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The time for, “But Why”… is over!

The time for, “But why?” is over… Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Zionists, Freemasonry, Cabal and the New World Order… a basic introduction

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Now, isn’t this an interesting subject… there is tons of documentations and floods of information available on this the moment you start looking at it and doing a bit of research. What is certain, is that the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Zionists, Freemasonry, Cabal or whatever they may be called exist, it’s no longer fiction, conspiracy or some antisocial opinion. It’s simply too obvious, that there are groups or individuals that want a “New World Order”… for starters, history has shown us that over and over again, think about it, there was always someone who wanted to rule/control the world. Whether it was actually that individual or whether that individual was the puppet of other men in their shadow is of no relevance to that fact that the attempts have been made over and over. Just because there has not been any “obvious” ones for a while does not eliminate the fact that there are more “Pinky & the Brain” characters out there, planning and contriving their next moves, as they have for decades.

In our opinion, it’s more the how, when, why and what can be done about it, that should be of our concern.

We believe that the time of people gasping in awe, clearing their throats and getting comfortable with the idea that this might actually be a reality they live in… is gone! There is a strong likelihood that a lot of individuals were secretly hoping for the 21st December 2012 to bring about a solution, that would just “snap” all the bad away from this planet… alongside it being the beginning of a new era, more on that topic an other time though.


HOW will they go about this?

Considering all our pasts and several marking historical events, people will not simply let anything go by them anymore (at least most of us), certainly not something as open and direct as Hitler’s actions for example. Therefor, this has to be done much more covert and from multiple angles. Think about it, what would be the best way to introduce a “New World Order”?

The perfect situation would be for the common folk to ask for it, if not to say, beg for a “solution” and to want a “New World Order”… or then, for a set of “random” events and situations to conclude that a “New World Order” is now ready for debate… but how could that best be done though?!

As previously highlighted, there is so much information available and at our grasp these days, that we will let YOU decide this for yourself… but to provide a few pointers, here are some topics to consider and think about;

World-hunger, Overpopulation, Global-warming, our Health Systems, if it can actually be called that, with it’s medicine, lies on cancer, aids, epidemics, flues etc… The food industry, what makes us so different, if being at the mercy of having to walk in the supermarket and take what’s on the shelf compared to the way mass produced animal stock is being fed to purpose. Our banks and banking systems, with it’s credit scheme or how the money we “have” gets generated. Our very own Evolution and History or what Religion used to be and what it is today. Topics such as Free Energy, War, Terrorism, False Flags, out of the ordinary crimes and massacres. The media and Governments… this list goes on, in actual fact, you could probably take nearly any subject that is directly related to our survival, living and well being and you will find points that will bring about questions, more important though, when digging deeper, similar to a spider web, you will find that it’s “attachment points” are very few and the same…

At this point, one should also understand, that in order to control and manipulate an individual one must first put someone in a state where this can be done… That state is called FEAR, people who are scared can be controlled and easily manipulated and the less people there are, the simpler it will be to control all. Think about what would scare you… what have you become dependent on etc… this will probably also be how such groups would try to scare, isolate and check-mate you in the end.


WHEN will they “do it”?

Well… they are and have been “doing it”… is there a plan for a big final takeover though? Not having an insider view of this subject, makes this a rather hard question to answer.

In our opinion, too many people are already aware of this, too many groups and movements are already standing up to this and are not falling into the traps or following the wrong signs any longer. Unfortunately, the suppression and ridiculing of individuals, groups and movements like this is very strong. Considering the available information and documentation on the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Zionists, Freemasonry, Cabal and the New World Order, as with about pretty much anything on this planet, there are of course TRUTHs and LIEs all around you and it’s your task to pick the right ones and build your OWN opinions and TRUTH.

What we believe to be more striking or concerning about the WHEN, is that time seems to be running out for something like this to take place… particularly with the events and concerns that we have all just witnessed around the 21st December 2012. There are more and more people who will simply refuse to be sheep or slaves!

