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The Tisulsky Princess: Woman Discovered In A Perfect Marble Casket In Russia Is 800 Million Years Old

The history of the so-called Tisul princess has been exciting the imagination for several years, giving rise to more questions than answers. The story of the discovery of the Tisul princess is described in an article by Oleg Kulishkin, “The Lady Who Is 800 Million Years”, published in the Abakan newspaper Khakassia in 2002.

In the summer of 1969, an incredible and little-known discovery was made in the tiny village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region of Russia.

During stripping work at the local coal mine, a miner named Karnaukhov came across an intricately crafted marble coffin approximately 70 meters below the surface of the Earth.

What was inside it has the potential to change human understanding of the history of this planet.

Tisul Princess - an amazing find

Tisul Princess – an amazing find

Could the discovery of an 800 million-year-old woman refute the theory of evolution?

The coffin was brought to the surface where the coal miners crowded around and attempted to open it by rapping on the edges.

The coffin was beginning to melt into the sun and eventually began to flow, putty-like, onto the ground and revealed what was inside. Initially, the miners spotted that the coffin was brimming with an unidentified pink and blue liquid.

Embalmed within the liquid was an incredibly beautiful woman of approximately thirty years old with large, blue eyes that remained eerily open. She was dressed in a sheer white dress cut to around her knee.

The men working at the mine noted that it appeared as though she wasn’t dead and was perhaps only sleeping. At the head of the coffin, the miners recovered a black, rectangular metal box.

News of the discovery quickly spread among the local village and then the authorities became involved. At approximately two in the afternoon, a helicopter landed at the site and declared that the area was in quarantine and that everybody who had witnessed what was inside the coffin would have to be temporarily isolated.

The coffin was too heavy to be carried in the helicopter, and so the officials decided to empty the liquid before transportation.

As they began to pump away the fluid, the corpse began to blacken almost instantaneously. Bizarrely, when they replaced the liquid, the corpse retook the form of the beautiful woman. At the same time, one of the workers tasted the liquid.

The coffin was then sealed, and a larger helicopter was called to take the coffin to another location.

Tisul Sarcophagus


Five days after the discovery, a professor from Novosibirsk who had been tasked with investigating the body said that the find had the potential to turn human understanding upside down.

The professor said that he was certain that the body was at least 800 million years old and that the woman’s body was older than the coal that had formed around the coffin. He said that this meant that the Darwinian theory of evolution had to be called into question.

At first, an alien version was put forward, but a genetic analysis of the woman’s body showed her 100% uniformity with modern Russian people.

It was also established that the level of civilization to which the woman belonged is much higher than ours. In particular, the technique of producing the fabric of which the dress is made is not yet known to humanity.

It was not possible to determine the composition of the liquid, only some of its constituent components, formed by the oldest varieties of onions and garlic, were identified.

Immediately at the place of the discovery, strange things began to happen. One by one, all six “discoverers” of the coffin were killed i a car accident under unexplained circumstanced. The man who tasted the liquid, went crazy and froze on the threshold of his own house.

Gradually, the story was forgotten. Then again came to light in 2002.

Did the Princess of Tisul exist?

Firstly, it is worth saying that the Khakassia newspaper really exists. Until 1993, it was called “Soviet Khakassia.” The article, “A Lady of 800 Million Years”, was indeed published.

Secondly, in the 1960s, a coal mine was operating near the village of Rzhavchik. It is also true that the workers mentioned in the article worked in the mine.

But the actual coincidences end there.

The fact that the people mentioned in the article held completely different positions seems a trifle.

The age of the find of 800 million years is also not confirmed. There are no coal deposits of this age on earth. The most ancient deposits were formed in the Devonian period no earlier than 350 million years ago.

It is also doubtful that they were able to raise the sarcophagus from a depth of 70 meters from a coal seam, but it was not possible to load it into a helicopter due to too much weight.

The motivation of the worker who tried the liquid filling the sarcophagus is incomprehensible. In what brain capacity do you need to be in, in order to to taste the liquid from which a corpse of unknown origin floats?

Further, if everything was so classified that even the entire coal mine was carefully dug up to destroy all traces of the find, why did the professor come and share secret information?

