlandi, an employee of the Vatican services, is being resumed. 

Citing the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the city-state decided to re-examine all the materials of the case, which was investigated twice: from 1983 to 1997 and from 2008 to 2015. Relatives of the missing girl insisted on resuming the investigation.

Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

Over the past decades, the story of Orlandi’s disappearance has grown into legends, speculation and various conspiracy theories. She was associated with dark spots in the activities of the Vatican bank IOR (Institute of Religious Affairs) and the mysterious death in 1982 in London of Roberto Calvi, who was called the “papal banker”. 

Many believed that he was an intermediary between the Vatican and the bosses of the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra, from whose hands he died in London.

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 2
Emmanuel Orlandi

In addition, the Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca, who attempted on Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) in 1981, knew about the disappearance of the daughter of a Vatican citizen. Agca claimed that Orlandi had been abducted and was living in a “villa in Switzerland or in France” .

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 3
Mehmet Ali Agca

It is also known that during the disappearance of Orlandi, the Banda della Magliana gang was operating in Rome, the leader of which Enrico Di Pedis, nicknamed Renatino, was killed in 1990 and buried in a Roman church belonging to the Catholic organization Opus Dei. 

A few years ago, the body of the criminal was exhumed and removed from the temple. Some hoped that this would help shed light on the circumstances of the disappearance of the girl and find the place of her burial, but this did not happen.

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 4
Enrico Di Pedis

A few years later, authorities allowed the opening of two graves in the historic Teutonic Cemetery in the Vatican, where, according to some anonymous instructions, Orlandi’s remains were searched for. Both graves, dating back to the 19th century, were empty.

The discovery of human bones on the territory of the Apostolic Nunciature (Embassy of the Holy See under the Italian Republic) in Rome also became resonant. Although similar finds occurred in the historic mansion, in which the diplomatic mission has been located since 1949, the media immediately assumed that these were the remains of the missing girl. Later, the hypothesis was not confirmed thanks to DNA analysis.

So, in the case of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, several threads intertwined: the Italian mafia, the Catholic organization Opus Dei, Vatican money and international terrorism (although the latter was most likely a distraction). But the main thread, which is probably one of the central and connecting in this case is pedophilia among high-ranking Catholic priests.

According to one of the likely theories, Orlandi was the victim of a group of high-ranking Vatican pedophiles. The mafia in this case, most likely, performed not only the functions of laundering Catholic money, but also did, so to speak, the “dirty work” of luring and stealing children. 

The theme plot with the involvement of a terrorist organization in the kidnapping, most likely, was launched by the Catholic elite to divert attention.  

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The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 5
Pope John Paul II with Emanuela Orlandi and (right) her brother Pietro, father Ercole and mother Maria

Pedophile mafia

In this context, here are a few excerpts from the detailed analytical article “The Domino Effect”:

“Tony Thomas Gambino   New York City’s eminence grise , one of the top five Italian mafia families… Vatican and U.S. officials were constantly receiving huge sums of money from the Gambino family. Corruption, assassinations of objectionable politicians, organization of wars and terrorist acts, children’s and drug trafficking networks – they had more income from the criminal business than the combined Italian clans …

The Vatican and the CIA have grown together in the manner of a biblical beast – the legs of one, the mouth of the other. All the leaders of American intelligence belonged to the Order of Malta, the second name of which is  the armed arm of the Vatican”: Leon Panetta (since February 13, 2009), George Tenet (1997-2004), Mike Haylen (2006-2009), Robert Gates (1991-93 – director of the CIA, since 2006 – secretary of defense).

On February 7, 1987, the Washington Post published an article about a sect called the Finders. They kidnapped and bought children around the world, as evidenced by the extensive lists of orphanages and orphanages found during a search of the Pentagon Infiltration file

Evidence of child abuse, pornographic images of wild rituals and links to activities in a number of countries fell into the hands of investigators. The CIA quickly closed the case, but some facts could not be hidden. It turned out that American intelligence not only made good money by providing supplies to rich pedophiles, but also, literally, placed children under powerful politicians in order to gain control over them through blackmail.

After the scandalous investigation, the activities of the sect did not stop, and in June 1989, the Washington Times wrote about it. An article about pedophiles in the highest echelons of US government was called “Call boys took a midnight tour of midnight house” and said that about 200 key members of the Reagan and Bush administrations used the services of the sect.

Bush Sr. stained himself in a scandal with Franklin Community Credit Union director Larry King. A former director, to be precise. After the collapse of the company, Nebraska Senator John DeCamp wrote a book, ‘The Franklin Cover up‘, about King’s covert pedophilia activities. Kids in his network saw Bush at his parties. 

“One time he paid King and left with a black boy,” said one teenage witness.