If the 21st December 2012, has marked a new era, new beginning and new time, we then believe that 2013 and beyond should really be focused on yourself and how you can be part of the system but not dependent. Stand up and speaking out for your rights, raise awareness within the people around you expressed in the choices you make and in your actions. Take your responsibilities towards yourself, your family and those around you seriously. We have all whispered, spoken, written, discussed and complained about it, the next step is to do, live and be the change we want to see!


But WHY?

Why would a group or individual be or exist like this… there is probably all sorts of reasons and most likely much better explanations for this than we could offer in a short article. Here is our viewpoint on the WHY;

First question we feel someone should ask themselves is; If the New World Order is the right thing, the right path, then why hide its agenda or approach? Why not spell, draw or demonstrate it out with it’s full detail?

Ok… but why and why would they do such drastic and horrid things that we hear and see? Well, the only term that would spring to mind is “insanity”, which unfortunately never came with an explanation, but is the very word to define such a state.

Here is a bit more… if, for example, you are scared of a bee or a dog… What do you do? You fight it, no? That would bring us to the conclusion that only someone or something scared of YOU would fight YOU!!!

It could also just be that maybe, you have something they don’t …

Overall… this would summarize the WHY to a; GREED driven and covertly jealous INSANITY.

Regardless really, important is to just REMEMBER… you are more than just flesh and bone and you simply cannot be hurt as you are an ENERGY or SPIRIT (as you like)…
You do NOT need to FEAR anything or anyone that is trying to scare, corner or fight you!


Some additional INFORMATION…

Even though we are strongly against BAD or DARK news and the negative impact this can have on an individual. We also feel that it is very important to understand some of this and this unfortunately includes some harsh truths and facts as well as potentially shocking images and realizations.

Knowing enables us to react and act accordingly! Believing or not believing that such a group exists… that is really every individual’s decision and your own truth!

It is also important to think about how much time and energy you really want to spend on this subject… where you could be focusing your energy on more positive things and creating a new and better tomorrow for yourself and those dear to you!

As said… there is a sea of data and information on this and no one except yourself can and should form an opinion for you. BUT to not look or consider any of it, just to remain true to your own convictions and believes… well that, would be a mistake in our opinion and rather ignorant. Then again, you not reading anything and building your own opinion, is most likely exactly what such a group would wish for and one of the key goals / success factors in their previous efforts.

If non of this is true, all conspiracy and mad opinions and nothing of this kind will or is taking place… which would be excellent! We are sure you have spent your time worse, but if it’s true and is happening, at least you would be a bit more prepared…
Take your time and think about it!

If this is your first contact / interest on this subject. You should really take your time and must at all times remember… “TRUE is only what is TRUE to YOU” !!!

There are some great people and individuals that have and are speaking about this openly and making it clear! You will find that the internet is absolutely packed with information and facts on these subject, articles, videos, posts, notes, arts, books and more.


What can you DO about it?

The best way such an “elite” could probably be stopped, would be as a group that feels, thinks and acts LOVE, POSITIVITY and most of all is NOT IN FEAR. In other words SHARE and make AWARE.

By simply knowing and exposing something you automatically “defeat” it’s energy, so the more that are aware and expose them… The more such a group would need to hide and be rendered harmless.

Don’t just believe or consume everything that is out there or being sold to you, especially the things pushed by the bigger corporations and media, investigate and inform yourself first before you say YES and always look aat who is winning or profiting from such a thing.

Don’t “feed” them, by consuming their products, such as GM Food, Aspartame, Fluoride, Bank Credits, Credit Cards etc… We know and understand that this is easier said than done, but every bit less matters and has an impact.

Make yourself independent in any and every way you can… food, water, money, electricity etc… try to find ways on how you can be part of the system but not dependent on it, as much as you can and to the best of your possibilities!


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Conspiracy Theories

Red UFOs. Stalin suspected of alien attacks on the United States

The Soviet leader was suspected of organizing an alien invasion of the United States in 1947 in order to destabilize the situation in the country.