How did Novosibirsk scientists establish the age of the “deceased” in a matter of days? And most importantly, how could a genetic analysis of the body show its 100% uniformity with modern Russian people? Generally, this is a double discovery. Firstly, typically Russian national genes were discovered. Secondly, the Russians as it turns out, lived before the dinosaurs. So the ancienta, dug up the Black Sea and poured the Caucasus Mountains, nervously smoke on the sidelines. This surely deserves the Nobel Prize!

Finally, the author of the article writes that in 1973 “on the islands of Lake Berchikul, six kilometers from the place where the sarcophagus was found, large-scale excavations were carried out all summer until late autumn in the strictest secrecy, and the place of work was cordoned off by soldiers and police.”

True, they found only an ancient cemetery of the Stone Age. And not on the island, but on the shore, as there are no islands on Lake Big Berchikul.

However, in fact, in the summer of 1973, an archaeological expedition led by Vladimir Bobrov, organized by the Department of Archeology of Kemerovo State University, worked on the shore of Bolshoi Berchikul. But in Bobrov’s memoirs there is not a word about the sensational discovery thundered all over the country or about “archaeologists from the KGB”. And not because he was hiding something.

As some publications write, in the Tisulsky district they found not a corpse of a woman, but a biorobot, a kind of clone of the once truly living representative of powerful super-civilization. The robot was specially placed in the sarcophagus in order to transmit vast knowledge to future generations. And in the Siberian land a few more of the same capsules are hidden. But their time has not come yet: humanity is not yet ready for such knowledge.

If it turns out that the woman is not dead, but is in suspended animation, in this case, her awakening will be the main event of the 21st century. But the public is unlikely to find out about this. As a rule, such events are not advertized by the authorities …




“Prophecy of God” about coronavirus found in an old Japanese newspaper: “Half of humans will suffer from infectious diseases in 2020”

Meticulous readers found in a newspaper thirty years ago a prediction of a coronavirus pandemic – it indicated exactly 2020 and it was predicted that half of humanity would become infected. 

The editors of the Japanese edition “Gifu Shimbun” were forced to give explanations, but this did not reassure the conspiracy theorists.

In the May 2, 1990 issue of the Gifu Shimbun, an article was published under the loud headline “Prophecy of God.” It said that in thirty years, due to global warming, the world could be swept by a pandemic of infection, which will affect half of the population. Additionally, against the background of the destruction of the ozone layer, people will also have their immunity weakened.

Conspiracy theorists who dug up the newspaper in the archives began to discuss the old publication on social networks, comparing its author to Nostradamus. Passions reached such a level that the editorial staff of “Gifu Shimbun” eventually issued a statement. The journalists explained that the article was written on the basis of the next WHO report of that time, and there are no specific details indicating the features of the coronavirus pandemic in the publication.

Japanese netizens have mixed reactions to this “prophetic” report. Some people marvel that this report is more accurate than the “big prophecy” of the French Jewish prophet Nostradamus↓


“This is more accurate than Nostradamus’ big prediction.”


“The big predictions of Nostradamus are more powerful than those of Nostradamus. Although the details are different, the years are all right! Even though I sometimes have things published by scientists and researchers, it’s true. Is it true?” Thoughts such as’I’ve been taken carelessly day by day, but now there are so many natural disasters, it’s time to take these issues seriously.’


“The people who predicted the new crown are really amazing”


“‘Half of humans are infected’ means there is more than just the new coronavirus. I want to know what the final outcome will be.”

But some people expressed disbelief↓


“What’s this. #新冠Prophecy”

Some netizens borrowed a line from the “Doraemon” comics↓


“Reports 30 years ago predicted that the new coronavirus epidemic has become a hot topic, but please take a look at Iduki Sugi’s comments:’I don’t believe in prophecies. People either say it by accident or are far-fetched. Interpretation attached to the meeting.'”

Nevertheless, lovers of esotericism and the theory of conspiracy began to assert that, if so, the journalists were led by a “higher power”, which, they say, was trying to give a sign to humanity. Poor WHO, which in fact issued many similar warnings, was deprived of its laurels.

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There is a radio station that has been operating since 1982 and no one knows why

On the territory of Russia, the largest country in the world, there is a city shrouded in many secrets. So, according to one of them, there is a mysterious radio station in St. Petersburg, which has been broadcasting since 1982. 

