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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The things that were, the things are, and the things that must shortly come to pass

…the things that were, the things are, and the things that must shortly come to pass…

Copyright 2014 Kenneth and Joseph Compton           

“A star is gone! A star is gone! There is a blank in Heaven … “

So said the 19th century poet George Darley in his poem “The Fallen Star”. Was this merely poetic imagery and metaphor, or could it have been based on some historic fact?



I realize that what my brother and I are suggesting herein involves many different scientific disciplines. The proponents of these schools of thought all insist that their ideas are truth, whether theorized or “proven” (at least as much as anything can be proven). However we are not trying to prove anything. Together we have been researching the ideas presented here to one degree or another, for over forty years. We believe there are many open-minded individuals including, but not limited to those who appear on the History Channels and other forums, who are seeking answers to many unanswered questions. Some if not all of these people may find these concepts more than just interesting but within the realm of possibility.

We present these thoughts and theories in an attempt to tie together many, if not all of the various questions, mysteries, myths, and enigma that have plagued man from time immemorial. Taken as a whole, these ideas even explain how many of the extant religious beliefs originated and how they relate to and tie into all of the secular theories.

We seek to pique the interest but not necessarily gain the approval of the many others who believe similarly to how we believe: that our Solar System has not always been as calm and orderly as it seems at present.


The subjects to which we refer are taken from many diverse scientific disciplines. I would ask those educated in these various fields, if they consider what I am asking, to please bear with my layman’s point of view. Again, we are not trying to prove anything at all; nor does this have anything to do with any religion. We present this information in the form of questions to those that might have considered these same ideas and who might be  a few steps closer to finding answers.

Also, to any interested parties as well as those who, by reading this might become interested enough to begin seeking their own answers. Why has it been that man has never been able to sufficiently explain what has happened and is still happening toand on this planet? It is as if there has been some sort of vail pulled over our eyes and minds, like we are looking into a mirror that is distorted and clouded over. We are seeing “…through a glass, darkly.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Cosmic Catastrophe

Like many others who espouse any of the “ancient alien” theories, we believe that this planet has been being visited by extraterrestrials for millennia. We suggest that there is one primary reason for these many visitations. These many appearances by “angels” or extraterrestrial beings that have been observed and recorded by humans from the distant past to the present, we believe have been in response to a cosmic catastrophe within our solar system. This calamitous cosmic event totally disintegrated one planet and nearly destroyed planet earth.


We suggest that the reason for the construction of the many enigmatic structures and other markers such as the heretofore unexplainable constructs such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Nazca Lines, and the many others found all over the earth, was (and still is) to monitor the earth’s dynamism? They could very well have been built by, with, and for these “angels” (extraterrestrials) to use in their continuing observations of the unfolding consequences and perhaps the final result of the aforementioned cosmic catastrophe.

To anyone who has seen the footage of the Shoemaker-Levy comet striking the planet Jupiter and is concerned about how a similar event might effect the Earth, this may provide answers or at least open a different perspective.


With modern technology such as satellite photography and computer enhanced imaging many scientists, and other scholars, are beginning to revise some of their previously held theories about the development of the Earth. Most scientists now realize that the Earth, like our Moon, has been struck thousands of times by varying sizes of cosmic debris.

The statement has been made that Earth “perhaps has been struck as many times as our Moon”. As a matter of fact many experts now believe most geologic eras may have ended as the result of a sudden calamitous event such as a large cosmic body colliding with the Earth. Moreover, the probability of a similar event occurring again is being taken quite seriously.

Considering all sources ranging from the Internet to ancient stone carvings, from the Bible to mythology, there is one common thread that runs through all: A cosmic catastrophe occurred which involved not only our Earth, but also most of our solar system to some degree. This story is not of an event which occurred hundreds of millions of years ago or even sixty five million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out by a large cosmic body striking the Earth.

According to most Geologists who are supposed “experts” in their field, this event occurred “only yesterday” in Geologic time and is just now coming to its culmination. With “Global Warming”, the melting of the “Ice Cap”, and other occurrences, many scientists now claim, from what they have been learning, that the last “Ice Age” was probably brought on by a “giant” cosmic body colliding with the Earth.

The Last Ice Age and the Flood

From what mainstream scientists suggest, the last “Ice Age” or “Pleistocene Glaciation” started approximately 1.5 million years ago. However, we suggest that it may have begun much more recently. It has been advancing and retreating periodically ever since it began. At its maximum volume, a vast sheet of ice covering over three million square miles and over a mile thick, (referred to as the “Laurentide Ice Sheet”), covered all of northern Europe, northern Asia, and North America as far south as the Ohio River Valley. The remnant of this ice is still 5000 feet thick on Greenland.


In addition, we find that as few as 20,000 to 30,000 years ago that ice reached a thickness of over 2 ¼ miles on the North American continent. The weight from that ice as it advanced and retreated formed the five Great Lakes. Some scientists tell us that if the Earth had that great amount of ice and weight at it’s top it would tilt so the poles were at the equator and the equator would then be at the poles! Most of us are aware of the term “global warming” and the effect it is having at present on melting the ice at the Earth’s North and South poles. What we are also just now beginning to realize is how far that ice may have extended as few as 8000 to 10,000 thousand years ago. If one takes into consideration to what extent the “ice cap” extended no more than twenty thousand years ago and the rate at which it is receding at present, looking into the past, it may have had something to do with the Biblical “Great Flood”. Stories of ancient great floods exist in the legends of nearly every world culture. Furthermore, we are told that the initial onset of this “Ice Age” was not brought on by slow and gradual processes.