The Finders conducted extensive experiments on the minds of children based on the CIA’s Monarch and MK-Ultra projects. They included traumatization of the victim with the help of electric shock, the method of double violence, alternating pleasure-pain exposure, deprivation of food, water, sleep. There was widespread use of drugs. To cope with stress, the children’s psyche broke up into several personalities (the so-called “splitting”). At this stage, programming began, mainly for the murder. To keep the experiments secret, they were carried out at military bases, the main one being the Presidio.

Journalist May Brewessel began an investigation into this topic. After several warnings, her daughter died in a car accident, and she herself contracted a fast-acting form of cancer. More recently, Hugo Chavez, stricken with the same ailment, suggested that the CIA artificially developed this virus. The are facts which could confirm his words – it is worth remembering the “cancer epidemic” among the leaders of South America objectionable to the US government.

In the United States alone, the Catholic Church has paid $2 billion in compensation to child victims of paedophilia. It is curious that at the beginning of the XIV century, it was for this sin that the Order of the Templars was destroyed, but today it has been replaced by the so-called Order of the Good Templars, which received its name by some kind of evil irony. 

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On October 1, 1870, the Good Servant Orphanage in Vellejo, near San Francisco was opened. Its activities ended in 1919 after a scandal over murders and child abuse. It was the worst mass violence in American history. The director of the orphanage had connections in the US government and belonged to the Order of the Good Templars.

Today, this Order has not only not been destroyed, but officially has two areas of activity – the fight against alcohol and drugs and work with children. Under the guise of charitable foundations and organizations, all the same networks of children and drug trafficking operate.

During the years of the Vietnam War, American USAID, together with the CIA, was responsible for the distribution of “material assistance” as part of Operation Phoenix, which killed thousands of Vietnamese. Chavez was overthrown, but not for long. And a remarkable fact remained in history – all members of the government formed as a result of the coup belonged to the Order of Opus Dei. 

After four centuries of domination of the Jesuits in the Vatican, the brain and heart  of Catholicism became the newly-minted Opus Dei. Journalist Albert Krims writes in ‘Karol Wojtyła – Pope and Politician‘:  

“Without the support of Opus Dei, Karol Wojtyła (John Paul II) would not have been able to become Pope, and without the support of Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei would hardly have been possible to take such a high place in the center of Catholic power.”

There is no doubt that theshadow government” put a convenient person on the throne. Until now, the incredibly short pontificate of his predecessor, John Paul I, who was found dead in his bed on the 34th day of the papacy, has not been forgotten. Rumors about the poisoning did not arise from nothing: on the eve of the  smiling pope , as he was nicknamed by the people, he was going to sign a number of important documents and carry out cardinal reforms. The originals of these documents have sunk into oblivion after his sudden death.

Augeas’ stables?

In this regard, it should be recalled that in March 2023, a documentary was shown on the air of the Polish TV channel TVN24, which claimed that John Paul II, while still the Archbishop of Krakow, not only knew about pedophile priests in his diocese, but also sheltered them from justice.

Simultaneously with the movie release, an advertising campaign was launched for the book by Dutch journalist Ekke Overbeek, ‘The Greatest Guilt: John Paul II Knew‘. The journalist studied the archives of the Polish secret services of the communist era and allegedly found in them evidence that Papa Wojtyla helped pedophiles in cassocks avoid punishment.

Recently, Pietro Orlandi, the brother of Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared mysteriously in the Vatican, released a recording of a conversation with a man who was allegedly close to Italian organized crime on the air of one of the talk shows. An anonymous mobster made serious accusations against the late pontiff and directly linked him to the Emanuela’s disappearance.

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 6
Pietro Orlandi

According to Pietro Orlandi, he was told about Pope Wojtyla’s “evening excursions” around the city, accompanied by two Polish bishop friends. Allegedly, due to the difficult pontificate, the Pope periodically wanted to unwind a little and “breathe the air.” Orlandi believes that the Pope did not walk around the city to “bless the houses.” In fact, John Paul II was accused of wandering around the Vatican at night in the company of friends and molesting underage girls.

While the lawyer Pietro Orlandi, citing professional secrecy, refuses to name the sources of his client’s information, the media are happy to discuss various versions of the personal life of the canonized Pope Wojtyla.

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Vatican Girl

In October 2022, Netflix released the Vatican Girl docu-series about the mysterious disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi.

The truth about the Vatican's 'worst secret': Emanuela Orlandi and the pedophile mafia 7

The creators of the series are also convinced that the Catholic Church is involved in the disappearance of the girl. In 2013, Orlandi’s mother met with Pope Francis, who in conversation uttered the phrase: “Emanuela in heaven.” After these words of the pontiff, the Orlandi family decided that the Vatican knew the truth about her disappearance.

Director Mark Lewis found a new witness who knew Emanuela. She claims that the girl was sexually abused by a high-ranking official of the Roman Curia, and the Vatican decided to cover up this crime.


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