There is even an assumption that “MDZhB” (MJB) is a spy radio station, a peculiar way of Russian President Vladimir Putin to monitor all living things on the planet (something similar was written in the British in 2017), but today day it is known only that the signal was registered in a swampy area near St. Petersburg.

Agree, there is something special in old, Soviet tape recorders and radios

What is MDZhB?

To begin with, all talk about a mysterious radio station is talk about noise with a frequency of 4625 kHz and more often than not it is just a buzzing sound. However, sometimes among this “white noise” there are code words and numbers pronounced with a Russian accent. And besides the fact that the signal source is located somewhere in a swampy area near St. Petersburg, nothing else is known about it. One of the reasons for this – I’m not afraid of this word – misunderstanding is that no one really followed this broadcast.

However, according to other “theories” MDZhB – secret alien spy technology and the Russian military or other secret government projects – welcome to the Twilight Zone / Area 51 / The X-Files / Poltergeist and beyond. But do you know what is the most wonderful thing about this whole story? Anyone in the world can tune in to this radio station.

One wild theory is that this is a “dead man” system for launching nuclear bombs from Russia if the country has already been Angilized

The first recording of the broadcast of the alleged radio station was made in 1982. Professor David Stapples, a signal intelligence specialist at the City University of London, believes that “there is absolutely no information in the signal.” Stapples believes the noise has changed a bit over the years, but it has always included some form of regular humming, interrupted by a voice that sometimes apparently read the message.

According to BBC Future, it is believed that the frequency belongs to the Russian military, although they never admitted it. The stations began broadcasting at the end of the Cold War era, when communism was already in decline. Today they operate from two locations – near St. Petersburg and Moscow. Oddly enough, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, activity did not stop, but increased sharply.

Crazy theories

So, let’s take a critical look at the situation: if the radio station is really an alien spyware, then what other traces of the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth have been discovered by scientists? Why doesn’t anyone know anything about them? As for more rational assumptions, according to one theory, the station is used by the Russian army to detect the range of missiles during tests. This explanation, however, does not seem plausible, as the waves required for this type of detection will sound more like a “car alarm” rather than a continuous hum.

Note that high-frequency radio signals can only travel in a straight line and eventually decay when hitting obstacles or reaching the horizon. But shortwave frequencies have an additional trick – they can bounce off charged particles in the upper atmosphere, which allows them to zigzag between the earth and the sky and travel thousands, not tens of kilometers.

Another possible explanation is that this radio station exists to “sound” how far away the reflective layer of charged particles is. The higher the distance to the reflecting layer and the travel time of the signal to the sky and back, the higher the frequency it should have.

Anyone can listen to the mysterious radio station by simply tuning the radio to the desired frequency

And yet, many believe that this radio station is a hybrid of two thingsThe constant buzzing is just a marker saying something like “this frequency is mine, this frequency is mine” so that people cannot use it. But MDZhB acquires state importance only in times of crisis, for example, in case of military aggression or other emergency. 

In such a situation, the operation of the mysterious radio station will become a way of instructing the worldwide Russian spy network and the Russian army in remote areas. What do you think is MDZhB? Have you ever heard of it?

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The Mystery of the Spear of Destiny: An ancient relic in the hands of Adolf Hitler

On April 5, 33 AD, with difficulty carrying a roughly hewn cross on his shoulders, Jesus walked through the narrow streets of Jerusalem and climbed a mountain called Lobnaya, or in Hebrew – Golgotha. There the execution took place and He was crucified, and with him the robbers Gestas and Dismas.

This happened on Friday, and since the next day was Great Saturday, which was a holiday for the Jews, they turned to the procurator of Judea, the Roman Pontius Pilate, with a request, so as not to desecrate the bodies of those executed on the bright holiday, to order the crucified to break the bones on their feet and remove them from crosses. In principle, this was quite commonplace, since execution by crucifixion involved not only nailing or tying the convict to the crossbeams, but also breaking his bones before death on the cross. It is understandable that after this death occurred much faster and became painful. Pilate nodded graciously in agreement: he, too, did not want to drag out the disgusting procedure.

