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The Thorium Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling

The Thorium Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling 3

The amazing car pictured is a theoretical concept car which could run for one hundred years without needing to be refueled. Such a car would be powered by thorium, one of the densest materials on planet Earth.

Car powered by Thorium
The Thorium Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling 4

The massive density of Thorium (11.7 grams per cubic meter) means that it can store an impressive amount of energy, more than 20 million times the energy stored in coal. This means that a very small amount of Thorium has the potential to provide the same amount of energy as a very large amount of fossil fuels such as coal or oil. One gram of thorium contains as much energy as 28,000 liters of oil.

If this energy could be accessed, Thorium could be the solution to satisfying humanity’s exponentially increasing demands for energy and reducing the massive greenhouse emissions and global warming caused by dependence on fossil fuels. However, Thorium is radioactive, so appropriate precautions would need to be made to ensure the safety of any Thorium system.

Inspired by Thorium’s massive energy potential, a company called Laser Power Systems had developed a theoretical concept for a Thorium powered car. Such a car would probably never need to be refueled as the car would run down before the fuel source was depleted. In this concept, Laser Power Systems build a laser with Thorium incorporated in the power source.

This Laser is then directed towards the water and used to heat the water until it boils, producing steam. This steam is then used to turn a turbine which generates electrical energy. This energy is used to power the vehicle. By incorporating Thorium into the design of the power system, Laser Power Systems ensure that this theoretical Thorium powered car has the potential to continue running for over one hundred years without requiring refueling.

Even more impressively, Laser Power Systems claim that such a car would only require 8 grams of Thorium to be included in the power generation system. Such a car would be emission free and would go a long way to solving the problems associated with dependence on fossil fuels such as global warming.

The Thorium Conspiracy

According to numerous sources, there’s an alternative to uranium.

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