In early July 1947, the most famous UFO incident in history occurred in America. The Roswell crash was the beginning of a UFO mania, which swept in the second half of the twentieth century, first the United States, and then most other countries. 

A lot of books and articles have been written about what happened then, and the debate has not subsided so far. But one of the most recent hypotheses explaining the Roswell incident confidently puts all the pre-existing ones aside. It turns out that the “invasion of aliens” in the United States was organized by none other than the head of the USSR Joseph Stalin!

The collapse of the ” flying disk “

In early July 1947, an employee of one of the ranches, a few kilometers from Roswell, told the local sheriff that at night he heard a certain explosion, and the next morning he found debris on the ground of a strange aircraft. It was described as a “flying disk” with a diameter of approximately 3.5 meters. At the crash site, fragments of foil and rubber were found, but no electronics, engines, or other things specific to aircraft were found.

Information from the sheriff got into the media, which reported that a flying saucer had collapsed on the ranch. However, this message was almost immediately denied by the military. An official U.S. Air Force press release reported that debris from a weather balloon was found at the ranch.

Photo © Wikipedia

After that, the story was forgotten for almost 30 years and was overshadowed by other strange incidents. But in the mid-70s, in the wake of the popularity of UFOs, more and more stories of witnesses of the Roswell incident began to appear in the press. Sometimes their testimonies were frankly doubtful. The first to speak was one of the employees of the air base, to which the wreckage of the device was delivered. He said that, in his opinion, this device was not a weather balloon and the military simply came up with this version so as not to disturb the public. 

Very doubtful witnesses followed. So, one of the UFO hunters said that his familiar engineer that night watched the crash of the plate and saw not only the wreckage, but also the bodies of its crew. These were humanoids. True, the engineer who saw them could not confirm these words, since he had long since died. Another witness claimed that he also personally witnessed the crash, only the pilots did not die in the accident, but were next to the plate. True, this witness was only five years old at the time of the collapse of the apparatus.

Photo © Wikipedia

In the wake of these revelations, enthusiasts have written several voluminous books about the Roswell crash, which came out in considerable print runs and aroused interest not only among UFO hunters, but also among the general public. 

The story gradually became part of the American cultural mainstream; several documentary investigative films were shot about it. But the real sensation was the video published in 1995. Its owner assured that it was kept secret for almost half a century and it cost him considerable work to get a record.

On the film, several pathologists performed an autopsy of the body of a dead humanoid, allegedly found at the site of the crash of the apparatus. Leading media and television channels fought for the right to show this film, and in the end it was sold for a very impressive amount. The video was immediately dubbed the most reliable confirmation of the existence of UFOs in history, although skeptics immediately drew attention to a number of inconsistencies. 

In particular, pathologists performed an autopsy with such a huge number of errors and violations of instructions that it seemed that they were doing this for the first time. Doubts aroused some other technical details. In the end, the former owner of the video publicly admitted that it was falsified. Pathologists were actually amateur actors, and the bodies of aliens were made by a professional artist and sculptor.

However, this fact did not in any way prevent the popularity of the Roswell incident, which by that time had turned into a self-sufficient myth on a global scale. Until now, new versions of this incident have been appearing with enviable regularity. However, a few years ago, an unusual hypothesis appeared that even the most daring and impudent ones expressed earlier faded against it.

Stalin humanoids

In 2011, American journalist Annie Jacobsen, published a book entitled “Zone 51. The Declassified History of America’s Most Secret Military Base.” In it, she puts forward an openly shocking hypothesis – behind the alien invasion of the United States stood the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. 

The version sounds frankly insane, but Jacobsen is not some crazy conspiracy theorist, a blog for a dozen subscribers, but a very famous and respected publicist and investigative journalist. For example, she reached the final of the Pulitser Prize – the most prestigious world award in the field of journalism. But how could Stalin command the aliens, the very fact of whose existence has not yet been proved?