According to the Gospel and other historical books, the centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus was present at the scene of the execution as an official representative of the Roman authorities. A cunning and experienced man, Guy could no longer fight because of his sight – both eyes were struck by a cataract, and the centurion was very poorly seen. But he heard well and deftly knew how to confuse human souls, so he was sent to the colonial army of the Romans in Jerusalem, to the restless Judea to help and subordinate Pontius Pilate: to deal with issues of religion and politics. That is, in modern terms, ensure security and perform counterintelligence functions.

In his hand, the centurion held an old spear with a long sharp tip of more than half a meter length – according to legend, the ancient prophet Phineus supposedly dug it to accumulate magical powers. As a true pagan, Longin believed in magic and specially found this spear, about which all sorts of legends and fables told. Guy preferred to keep it with him at all times, so that it would not fall into alien, hostile hands.

It was not in vain that Guy Cassius received his salary and ate his bread, washed it down with wine – for more than two years, constantly remaining in the shadows, he closely watched the activities of the crucified Christ now, making many informers with his own eyes. And then, when they came to kill his executed legs and already killed one and the other, an extraordinary and unexpected thing happened to the centurion – he suddenly believed in Jesus Christ! And when the Jews wished to cut Christ’s legs too, the Roman sharply prevented this, remembering that, according to the ancient prediction, all the bones of the Messiah should remain intact.

Having believed at the time of the crucifixion of the Son of God, the Messiah and the Savior of the human race, Cassius decided on an extraordinary act that forever inscribed his name in History – he pierced with his unusual spear the right side of Christ between the fourth and fifth ribs: the traditional blow of the Roman legionnaires for verification, is alive or not crucified? If he is dead, then neither blood nor water will flow from the wound.

Both blood and water flowed out of the Savior’s wound, and at that moment the centurion miraculously received sight! The executioners were deprived of the opportunity to break the bones of Jesus, and the ancient prophecy came true: “let his bones not be broken.” In some brief moment, the entire further history of mankind and the paths of its possible development were concentrated in the hands of the centurion – to subsequent generations, Guy Cassius became known as the Longinus Spearman, and his spear became one of the greatest Christian shrines. Later, one of the nails was nailed into his tip, which was nailed to the Savior’s cross. The legend says:

Together with the Spear, man takes the fate of the world into his own hands.

Hitler arrived in Vienna in 1909, when he was seventeen years old – he wanted to enter the Academy of Arts, but failed in the exams. His mother had already died, but there was still money left, and he placed his sister in the care of relatives.

Adolf lived in a cheap furnished room, slept for a long time, got up late and went to theaters or museums. One day he came to the Hofburg Palace, where numerous relics of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg dynasty were kept. In one of the halls, Hitler suddenly felt a strange power.

“I slowly felt some kind of magical presence,” the Fuhrer later recalled. – I felt this feeling in those rare cases when I realized the great Destiny destined for me!

In a quiet museum hall, the incredible suddenly happened: when Adolf stood in front of the Spear, according to him, a window to the future seemed to open before him and in a short, unthinkable flash of light, he clearly saw the future. And suddenly he realized: he could very well become a kind of conductor of the transition of the Christian idea into a purely nationalist.

judging by the legends, Hitler owned the Spear of Destiny relic

When the money ran out, Adolf moved to the overnight stay of the Vienna suburb of Meidling – there he cleaned the snow, worked as a porter, in the day work and painted, painted, painted – mainly the Spear Fate – and sold watercolors to foreign tourists.

As soon as there was at least some amount that allowed us not to think about food for a day or two, the future Fuhrer went to libraries and archives: he rummaged frantically in catalogs, manuscripts and books, trying to find any information about the magic Spear. Now it completely took possession of him and pulled imperiously for itself – the manic idea did not leave Adolf day or night, he subordinated everything only to her. He soon established: it turns out, “copies of fate” … a few! And each spear seriously claims to be the title of the original. How to distinguish the true among them.

One of the arrowheads was kept in the Vatican’s treasury, but Hitler rightly judged that the Holy Fathers hardly needed military world domination. Moreover, they did not at all insist that it was they and only they who had the original of Longinus’s Spear.

The second copy was in Paris, where he was once brought from the looted by the crusaders of Constantinople, the King of France, Saint Louis. The third arrowhead was in the Polish Krakow – the former capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. However, all the “Spears”, except for the one stored in the Vienna Hofburg Palace, turned out to be without inserts in the form of a nail. It made me think seriously. But to achieve a guaranteed result, it would be best to bring all the relics together.