Most experts now agree that this particular event was sudden, world wide, and extremely violent. More than eighty percent of all living species were wiped out. We are talking about the geological era in which we now live. There is evidence all over the Earth recorded in cave paintings, carved on rocks, scratched on the sides of cliffs, that there were intelligent beings on this Earth more than 50,000 years ago. From recent research there is further evidence coming to light that mankind witnessed a giant cosmic body fall from the “heavens” which brought to an end existence as it was previously known by these prehistoric humans. This is the exact same scenario we see at least once a week on in various programs on television. These programs show what will likely happen when (not if) another giant asteroid or comet collides with the Earth. Today it seem that there is a race being run between all of the many “near Earth ” asteroids and the Yellowstone Caldera as to which will be the first to bring and end to life as we know it.

If we realize that our Earth has been involved in a cosmic catastrophe, a world wide, earth shattering cataclysmic event, and if we further realize that this catastrophe suddenly wiped out more than eighty percent of all life on Earth, then what I am suggesting begins to make some sense. This event was likely the cause of all that mankind and this planet has been through in the past. If what is currently coming to light is true or did occur; then “cavemen” had no other choice but to live as they did. They were literally “crawling out” into a world suffering in the aftermath of a world shattering cosmic event. What these ancient humans must have experienced as they emerged into the sunlight embedded in them a “race consciousness” or a “race memory” so traumatic that it exists in all humans even to this very day. Could this be what the Bible refers to as “original sin”?

I am not contradicting anyone or anything that is being said at present. As a matter of fact the subjects to which we refer, and what we have assembled here, are being presented daily in various forms on The History Channels, National Geographic Channel, the Science Channel, and in many other forums. One cannot delve into these various broadcasts and publications without being presented with rather compelling evidence, about giant “rogue asteroids” or “doomsday comets” colliding with the Earth and ending life as we know it. Because of the profound nature of what is currently being suggested collectively by a diverse group of open- minded scholars, everyone’s ideas needs to be considered no matter how preposterous or eccentric they may appear on their surface.

Uniformitarian geologists are no doubt correct in their estimation of the Earth’s age.

Therefore slow and gradual change has been inevitable. However, most scientists now realize that sudden, worldwide catastrophic changes have also occurred. Most also now realize that they do not have all of the answers. Unlike what was previously accepted, when it comes to the development of the Earth, “the key to the past” is not necessarily what we are experiencing in the present. Before satellites and computers, scientists were extremely reluctant to mix religion with science in any form. Today with all of the available new technology, scholars are beginning to resolve ideas, which were once mysteries within both science and religion. The Bible with its many books, and other religion’s writings from the past, were written by the scholars of the past. These scholars were the ancient equivalent of today’s scientific experts. These people were as serious as any scientific disciplinarian of the present. It is our interpretation of these books which is important.

Magnetic Poles Reversal

British Physicist Peter Warlow, writing in the prestigious Journal of Physics, claimed that the Earth’s magnetic poles have switched places many times in the past “when the Earth tumbled end over end in space”. This scientist stated that a polar reversal may have taken as little as one day. What causes an axial shift to occur? “Probably large cosmic body passing near the Earth, or possibly even colliding with the Earth” Dr. Warlow stated. He and his colleagues believe that studies from many diverse fields of science are linked together by this concept. “Mountain building, ice ages, periods of global-wide volcanic activity, mass animal extinction, the sudden rise and fall of vast areas of continents and magnetic field reversals are all given a unified explanation”. Also, Dr. Bruce Hiezen of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geology Laboratory theorized that reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field might occur “when giant meteorites strike the Earth”. Dr Hiezen and his colleagues feel that “all” major turning points in the Earth’s history occur “when even larger cosmic bodies collide with the Earth”.


The evidence offered for magnetic “polar shift” can be found in the geophysical science of “paleomagnetics” or “paleomagnetism“. This science investigates the residual magnetization induced in ancient rocks when they were first formed. For example, when molten lava flows out over the Earth. As the lava cools, the iron compounds in the lava arrange themselves so they point in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic poles existing at that time. This study shows that in old ocean beds and old lava flows the magnetic “compass needles” do not point to our present magnetic field. Thus, the Earth’s poles in past geologic eras were aligned in other directions. Consequently, it is theorized that the Earth’s magnetic poles have switched places 171 times.


From what I read, one of the more resent magnetic reversals was approximately 750,000 years ago. This was at about the same time the last Ice Age occurred. The most resent reversal was sometime around to 12,000 to 13,000 years ago at the time the ice cap reached its greatest height. Here we must state that some scientists believe magnetic reversals are only the result of internal magnetic field changes rather than the Earth tumbling in space.

Asteroid Belt and the Moon Formation

Some of these questions have been around for so long that most of us have forgotten that they have not yet been answered.

For example, the question of how our Moon was formed remains a mystery to this day. Several scientific theories have been formulated to explain why we do have a Moon, or where our Moon came from, but experts say more exploration is needed before the mystery can be solved. Briefly, according to the most recent Moon formation theory, early in the history of our solar system, a giant cosmic body “from space” grazed the Earth ripping off a chunk. The “chunk” eventually formed into what is now our Moon.

There are several other theories, which are similar in as much as they claim the Moon was part of the Earth or another planet at one time. There is also a “Moon capture theory”. This theory states that our Moon was once a small planet with a decaying orbit in close proximity to the Earth’s. It kept coming closer to the Earth until the Earth’s gravitational field captured it.