Photo © Mark Peterson / Corbis via Getty Images

According to Jacobsen, no aliens actually ever existed. All this was a falsification organized by the USSR to destabilize the situation in America. It turns out that the famous “Angel of Death” from Auschwitz, Josef Mengele, famous for his sinister experiments on prisoners of the camps, did not escape to Latin America, but was captured by the Soviet army and forced to work in a secret “laboratory” for the benefit of Soviet science.

A similar fate befell two talented German aircraft designers, the Walter and Reimar Horten brothers. They were transported to the USSR and left to work on experimental aircraft.

In 1938, Orson Welles hosted a radio show of Herbert Wells’ War of the Worlds. In several small American towns, listeners accepted the production as real news bulletins on the radio, which provoked a panic among local residents. This story was ridiculed by American newspapers and became known throughout the world. 

According to Jacobsen, Stalin was aware of this story and decided to use the “War of the Worlds” effect to destabilize America, while relations between the recent allies deteriorated by leaps and bounds, while the USSR did not even have the theoretical ability to invade the United States. The only option to undermine the stability of the enemy for him was the falsification of an alien invasion.

According to the plan, several teenagers of 12-14 years old were selected for the operation. Mengele had to undergo plastic surgeries and enlarge their heads and eyes to resemble humanoids (Jacobsen describes them as “guinea pig people”). Then they were put in a remotely controlled top-secret apparatus in the form of a flying saucer, designed by the Horten brothers. 

They had to land in the middle of a large American city in front of thousands of witnesses. This “alien invasion” would cause a panic, a collapse of stock indexes and other unpleasant events. However, during the flight over New Mexico, the device fell into a severe thunderstorm, control over it was lost, the disk crashed. It is these bodies and debris that witnesses saw.


Photo © Getty Images / ed Soqui / Sygma via Getty Images

Jacobsen claimed that the main source from whom she received these materials was a certain engineer and a “veteran of the Manhattan Project.” However, she categorically refused to give his name, and after the publication of the book she faced a wave of criticism for using, to put it mildly, dubious sources. 

Some of the reviewers pointed out that similar versions had previously been voiced on Internet forums either by jokers, or by completely marginal conspiracy theorists. Therefore, Jacobsen is either too trusting of his sources, or too lazy to check.

In addition, almost every item in this version consists of outright fraud. In the 1950s and 1960s, in conditions of general secrecy, some of them could not be unambiguously exposed. However, in our time, the fate of all the defendants in this story is tracked almost every minute and is not in doubt.

Mengele was never in the territory of the USSR. At the end of the war he was captured by the Americans, but since his name did not appear on the list of important criminals at first, he was released. Until 1949, he lived in the western part of Germany under a false name, and then obtained documents of the Red Cross on a foreign surname and emigrated to Argentina.

In addition, Mengele never engaged in plastic surgery and changes in appearance. His area of ​​interest was genetic abnormalities and the reproductive sphere. It was absolutely pointless to invite him to conduct plastic surgery, with the same success it was possible to call the first one he met.

Unloading the captured Horten Ho 229 V3 by U.S. Army personnel, August 1945. Photo © Wikipedia

The Horten brothers really became famous for their experimental aircraft. Horten Ho IX, a jet aircraft designed according to the “flying wing” scheme, brought glory to them. At that time, airplanes looked completely different and a similar glider really looked exotic and even alien. 

Some researchers believed that the UFOs observed after the war in the USA were in fact experimental Horten aircraft created in the United States. However, in reality, the brothers did not end up either in America or in the Soviet Union. One of them emigrated after the war to Argentina, and the second remained in the western part of Germany.

None of the original witnesses who saw the 1947 accident reported any humanoid bodies. This evidence appeared 30 years later from frankly dubious characters. Finally, the meaning of such a complex operation is completely unobvious. If the USSR really developed such a device, and even remotely controlled, it would immediately be classified so that only a few people would know about it. And they certainly would not send the latest development into the hands of the enemy for the dubious effect of a five-minute panic.