The books said that after the Romans the Spear of Fate was owned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine – at first he was a vicious persecutor of Christians, but then suddenly in 313 he legitimized Christianity throughout the empire, for which he received the nickname the Great, and later he was canonized and canonized. Another Byzantine emperor, Justinian, who owned the relic, became famous for his scholarship and unprecedented power.

By unknown means, the Spear fell into the hands of Karl Martell and, with his magical help, with a small army, he managed to stop and give a serious rebuff in 732 at the Battle of Poitiers to the Muslim conquerors. Later, the owner of the Spear of Destiny was the founder of the Carolingian dynasty, Charlemagne, who was elected emperor in 800 and united the peoples of Europe. After him, the relic passed into the hands of the German monarchs: Henry I the Fowler, Otgon of Saxony and Frederick I Barbarossa.

As a trophy, the magic Spear went to the Russian prince Yaroslav, the father of the legendary Alexander Nevsky, but in the end the greatest Christian relic appeared in the Golden Horde, in the greedy hands of Mamaia – not knowing the true value of the “rusty piece of iron”, the khan gladly exchanged it for the Moscow prince Dmitry on two captured murz. And Dmitry, having received the Spear of Fate, utterly defeated the Horde on the Kulikovo field.

In 1410, the Spear adorned the treasury of the founder of the Jagiellonian dynasty, the Lithuanian prince Jagiello: it was presented to him by the Russian sovereign, a descendant of the Donskoy, as a sign of brotherhood and common victory over the German knights. Is this not the spear that is kept in Krakow?
But further research said: no, not that! All this is far from it, the real Spear of Destiny during the Swedish occupation of Poland fell into the hands of Charles XII – a young and greedy king-conqueror, simply obsessed with wars and campaigns. But the king died during the siege of one of the fortresses, and years later, Marshal Bernadotte of France, who became regent of Sweden, reverently presented the ancient relic to Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Corsican did not know defeat until in the burning Moscow captured by the French, the Russian partisan Kuzma Netkach, risking his life, failed to steal the relic and deliver it to the Tarutino camp of Field Marshal Kutuzov. In 1813, before his death, Mikhail Illarionovich bequeathed to transfer the Spear of Longin to the most experienced military leader of Europe and Napoleon’s implacable enemy to the Austrian Marshal Blucher. So the Spear of Destiny was in Vienna. So this is where the real relic is? After all, composer Richard Wagner and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, adored by Hitler, specially came to the Hofburg to bow to her.

But the most important thing that Adolf learned from books and manuscripts was that the Spear of Destiny served as a spiritual symbol of the creation of the Teutonic Order – a union of German knight-monks, welded together by the most severe discipline.

Wandering aimlessly through the alleys of the park or sitting on a bench, Hitler pondered for hours on what he had managed to learn about the Spear of Destiny, and gradually came to the conclusion that the ancient relic he had seen in the hall of the Hofburg Palace and the sensations he experienced was a sign from above that indicates to the possibility of discovering new, ready to change ways of development of the peoples and states of Europe, and even the whole world!

“Yes, it is undoubtedly the key to power and my own destiny,” he muttered, as if in a feverish delirium. “I will reveal all his mystical secrets!”

At the age of twenty-four, Hitler left Vienna, deciding to move to Munich, where he registered with the police as a stateless person. But he left Vienna with firm certainty that he would return here, would certainly return. Even if it was not possible to enter the Academy of Arts, but other, much more important knowledge was obtained. Adolf almost felt like a new prophet. He already understood: to implement the ideas of the rule of nationalism, you need to create your own military “knightly” order.

On November 8, 1923, the newly-minted leader of the National Socialists, Adolf Hitler, who was twice wounded in the war, started a “new national revolution” on the eve of the anniversary of Germany’s surrender, called the “Beer Putsch.” The speech failed, but when Hitler and the other putschists were tried in Munich on February 26, 1924, Hitler skillfully made heated speeches and quickly earned the fame of a patriot and an implacable fighter with the left. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment in the Landsberg fortress for “treason”, but Hitler served only a few months and then did not lose time in vain – Mein Kampf was born in prison.