We will come back to this idea, but first we need to point out a couple of other facts about our Solar System. To start there is the asteroid belt. This agglomeration of cosmic debris orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Many scientists believe that the debris that forms the asteroid belt is the remains of a planet, which exploded millions of years ago. As it exploded, they believe that it hurled its mass in all directions at extraordinarily high velocities”.

What caused that planet to disburse?

Perhaps it collided with another planet moving along in a nearby orbit or maybe it was hit by some ponderous cosmic body entering from outside our solar system.
It should also be pointed out that some scientists believe that this debris is material left over from the time our Solar System was being formed some 4.5 billion years ago. For some reason this particular mass of “cosmic material” never accreted or coalesced to form a planet.

None of these ideas quite satisfy our questions about what actually occurred.

We are told that more than 10,000 tons of debris rain down on the Earth from space every day. The well respected scientist and writer George Gamow, in his book “A Planet Called Earth,” wrote that at one time there was an old joke within the scientific community which said perhaps the inhabitants of that planet discovered the building blocks of nature or the atom, and blew themselves and their planet to pieces”. This is where this scenario becomes interesting. Is this just a joke? Perhaps not. Most of us are familiar with the mythological gods of the various cultures and their belligerent or bellicose nature. There are stories of the great wars in the heavens, which involved these celestial gods. The god of war Mars and the ‘head” god Jupiter threw thunderbolts at the Earth and at one another. Many experts now believe that there is a kernel of truth in these myths. There was an actual occurrence that fomented these ancient beliefs. If one would like more information on these subjects there are web sites dedicated to all of these topics.

If you can put religion aside as you read the Bible, you will find most of what is written in the Book of Revelation is no different than the war between the gods of mythology. Within the past year I have watched at least a a dozen programs about the book of Revelation on the History channel. The war in Heaven between Michael the archangel and the Dragon or the “Fallen Angel” was a cosmic war. Satan is referred to as the Fallen Angel because (I am paraphrasing here) “he was cast out of heaven (the sky)” like a falling star and his tail drew with it a third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them upon the earth.” In addition, Satan is referred to as a serpent and a dragon because as this gigantic cosmic body approached the earth it resembled a snake as it crawls along the ground.


Adam and Eve’s serpent in the Book of Genesis may be the same cosmic serpent as in the Book of Revelation. There are not two different Satan’s in the Bible. Consequently, if catastrophists are correct or even close in their estimations of what may have occurred, no one will ever find the Garden of Eden. The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden was not a gentle occurrence at all. Also, Revelation’s chapter 12 verses 7, 8, 9, are so “cosmic” in their symbolism that I can not see how anyone can mistake them for anything else given the facts which are known about our Solar System at present.
“And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought with his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.” (I believe this to be a direct reference to the asteroid belt.) “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into earth, and his angels were cast out with him”. Whether you believe these to be cosmic bodies or actual beings, the fact remains that something occurred within our solar system that left a blank or empty spot between Mars and Jupiter where a planet should be. All of the debris, which remains of this planet, still threatens to destroy us every second of every day.

Australia and the Earth’s Crust

Because of the many fractures and the great cracks in the Earth’s crust, this planet has been compared to a hard-boiled egg that has been dropped and shattered. Today with technology such as satellite photography and computer-enhanced imagery, many scientists are beginning to revise some of their previously held theories about the development and evolution of the earth. Most scientists now realize that the earth has been struck by many varying sizes of cosmic body (asteroids, comets, etc) perhaps as many times or more than our moon. In addition, some “experts” believe that the earth is like a hard-boiled egg that has been dropped, shattering it’s shell. They do not say where the point of impact may have been, only that the earth has been shattered. Moreover, we are told that there are many “fault lines” that run under our feet regardless of where we live on this earth. This planet has indeed been shattered!


What we are suggesting herein is that the entire continent of Australia was the “enormous cosmic body” that collided with and shattered the Earth. It would not even have had to be a “hard landing” by meteoritic standards to have caused the cracks in the Earth’s crust. We believe that even a relatively “soft” landing would have been enough to do so. Think of pressing on a hard-boiled egg’s shell with your thumb. The egg still cracks as if it were dropped. Now extrapolate that action out to a planetary scale…

Looking at a map of the oceans’ floor, one can see hundreds of enormous fractures, gigantic cracks, in the earth’s crust; some hundreds of miles in length. These fissures that penetrate deeply into every ocean floor are referred to as the “Fracture Zones”. In Addition, there are many “Great Ocean Trenches” in the ocean floor around the continent of Australia. These are actually great cracks thousands of feet deep in the crust of the earth. Some of these cracks circle the entire earth.

It appears to us as if the entire continent of Australia was one of the cosmic bodies (of course the largest) that punched into the side of the earth. Could this have been the impact responsible for the shattered earth? It certainly appears so to me. One does not have to be an “expert” to look at anything that has been cracked, and see that it is cracked. That is to say that if one looks at a cracked egg, or vase, or anything else, one doesn’t think, “Well, that has been cracked that way as long as the thing has been in existence.” They rather realize, “Wow, something really smacked that thing!”


If one considers what the experts are now saying about giant cosmic bodies colliding with the Earth, perhaps one of those collisions shattered the Earth.

If a giant cosmic body collided with the Earth that was large enough to roll the Earth over as many scientists believe, wouldn’t it have had to be larger than 6 miles in diameter?

And could it not have fractured the Earth’s crust as we can see from studying maps of the ocean’s floor?

