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“The time of departure from Earth is predetermined for every living being.” Anabela Cardoso and her experience of transcommunication with the subtle world

"The time of departure from Earth is predetermined for every living being." Anabela Cardoso and her experience of transcommunication with the subtle world 1

Some people believe that tape recorders can be used to hear the voices of the dead. More technologically advanced than séances and not as dirty as ectoplasm, they gave spiritualism a new lease of life.

Nowadays, ghostbusters all over the world use them. There are hundreds of Internet forums dedicated to this technique, and quite a few serious, educated people believe that the dead are really trying to talk to us.

Among them is Anabel Cardoso, a former Portuguese diplomat and now publisher of a “transcommunication instrumental journal”. She lives in Spain and has a well-equipped recording studio. She claims that she also managed to record the voices of the dead.

“My voices are not whispers,” she says. “They speak loud, clear and understandable.” 

In 1996, being in complete despair, she tried to find an answer to the question of what really happened to those whom she loved so much and for whom she grieved. At that time, she studied a large number of books about life after death, being especially interested in those books that dealt with the electronic voice phenomenon. What was written in them seemed so unusual and amazing to her that she didn’t even know what to think, – this is exactly how, the Doctor of Philosophy, recalls one of the most difficult periods in her life.

While experiencing the loss of her dead brother, Anabela Cardoso was for the first time intrigues about what happens to a person when his earthly life ends. Annabela Cardoso began to look for comfort and hope in books. In one of them, “Bridge between the Worlds” by Hildegard Schaefer, she learned that every person is able to connect with the invincible world and communicate with the soul of deceased loved ones. All you need is a tape recorder and a blank audio cassette.

How did the dialogue with the “other” side begin?

In 1997, Annabela Cardoso began experimenting with a small group of people. Among them were the parents of a young man who drowned in the sea during a storm.

“We tried to get answers on a magnetic tape – we inserted an empty cassette into a tape recorder, and turned it on for recording. We then asked questions to our departed relatives and then waited in silence for one or two minutes. After recording the tape, we rewound and listened to it from the very beginning. During the recording, we used white noise as a sound background, coming from a radio receiver that was tuned to short and medium waves”, – Anabela Cardoso said while describing her experiments.

Two months passed since the beginning of the first experiment, but the group members did not manage to receive a single message from the “other” side. The first of them was recorded only at the beginning of 1998 and sounded by the name “Belina”. That is what Anabela Cardoso was called in her childhood by her relatives.

After that, messages received on magnetic tape became regular. Anabela Cardoso performed three to four sessions a week. Sometimes, at her request, the otherworldly interlocutors called their names. Most often these were the names of strangers but among the accepted signals were those who introduced themselves as the name of Anabela’s grandmother, brother and father.

During these sessions, Anabela Cardoso asked the inhabitants of the subtle world a variety of questions. They concerned earthly life and the world with which they managed to establish contact. Anabela Cardoso later summarized the messages received. And here’s what came out of it.

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Annabela Cardoso introduces one of her books "Glimpses of Another World".
Annabela Cardoso introduces one of her books “Glimpses of Another World”.

“The Miracle of Life That Never Ends”

From the received messages, Anabela Cardoso learned that the continuation of life after death is a natural law of nature. This law works for any person, regardless of his ethical and religious views. Also, in one of the messages received by Anabela, it is said that “the time of departure from the Earth is predetermined for every living being.”

Anabela was also interested in the question of why people go through suffering in earthly life. In response, such messages were received: “All beings in the world experience suffering”, “Plants also suffer”, “Every suffering has a meaning. They are important for spiritual growth”, “It would be good for people to make love the panacea of ​​the world.”

Is there suffering in the subtle world? 

From the messages received, that world is “beautiful and fair for all beings”, it also “has its own laws for everything.” The greatest value in “their” world is “truth”. Also, from the messages she received, Annabela learned that people who are prone to anger in earthly life live separately.

The received messages also contain scant descriptions of the subtle world. It is similar to ours, “but much more beautiful.” Its inhabitants have no concept of time, they have a different space. Their bodies are similar to ours, “material bodies.” At the same time, they are much more beautiful than during earthly life.

The also have amazing abilities. For example, they can travel with thought, and they can also be in two places at the same time in full consciousness. However, according to Anabela Cardoso, the purpose of her experiments is not to find out what life is like in another world.

“By receiving messages from another world, a person expands his consciousness, he learns mercy and love, becomes wiser. The process of receiving messages is not easy, it takes a lot of time, it requires perseverance and patience. But it is worth all the costs, because you discover the miracle of life, which is endless and never ends”, says Anabela Cardoso.


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