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The trumpet sounds are back. Who closes or opens huge metal doors and why?

The trumpet sounds are back. Who closes or opens huge metal doors and why? 1

Ordinary people from all over the world post thousands of videos where you can hear these incomprehensible sounds. And it’s definitely not planes and not a thunderstorm. Moreover, when the sound subsides, the vibration continues, from which the walls in the houses tremble.

The surge in registrations of this phenomenon was in the spring, but in mid-July the second wave swept the planet.

It’s like something huge and metallic is unfolding heavily, creating an echo, and then a vibration. And this is a sound for the whole sky, for the whole space. Can you imagine what level this sound vibration, this sound wave is?

Are these sounds artificial or natural? Are they the work of human hands or space? Or maybe it is the planet itself that makes these sounds? But why so metallic? There are many questions, let’s try to get answers.

Is the earth alive or a mechanism?

Trumpet sounds clearly have an inhuman nature. But why does our planet make these sounds?

Because the Earth is alive – it hears, it breathes, it can speak. We just don’t understand it.

The sounds do not come from under the Earth, but from above, and are associated with a certain, rather rigid cycle. It can be compared to a clock. As soon as the arrow moves to a new number, a certain switching is turned on, and a sound is heard.

A very bold version, but it can be assumed that part of our planetary system has a mechanical structure – a huge mechanism switches for some new action, which is why we hear this metallic sound.

It could be a kind of alignment, a harmonization that cannot be avoided.

Inexplicable but very active

Could these sounds be of some celestial spheres or some kind of covering that is above us?

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There is a very strong and powerful energy that comes from above but this is something inexplicable for people. Either the information is disclosed, or we simply will not believe what is really happening. 

Everything is very similar to the fact that we are all under some kind of closed surface, as in a cocoon, and about which official science lies to us.

It is possible that the Higher Ones closed the way to Heaven for a reason, so that for the time being we would not understand what they are hiding from us. And the sounds are really connected with the movement of the spheres.

Mystery shrouded in darkness

We wonder if anyone on Earth from those in power know about this mechanism? If it’s something moving, is it perhaps part of our matrix, part of a sphere?

It turns out that this is sacred knowledge. Information about the Earth, its structure and possible mechanism is disclosed from mankind. And it is connected with the bowels of our planet.

Some people definitely know about this – there must be some kind of service personnel to maintain the mechanisms. Most likely, our ancestors also knew about it, but now this knowledge is hidden from us and forgotten, because people’s consciousnesses are in deep hibernation.

The time will come when this knowledge will become available to people, but not soon. We are still sleeping, and are not ready for the truth. And even when everything secret becomes clear, not everyone will be able to accept this information.

The knowledge is opened to those who seek and want to understand the complex issues of the Universe.

Are we open or closed?

Any fruit or vegetable, any plant hides its seeds inside itself. Because this is the most valuable thing – the seed from which life will appear. It is under protection.

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In our body, we can also find many answers to universal questions. The human cub is also conceived and develops inside the mother’s body. A cycle passes, and this life comes to the surface.

Humanity is also under protection, inside the spheres. And it would be logical if these spheres can open and close, perhaps they even have several layers.

The easiest way to imagine this is on the bud of a flower, for example, a rose or a peony. When the environment changes, that is, the sun shines and it becomes warm, the petals open towards new energies – warmth and light.

If we assume that now we have planetary changes, an increase in vibrations, the enlightenment of mankind, the Age of Aquarius, then it turns out that there must be a convergence of certain energies.

Perhaps our planetary spheres are moving in some way, like the petals of a flower. While this is only a theory, it has a place to be.

Or maybe, on the contrary, some forces close the Sky from us and are layering new spheres? What if the sky has changed, which is why thousands of satellites have been launched to create a familiar picture for us?

In addition to some transformations within each country, planetary changes are also taking place at full speed, which are very difficult to explain from the point of view of the layman.-5

The sounds are reminiscent of the opening of very old rusty doors. Looks like the gates of heaven are opening. A portal to a new world, or maybe the veil between the Earth (people) and the Father (higher spheres) is falling.

There is another interesting version. The Earth is a huge ship on which we all fly somewhere. The ship is a kind of isolation. Everything that is needed (nature, flora, fauna, people) is preserved, life goes on as usual until the arrival at point X.

If you think about what is happening now, then perhaps we are already at the finish line, because certain work is underway to identify those who are unnecessary there. Everything seems to have gone off the chain, these negative and strange ones will be multiplied by 0, only pure souls will fly there. 


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