If one takes into consideration these ideas along with what is being said about the Earth by modern day astronomers and geologists, all of the catastrophists’ facts and theories begin to make sense. The Oceans’ floor, with the Great Trenches or cracks in the Earth’s crust and the “fracture zones” which encircle the entire Pacific Basin looks like a sheet of glass that has been shattered, or like the aforementioned hard-boiled egg.


Once more, if catastrophists are correct in their estimations of what they believe may have occurred, and giant cosmic bodies have smashed into the earth then looking at the map of the Pacific basin it does appear as though the entire continent of Australia “slammed” into the side of the earth. As ludicrous as this may sound, with the maps of the oceans’ floor and with what is now coming to light in science, this all begins to make sense. Moreover it is no different than what scientists are now saying may have occurred.

UluruEditor’s Note: Perhaps in this context, the famous Uluru/Ayers Rock can be linked to aftermath of such cosmic hit???

Again putting “religion” aside, according to the Book of Revelation, as Satan [cosmic body] was cast into the Earth, a great flood was cast out of his mouth and the Earth “swallowed it up”.
If what we are suggesting occurred, then the flood which “the dragon cast out of his mouth” could have been where all of the water came from which formed the ” polar ice cap”.

Is it mere coincidence that the mass of the polar ice cap and the mass of the continent of Australia are nearly identical?

Also, as Satan was cast into the Earth “…he was cast into a bottomless pit (the deep fractures in Earth’s crust?) and there arose smoke out of the pit, as the smoke from a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke from the pit.” (Revelation 9:1-12)

If continents move as we are told they do, looking at geologic charts of the movement of the tectonic plates, the entire Pacific floor is being forced in every direction away from the continent of Australia and under the continents while all continental mass around the entire Pacific Basin is sliding back into the ocean toward Australia. Furthermore, Australia is still moving eastward toward the Great Barrier Reef, which looks like it, was bulldozed up in front of the continent.

One of the problems of continental drift theory is that scientists are perplexed as to how the North and South American continents moved over the mid-Atlantic Ridge. We all know as we throw a rock into water a series of concentric rings move outward from the point of impact. If what I am suggesting occurred, the continents were already about where they are now, as these overwhelming tidal waves moved over the Pacific and Indian Oceans and smashed into the continents something had to give, so to speak. As the North and South American continents buckled and were shoved toward the continental mass of Europe and Africa the entire center of the Atlantic Ocean floor buckled and formed the longest mountain chain on the face of the earth. As the crust of the earth shattered, the tectonic plates were formed.
I have no idea when all of this may have occurred, although I do believe that it was much more recent than the “billions and billions” of years ago referred to by the late Carl Sagan. I also believe that it is not finished yet. The Hawaiian Island chain and the “Ring of Fire” are still bleeding or oozing magma, the earth is still quaking, volcanoes are still erupting and meteorites are still raining down on us every day.


A couple of other questions arise here, how did the earth get knocked off its axis?

Also, scientists claim the earth has an excess mass in the Southern Hemisphere. Before satellite photography and computers the late Harold C. Urey, American scientist and Nobel laureate, (discoverer of Deuterium or heavy hydrogen more than a half of a century ago to set the stage for the atomic age), thought the earth might be shaped somewhat like pear.

Additionally, there are the glassy rocks called tektites which are found on the Indian Ocean floor and all over several continents, especially Australia. The tektites picked up in Australia are said to have been traveling 22.5 miles per second as they approached the earth and entered the atmosphere. One tektite fall has been estimated at 110 billion tons spread over a huge area of the Australian continent. 

Now, returning to the moon capture theory, the exploding planet, and the asteroid belt, I can go a step farther with a catastrophists point of view and my layman’s logic, I have put this all together as a chain of events.

  • Could it be that some of these old stories about our solar system have some credence?
  • Was there a planet between Mars and Jupiter which had vast bodies of water and intelligent beings that blew themselves and their planet to pieces?
  • Could it also be, as this cosmic body dispersed, hurling is mass in all directions, the oceans and lakes became what we see as some of the comets?
  • Also, was the red-hot mantel ejected, pulling with it billions of tons of debris that eventually became our moon?

Some scientists claim many of the circles or “pock marks” we see on the moon were blisters which burst when the moon was red hot, leaving behind many of the craters. In addition, as the moon pulled up along side of the earth did all that was trailing behind it bombard both the moon and the earth? Remember, the earth is not standing in the same place and spinning like a top, it is moving 18.5 miles a second in its orbit around the sun. Therefore the capture would take some time.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 6 verses 12 and 13; it says, “…as Satan [cosmic body] was cast into the earth, “… there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became red as blood; and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.”
When Satan was cast into the Earth he brought a host of his Angles with him.
This may sound like a lot of laughable nonsense to some, however when it comes to giant cosmic bodies colliding with the earth I am not suggesting anything different than scientists are currently suggesting. Some of the later events such as the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and then later the “Great Flood” occurred within the memory of mankind and was recorded by who ever was left. It is not over yet.
Rev. 8:13 states: “Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitants of earth …”
Rev. 11:14: “..the second woe is past; and, behold a third woe cometh quickly.”

There is a book titled When the Earth Nearly Died,” written by professional researchers D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair published by Gateway Books in the U.K.
This book contains hundreds of references, which offer, as they say, “compelling evidence of catastrophic world change.” What they believe may have occurred is that after a couple of giant cosmic bodies devastated the earth other cosmic bodies missed the earth and were eventually consumed by the sun. I believe if you will look at what I am suggesting with an open mind, you will see that at least one GIANT cosmic body collided with the earth. The whole idea of how planets coalesce or become planets is what I am suggesting occurred and is still occurring every day and there is more to come. According to what is currently being discovered the question now is, just when is the next “big one” due?