Obviously, the Jacobsen version is untenable. With many arguments against, there is not a single convincing argument in her favor, with the exception of the dubious words of an unnamed engineer. Which, perhaps, was simply invented for the sake of giving the next Roswell sensation at least some credibility.

What really happened in Roswell in 1947? The U.S. Air Force twice (in 1977 and 1994) officially stated that the object found was actually the wreckage of a special balloon. These balls, equipped with special microphones, were used at high altitudes as part of the Mogul project to detect sound waves from possible nuclear tests in other countries. 

The project lasted two years, after which it was phased out due to the high cost. But in 1947 he was considered top-secret. In order not to attract attention to him, it was officially announced that the debris found in fact belong to the crashed weather balloon. However, these explanations did not convince everyone, and new hypotheses and assumptions continue to arise around the Roswell incident.

Source: LIFE Magazine

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Conspiracy Theories

Looking for Planet X: Everyone can already see Nibiru

The following article is quoted from an archived New York Times article from … July 1, 1987:

According to NASA’s scientist John Anderson, if a large planet is located at the edge of the solar system, it should travel in an elongated orbit almost at right angles to the orbits of other planets. According to him, such an orbit will bring the planet closer to the rest of the solar system only every 700-1000 years.

Dr. Anderson voiced this new hypothesis about the possible existence of Planet X at a press conference at the Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. The center manages the flights of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft, which are now more than four billion miles from the Sun on courses that will ultimately deliver them to interstellar space.

Astronomers have long searched for Planet X to explain amazing observations showing disturbances in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. These vibrations indicated that some large distant object had a gravitational effect on known outer planets. The search led in 1930 to the discovery of Pluto, but it turned out that it was too small to disrupt the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

After two Pioneer spacecraft flew over Jupiter in the 1970s, they were sent along a trajectory beyond the boundaries of known planets and monitored to see if they were exposed to an invisible gravitational force. Small space stations almost do not produce their own gravitational forces, so they are sensitive indicators of any distant gravitational perturbations.

Dr. Anderson said that for five years of accurate measurements and analysis, he did not find anything in the Pioneer data that could reveal gravitational effects that cannot be explained by the forces of the famous nine planets.

In fact, according to Dr. Anderson, a review of astronomical data over the past 75 years has failed to provide clear evidence of such disturbances. But the observations of the 19th century, which caused subsequent speculation, after careful study by astronomers at the US Naval Observatory, were confirmed – that is, something affects the orbits.

Dr. Anderson concluded that the apparent presence of some power in the 19th century and its absence can now be explained by the existence of a large object, which is now at a great distance from the Sun – approximately opposite Uranus and Neptune.

“The best explanation,” said Dr. Anderson, is that the object is in orbit tilted at right angles to the orbits of the other planets. Thus, in the last century, it crossed the plane of other planets and is now located far from the plane in its elongated orbit.

According to the hypothesis, the object should be five times more massive than the Earth. If he were more massive, his presence would be detected. If he were less massive, his strength would probably not be large enough to push Neptune out of orbit.

The hypothetical Planet X also figured in the assumptions about the cause of mass extinctions on Earth, which apparently occur regularly every 26 million years. Daniel P. Whitmere, an astronomer at the University of Southwest Louisiana, suggested that Planet X could follow a course in which every 26 million years it perturbes a cloud of comets in the outer solar system and thus sends destructive meteorites to Earth.

“We do not support this theory as a working hypothesis,” Dr. Anderson said in a telephone interview. “But we do not refute this.”

In 1987, Dr. Anderson, speaking at a press conference at the Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, thwarted a round of applause, but after 30 years, such statements are not perceived in the same way. Meanwhile, everything is easily explainable and falls well into place.

The fact that something else was detected at the edge of the solar system by astronomers back in the 19th century and the observations of these people were confirmed not by a youtuber, but by astronomers at the US Naval Observatory. And what do the supporters of the New Chronology say about the 19th century?