The crowd is a woman who loves the ruler more than the supplicant! Hitler remarked cynically and rather aptly, stepping outside the prison gates. – Who owns the crowd, he owns the street! Of course, in the broad sense of the word. And whoever owns the street owns all of Germany!

His populist propaganda and cynical ideology of National Socialism were very accurately calculated for the crowd, for the people of the street – dysfunctional, hungry, humiliated by terrible military defeats, but still retaining the memory of past glory. In 1933, year after year, nineteen centuries after Jesus ascended Golgotha, Hitler gained 17.5 million votes in the Reichstag elections and came to power. Coincidence, or is there a hidden, still unsolved secret meaning in this?

The Spear of Destiny artifact was a unique magic item

Further events rolled at an appalling speed – there was already a “black order” of the SS, when one of the most far-sighted politicians in Europe, and even the world, wise by experience and always very friendly with special services, who informed him a lot about the Vienna period of the Fuhrer’s life and his hobbies, “British intelligence has long been considered the strongest,” Sir Winston Churchill said in desperation:

Why can’t we stop him ?! Why our sheep in the government do not understand: now he will move to Austria – he needs Vienna and the Spear of Destiny! As soon as he possesses it, Hitler’s plans to establish world domination will immediately move from the field of theory to the bloodiest and most terrifying practice!

Churchill was absolutely right – in 1938, General Keitel’s troops and Guderian’s black tanks pushed across the borders and soon found themselves on the streets of old Vienna, tightly surrounding the Hofburg Palace. The Führer went to Linz and there eagerly awaited the report of the SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, who was instructed to personally monitor the seizure and protection of the ancient relic – Adolf was seriously afraid that at the very last moment the Spear of Fate could inexplicably slip out of his hands as it slipped out of his hands Napoleon in burning Moscow.

Finally Himmler reported – everything is in order! And Hitler immediately arrived in Vienna, where he took the best room in the Imperial Hotel. The Fuehrer was informed about the seizure of the relic and the provision of its delivery to Nuremberg was entrusted to Martin Bormann’s father-in-law, the well-known Adolf Walter Buch, who had more than once carried out many of the leader’s secret assignments.

Soon Hitler himself rushed to the Hofburg Palace. Giving a sign to his retinue and the guard to stay, he entered the vault alone and shut the door tightly behind him. He stayed there for over two hours, and no one dared to disturb him. What was going on there? Adolf Hitler took this great secret with him. But there is no doubt: this is a very tragic time for the past XX century.

A year later, the partition of Poland took place, and ancient Krakow with its relic was in the hands of the “black order”. Then Paris fell, and the third relic also fell into the hands of Adolphe, and he could always reach the fourth, which was kept in the Vatican, with the help of Duce, the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Here is what was once conceived by him, oddly enough, happened!

After the Anschluss of Austria, Hitler openly announced his claims to world domination and the establishment of a “new world order” – after all, the Spear of Destiny was already in his hands! And after the capture of Krakow and Paris, the question of a large campaign to the East – the traditional direction of the German conquests – became only a matter of time.

Why, possessing all the ancient relics, did Hitler never win? Apparently, God opposed this, since it is impossible to put Christian shrines at the service of the dark forces. A great mystery and mystery, which until now has not been resolved: how and under what unclear circumstances did the Führer lose the Spear of Destiny stored in Nuremberg? Almost unbelievable, but true – it was in the hands of the commander of the American army, General Dwight Eisenhower. Perhaps that is why Hitler persistently sent Otto Skorzeny, the best saboteur of the Third Reich, to hunt him. However, he was also not lucky.

After the victorious May 1945, the relic, along with other military trophies, was delivered to the United States, and Eisenhower presented it to President Harry Truman, who took the place of the deceased Roosevelt. There is information that the Soviet special services after the liberation of Vienna were very interested in the Spear of Fate – do not forget: Joseph Stalin had, albeit incomplete, but a church education. He studied at a theological seminary and knew much more than jury atheists. However, the Spear was already taken by the Americans. A number of years later, they returned it to the Austrians, and now it is again in the Hofburg Palace. The circle of times has closed, and the ancient relic has taken its place. Hopefully, forever!

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