From the pages of Geologic history written within the lines of strata, between the numerous folds of the earth’s crust, like pages from an ancient book, come terrifying tales of world wide catastrophe and cataclysm.
However ambiguous or uncertain the cause of these “earth shattering” events, one thing is quite certain, and that is; the key to the earth’s past is not in what is taking place in the present.
Before you pass judgment on what we are suggesting and disregard it as utter nonsense, please look into web sites like the “Society for Interdisciplinary Studies [SIS]” and “Shock Dynamics” which are dedicated to this same subject.


As we have pointed out; the possibility of a cosmic body of this magnitude colliding with the Earth has been demonstrated by contemporary science’s moon formation and capture theories.

In addition, we maintain that all of this devastation and cosmic activity occurring in our solar system was not going unnoticed. We believe that there were other beings (possibly some of the inhabitants of the destroyed planet who managed to escape) observing all of the aforementioned catastrophic events from a safe distance. 

We have seen and read enough in the past couple of decades to know that we are not the only people that believe we have been visited and are still being visited by extraterrestrial beings, although neither of us personally have never seen a “flying saucer” or little gray beings with huge eyes. It would seem that everyone is missing the real reason why we have been being visited by these beings. If you consider that experts are just beginning to learn what happened to the Earth and the “missing planet” between Mars and Jupiter, then you have a reason for our Solar System and Earth being of such interest to extraterrestrials.

Ancient Civilizations

At this juncture we need to address a few more “enigma”. These are in no particular order:

Many researchers and investigative journalists wonder how all of the massive structures and huge, precisely cut stone blocks at Puma Punku were transported, some scattered about haphazardly, thousands of feet high in the mountains of South America?

Looking at this from our perspective, it is possible that when those structures were first built they were much closer to sea level. Then when the massive tidal wave caused by the cosmic collision slammed into the continents the entire crust of the earth warped, buckled, and lifted. Everything animate and inanimate went with it?

Another point is the Book of Genesis and it’s ambiguous rendition of man’s beginnings, the great flood, etc.

No one seems to know what “original sin” was, or the real reason for Adam and Eve being “evicted” from the Garden of Eden or even where the Garden of Eden may have been. Only that it was fomented by Eve’s interaction with a serpent (Genesis 3:1). Is the serpent that was involved in the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is the same serpent described in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 20:2)? This book of the New Testament describes the serpent as a “cosmic” serpent and a dragon. Is this also the same serpent as the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and the deceiver of mankind? Is it also mere coincidence that Lucifer is also referred to in the bible as “the Bright and Morning Star” as well as “the Son of the Morning”. To us these sound like very “cosmic” terms and references.

  • Is it possible that Revelation “reveals” to mankind a very real and literal description of what happened in our solar system, which also involved our planet?
  • Could it have been a very real “war in Heaven” (or the sky) between Michael the archangel and Satan the fallen Angel?
  • This has been misinterpreted over time due to residual fear and misunderstanding as something that occurred on a spiritual rather than physical level?
  • These two warring “angels” or factions, through the use of some tremendously powerful weapon, blew up a planet between Mars and Jupiter and left behind the asteroid belt, which originally included a gigantic asteroid, which we now know as Australia.

Revelation 12:7 (paraphrase) says “there was a war in Heaven and Michael and his angles fought against the dragon and his angles who prevailed not. Neither was their place found anymore in Heaven.
And in Revelation 12:9: “And the great dragon was cast out. That old serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into earth and his angels were cast out with him.”
Lucifer was the bright “ Son of the morning” the brightest star in the heavens. Was this “Bright and Morning Star” a celestial body which early men gazed upon in the early morning sky as it approached the earth?


Lucifer also was cast down to the ground “and made the earth tremble”. Lucifer and Satan are one and the same. When Satan was cast into the earth “ a great flood was cast out of his mouth and the earth swallowed the flood.” Remember that sheet of ice on the top of the earth more than a mile thick and covering over 3 million square miles, as little as 12,000 years ago? We may be pumping the “Garden of Eden” and its inhabitants out of the earth in the form of crude oil.

The Nazca lines in southern Peru are another mystery.

How were they made, who made them, and what do they represent? It is obvious what the animal figures represent, but in addition to those of a bird, spider, monkey, and several other figures there are also other markings. Figures, which seem to be mathematical or geometric in nature i.e.: quadrangles, trapezoids, triangles and others (some as much as six miles long) that cover vast expanses of the arid plateau. There are many square miles covered with these figures and researchers have not been able to reach a consensus as to how they got there or what they truly represent. I realize that this idea is being espoused by many “ancient alien” researchers, but could it be that they are all right in their surmises?

The “Angles” and/or “gods” spoken of in the many legends were actually extraterrestrial beings, as is now being suggested by many educated people?
And could it be that these lines and figures were made by and for them and for their use and understanding?

Consider this: it follows that if Angels are from “Heaven” and Heaven is not here on Earth nor is it merely a spiritual realm, then Angels are extraterrestrial beings.
Also, could it be that some of these “Angels” were making these and many other calculations across the globe so they could tell Earthlings what happened to the Earth and the “missing planet,” and to try to predict what the final outcome would be? They might have been figuring how our planet became involved so as to warn the people about what to expect in the future.

Perhaps that is how John the Divine received his “Revelation of “…the things that were, the things are, and the things that must shortly come to pass…” (Revelation 1:1) or Revelation’s rendition of what happened to the earth and what we could expect in the future. According to carbon dating and what, the Nazca lines were made around the same time period that John the Divine received his Revelation. Could the calculations be the paths of some of the giant asteroids or comets that still remain a threat to the Earth?