They say that all the “historical events” until the 19th century were sucked out and that in fact several centuries ago there was some kind of disaster, after which people began to dig out the silt of the city and build civilization from scratch. But after causing this catastrophe, Nibiru did not evaporate – it moved on the same course, where Uranus and Neptune moved slightly – which was noticed by astronomers of the 19th century. 

Then Nibiru moved further and the effect of influence on the planets disappeared – there were only asteroids that were turned upside down, which revolve around the Sun not like everyone else, but in perpendicular orbits. 

And now Nibiru is approaching again. The direct descendants of those who survived the past cataclysm and retained technology now, obviously, just rule the world. They know exactly the date of the next pass to Nibiru, therefore, on the eve of this date, a command was given to defame the topic. And if in the middle of the last century astronomers wrote scientific articles about Nibiru, now no one will pickle so that they do not consider him a fool. 

Nevertheless, although the Apocalypse has almost come, Nibiru is not very visible. Why not? It is not visible because some kind of people spray chemtrails with a special composition that absorbs light of a certain spectrum:


But, despite these titanic efforts, Nibiru can still be noticed – just buy a mask of a welder or look at the Sun through special glasses:

Thus, the person shows the whole procedure live. The fact that this is not a glare is obvious. Whoever wants to – can repeat everything, whoever does not want to – let him believe after seeing the message on TV: apparently, the blind will see soon enough and severe events may start soon. 

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Conspiracy Theories

Blue Beam on ISS: UFO observed the test of the US military satellite in low Earth orbit

On June 17, according to open data, the United States launched the Red-Eye-2 small spacecraft for experiments in the interests of managing promising research projects of the country’s Defense Ministry DARPA.

The Red-Eye microsatellite was launched into near-Earth orbit using the NanoRacks Kaber Microsat deployer, outside the Japanese Kibo laboratory module. 

The 110-pound Red-Eye has tested satellite communications, on-board computers and thermal management technology.

 DARPA (US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Office) writes the following on this subject:

Optical communication terminals using lasers to transmit data through space will be tested in upcoming experiments by the Space Development Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Agency.

These terminals are important components of future low-orbit platforms that will require optical cross-linking between satellites, so data collected in space can be immediately sent to military command centers on earth.

Laser communication systems have much higher data rates than radio-based systems, but DoD has problems such as the effect of cosmic radiation on optical terminals and the ability of electronics to withstand the load of a space launch …

This is according to official data, but in a live broadcast from one of the ISS cameras (from the second, since the first was turned off due to the many UFOs falling into the frame), we see something completely different.

The US military satellite launched into orbit from the ISS is approaching the second satellite (and judging by the size it is far from being “microsatellites”) and begins the exchange of laser beams.

This, somehow, is not very similar to the declared tests by one launched satellite “testing of satellite communications, on-board computers and thermal control technology.”

Not to mention the fact that all this “test” is accompanied by many UFOs that fly right next to this pair of US military satellites and monitor them.

Now the ISS crew consists of Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as American astronauts Christopher Cassidy, Douglas Hurley and Robert Benken.

Judging by the negotiations with the control center that were going on at the time of the “tests”, the Russian cosmonauts had no idea what was happening and went about their own business.

There is very little open information about the purpose of these military satellites. We were only able to find a mention that “DARPA plans to launch a pair of small satellites that will carry optical inter-satellite communications systems made by SA Photonics. At the end of the Blackjack program in 2022, DARPA’s goal is to demonstrate that the optical laser network can provide global secure communications for the US military.”

First of all, what is surprising is what the United States uses the International Space Station to launch military satellites.

Secondly, it is surprising that both the astronauts and the control center cannot be unaware of the presence of UFOs in the Earth’s orbit, since they see them not only visually, but also on cameras, but they don’t consider any explanation of this UFO and even confirmation of their actual existence to the public.

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