Many years ago I read an article in a magazine called “FATE” In this article an Air Force Chaplain was trying to resolve an issue for one of the men in his company, so being a Chaplain, he was reading the Bible for guidance and answers. The Chaplain went on to say that as he was looking through the Bible, for no particular reason he began reading the Book of Ezekiel. The Chaplain’s description and illustrations of what he believed Ezekiel saw on the day of his “vision” made more sense to me than any I have read or seen since. He pointed out that having been a Chaplain in the Air Force for many years gave him a different perspective than most people would have, especially when it came to the Bible, air craft, and space suits.

Ezekiel described the beings he saw the day of his vision as having “the likeness of man under crystal that was stretched forth over their heads.” (Ezekiel 1:22)
Now that is rather descriptive by today standards. Each of these “living creatures”, as Ezekiel referred to them, also had the “…face of a lion on the right side of their head, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle on the back of their head.” The Chaplain said he immediately thought of a person in a modern space suit. Ezekiel went on to describe the “living creatures” as “…having wings which were joined one wing to the other…” and “…when they went not…”, the wings would fold down beside them over their arms, and when the creatures ”went” or began to move around “…their wings lifted up and became wheels and roared like many water falls”.
The Air Force Chaplain said he thought of a helicopter with a propeller that looks like a wheel as it is rotating. In addition, the Chaplain believed that the propellers had some sort of jet on the end which, when they lifted up and began to rotate, formed a ring of fire as Ezekiel said, “…and roared like many water falls.” Also like a helicopter, they must have had a smaller propeller to compensate for the torque of the larger propeller, the “wheel within a wheel” which Ezekiel also observed and wrote about.




Ezekiel Vision – courtesy of

Another enigma that deserves mention is the Sphinx, believed to be one of the oldest known monuments on the face of the earth. Some experts believe that it may be as much as fifty thousand years old.

The New Testament in the Book of Revelation says that after Satan was cast into the earth (paraphrase Revelation 13:8 and 20:4) “…they built a monument in the image of the beast and they began to worship the beast.” To this day there are still cults that worship Sphinx.

Could it be that the Sphinx, this part man part beast, is the beast the Bible refers to? Was he the devil, Satan, and Lucifer?
This “beast” is also known as “the serpent”, “the dragon” “the Shaytan”, “Mara”, and a myriad of other names throughout the world?

From what we understand, the Sphinx and the “step pyramid” were two of the very first structures of any significance constructed on this planet. But who built them and for what reason? When were they built?
We read that the time of construction has been variously estimated anywhere from 5000 to as much as 50,000 years ago. But my question is why? Why would any group of people invest the time and effort to make something that huge that no doubt took thousands of man hours with the tools they had to work with. That creature with a human head and a feline body had to have either been born out of a very “far-out”, troubled imagination or it was constructed for some otherworldly purpose, because they worshiped the thing. And here is where the Biblical concept of Satan takes on a second “personality”. The first as Satan, the cosmic body that fell to earth bringing “a third part of the stars of heaven” with, and second, as an actual extraterrestrial being (or group of beings).
Could it be that the Sphinx actually represents the part man and part beast, which Satan is supposed to be?
If many educated people believe Satan has a tail and horns and that Angles have bird wings on their back, then what I am suggesting isn’t that far fetched. We all know that if you start a story at one end of a line of people and let each person whisper the story to the person beside them, by the time the story reaches the other end of the line it bears little, if any resemblance to the original topic. According to some, Satan has the power to change into any form, from a snake or serpent into a being with a tail and horns, or a “being of light”, or anything else he wishes to be. There are as many different descriptions or images of Satan or the Devil as there are people that believe that “he” exists.

Another question is what was the “Ark of the Covenant?” This is another of those mysteries being investigated by many proponents of “ancient alien” theories. Some believe Moses used the power of the “Ark” to split the Red Sea. Which, it was recently learned was not the “Red Sea” after all. It turns out the word “red” was miss-translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Scholars now say it should be “Reed Sea“. So if I am somewhat off in my timeline or in my interpretation of what I see and read I’m not the only one who makes or has made mistakes. The words Red and Reed are pretty close (in English, at least. I have no idea what the original hieroglyph looks like.) If I am that close in what I am suggesting, I just have stumbled upon the most important discovery of all-time.

It is neither hubris nor ignorance that prompts many educated people to believe that the ancients who built the pyramids in both Egypt and Mexico, and the many other ancient monuments around the world, used an awesome power and advanced tools which we do not possess today.

Where did this power and these tools come from? It is ludicrous to believe that immense monuments like Puma Punku in Bolivia, or the Sphinx, or the Mexican and Egyptian pyramids, as well as the myriad other such structures around the world were built by slaves using small copper chisels and stone or wooden mallets, and how did they transport the immense stones? It is said that they did it with hand made ropes, ramps, and log rollers. I think not! This is like saying that the Empire State Building was built with only an Erector Set, a screwdriver, and a ball of twine. We believe that if the “copper chisel” scenario were true, begun five thousand  years ago or more, the “slaves” would still be working on these projects today.

We believe that it is possible that these alien beings waited for “things to calm down”, so to speak. They then came to help those Earthlings that either survived the holocaust or developed thereafter to “dig out” from the aftermath of the devastation. These extraterrestrial visitors may have even “seeded” the planet with creatures of their own design…us…humankind.

After stabilizing the inhabitants of this planet and perhaps even altering them genetically to be better able to adapt, these alien beings set to work. They built and helped build, they taught and instructed, they came and they went. During their comings and goings they demonstrated their abilities by constructing these monuments perhaps as reminders to living and future generations of what had happened and could happen again. They used their own tools and  methods to build. They also left evidence of their presence here in the structures they built and the carvings thereon. They taught the inhabitants about mathematics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and astronomy (reference “the Watchers, the Anunnaki, and Kukulkan, among others). [ Editor’s note: read Great Teachers of Humanity section of post called “The Great Design” ].  The ancient humans saw them as gods that came from the sky because of the incredible feats they performed and how they arrived and left. However, over the eons that have passed since the beings first arrived, the true meanings of the messages they left have been confused, misinterpreted, and lost. Yet they still come, they still visit their children (mankind), examining us and monitoring our progress (if “progress” is what it is…) .

Now men struggle to make sense of it all. But we believe the answers to be glaringly obvious when sought with an open mind. And it is with an open mind that we ask all who read this to consider what we suggest. Remember that a hundred years ago people thought that going to the moon was a lunatic’s fantasy. They thought that if a man traveled at a mile a minute his blood would boil…that’s only 60-MPH. Just over five hundred years ago people still thought the world was flat and that one could fall off the edge. It took weird, oddball people who thought outside of the box, people with strange, ludicrous ideas to prove them wrong. We realize that these ideas constitute a radical point of view.
However, if there is even an impossibly remote chance that the continent of Australia could have been a cosmic body which struck the earth, it certainly would open a new approach to many existing unsolved mysteries, and perhaps even be the solution to them. Also, if this is viewed with an open mind and taken as a whole, one will begin to see how many seemingly diverse and unrelated legends, myths, schools of thought, and other far reaching ideas this ties together.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the things we suggest are just bizarre and eccentric enough to be true. Decide for yourself.

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All rights reserved.
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Apocalypse & Armageddon

The apocalypse is approaching: which Torah prophecies about the End of the World began to come true

In 2018, the predictions of the end of the world made by the Jewish prophets began to come true.

According to legend, the text of the Torah was dictated to Moses by the Almighty himself. Over the centuries, these divine precepts were supplemented by various sages, they clarified certain provisions of the ancient religious document for their contemporaries, and also wrote down their own prophecies.

Of course, the lengthy text of the Torah contains many contradictions, because each of its co-authors had a personal idea of ​​the end of the world, for example. But in its most general form it says that the Almighty gave our world six millennia from the moment of creation. Then, as the prophets predict, bloody wars, numerous natural disasters will begin, the death of most of humanity will occur.

But every cloud has a silver lining: at this time the Messiah will appear on earth, who will lead the righteous to prosperity and prosperity. Therefore, individual followers of Judaism are trying with all their might to bring the end of the world closer, hoping to see the long-awaited messenger of the Almighty with their own eyes.

Three prophecies come true

Mystically minded people are always looking for signs of the approaching Apocalypse in various events: the movement of comets; natural disasters; solar and lunar eclipses; armed conflicts. There are several reasons for the followers of Judaism to believe that the end of the world is near. Three prophecies from the Torah, predicting the imminent Apocalypse, came true one after another.

Judge for yourself, in September 2018, a red heifer was born in Israel, which symbolizes the imminent divine cleansing of our world. In early October, renowned photographer Noam Bedein unveiled sensational photographs proving the presence of live fish in the waters of the Dead Sea, which has not been seen for millennia. And a month later, tourists were surprised to see a snake on the Wailing Wall hunting a pigeon.

All these events are similar to the omens of the Apocalypse described in the Torah, which gave various mystics and conspiracy theorists the opportunity to talk about the approach of the Day of Judgment. The next date for the imminent end of the world, based on these predictions, is set for fall 2021 – three years after the prophecies came true.

Snake on the Western Wall

On November 3, 2018, the British edition of The Sun and several other information resources reported about a snake that crawled between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A reptile hunted a pigeon in the female section of the tourist complex.

However, the event did not cause much commotion. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation (the official organization responsible for this site of cultural and religious value) made a statement that the snake, approximately 1 meter long, was non-venomous. The summoned serpentologist without much difficulty caught her, and the incident was over.

But numerous mystics found a special, sacred meaning in this event. As you know, the inhabitants of the Middle East, like other lands, in ancient times worshiped animal totems. It was believed that they protect and support people, give them strength. Conspiracy theorists claim that the snake was a symbol of the ancient family from which the legendary kings of the Jewish people – Solomon and David – originated. The appearance of their totem animal in the women’s section of the Western Wall was interpreted as a sign of future changes. And the fact that the snake hunted a dove, personifying the Christian faith in various esoteric practices, was perceived by many mystics as evidence of the approach of the Apocalypse.

Although, according to some Jewish religious leaders, this event has a positive meaning. It is possible that our civilization will face a serious transformation in the near future, because any changes bring not only troubles, but also renewal of life. Moreover, the number of snakes (nakhash) in traditional numerology is 358, and the word “Messiah” (Moshiach) has the same arithmetic indicator.

The Book of Zohar, referred to by many Jewish mystics, calls our world a kind of opposite to the Garden of Eden. That is, on a sinful earth, a snake is not the personification of the forces of Evil. On the contrary, this reptile here signifies the purification and revival of divine holiness.

It is noteworthy that a few months ago, just after the end of the Tisha Bav fast, dedicated to mourning over the destruction of two Jewish temples, a stone weighing 220 pounds fell from the western part of the Western Wall.

Explaining this event, the conspiracy theorists decided that the centuries-old suffering of the Jewish people was over. Now the long-awaited revival begins, which will mark the imminent appearance of the Third Temple – a mystical religious building, which should be a testament to the onset of an era of prosperity and prosperity.

Live fish in the Dead Sea

In early October 2018, all the world’s news agencies published sensational photographs taken by the famous Israeli photographer Noam Bedein. For many years he explored the Dead Sea, capturing this unique natural reservoir. And here’s the real luck – in the waters, which were considered absolutely lifeless, fish calmly swim. And earlier, algae were seen there.

The Dead Sea is a closed lake with a salinity level of 300-350%, which is one of the highest in the world. According to biblical tradition, the reservoir was formed on the site of the destroyed cities – Sodom and Gomorrah. And here, on the earth cursed by the Almighty, there were no traces of life for many millennia.

The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel (622-570 BC), however, left an unambiguous indication of this. He wrote that the dead waters will come to life again just before the end of the world. And in the reservoir, which was considered unusable, fish will appear again.

But on the other hand, salt water is not an insurmountable obstacle to life. For example, Artemia (toad-legged crustacean) lives in the lakes of the Tiligul reserve, located near Odessa. The salinity level of those reservoirs is 269%. This is lower than the Dead Sea, but not much. And in the estuaries of Tuzla near the Kerch Strait, a furry worm lives quietly.

In any case, the appearance of fish in the Dead Sea is proof of significant changes taking place in nature.

Red calf

The book of the biblical prophet Daniel says that the sacrifice of the red cow will be another foreshadowing of the imminent appearance of the Messiah, since this ritual action will help to cleanse the world from all accumulated filth. Many followers of Judaism believe that after the sacrifice, the construction of the mystical Third Temple will begin, marking the beginning of an era of prosperity.

But the problem is that it is very difficult to find a cow suitable for the ritual. It should be an animal with perfectly red fur. Even two hairs next to each other, which have a different shade, make the horned pretender unfit for sacrifice. In addition, a cow should never wear yokes, be involved in agricultural work, and she must also be born on Israeli soil.

According to biologists, a perfectly red cow is a biological anomaly. Nevertheless, the Old Testament says that the first such sacrifice was made by Moses himself, and before the destruction of the Second Temple, the ritual was performed eight or nine times.

The Israeli religious organization “The Establishment of the Temple” set itself the goal of accelerating the coming of the Messiah, and breeders were involved in the work. And so, in September 2018, the birth of the “red heifer”, suitable for sacrifice, was solemnly announced to the whole world.

According to the instructions of the Mishnah (the sacred text of the followers of Judaism), the cow should be slaughtered in a special, ritual way, and the carcass should be burned. The ashes of such an animal have a cleansing power, which should contribute to the restoration of biblical purity in our sinful world.

According to mystics, the birth of the red calf is another omen of global changes that await our world. After all, it was from clay of this color, according to legend, that the first people were created.

By themselves, the above events are not particularly remarkable. Snakes are found in Israel and crawl wherever they please. Stones fall from the Western Wall, after all, this is an ancient structure. Ginger calves are born from time to time. And fish can live in salt water if they adapt. But it all depends on how you look. And if these are really omens of the Apocalypse? Wait and see.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Will the conflict in Karabakh develop into a nuclear one?

With the outbreak of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, crowds of political correspondents rushed to televisions and newspapers, spreading their fingers and puffing out their cheeks, vang about a future that will never come true. 

Nevertheless, everyone, especially the inhabitants of the Caucasus, is terribly interested in this future, and in the absence of another source of information, people are forced to listen to the songs of the mindless and stupid. Meanwhile, there are other sources of information, which are called Prophecies. 

With prophecies, however, everything is very difficult, especially with fake texts of recent times, where some “Lugansk elders” vang about getting up from their knees and call to unite around the great supreme leader.

The second problem with prophecies is the absence of such small countries as Armenia and Azerbaijan, for example. Prophets communicate with angels, and angels think on the scale of continents and hardly show them small territories. However, sometimes a few things slip: 

I saw an Angel lifting a sickle. He moved it over the countries of the Middle East. I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, all of Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor. All these lands were covered in blood. I saw fire. Atomic weapons were used against many of these countries, smoke rose to the sky everywhere. Great destruction – people destroyed each other. I heard the words: “Israel, Oh Israel, the time of the great judgment has come.”

This prophecy belongs to a gentleman named Samuel Doctorian or Doctorian. He lives (lived?) In the United States and was either an ethnic Greek or an Armenian – we have no exact information. The prophecy was made in 1998, and by some miracle for 1998, it lists all the hotbeds of current or emerging conflicts.

The only thing is that there is nothing in Georgia yet, but from other sources we know that at least the city of Tbilisi will be destroyed by a nuclear explosion. One of the well-known elders in Georgia spoke about this back in the 1970s. Literally, he described the black ruins remaining from the city, over which even birds fell dead, but this is a separate topic, so we turn to the prophecies of Lord Doctorian:

The angel said: “Millions will die in China and India. The largest river in China will flood and destroy thousands of homes in flooding. Some nationalities will be against other nationalities, brother will go against brother. Asians will fight among themselves, atomic weapons will be used, which will destroy millions of people. ” Twice I’ve heard the word “disaster”. Then the Angel said that there would be a financial crisis in Asia and God would shake the world.

The largest river in China and in general on the continent is the Yangtze River. And somehow it so happened that in the summer of 2020, an unprecedented flood in the history of the PRC began there, which is taking place against the backdrop of a covid financial crisis, the conflict in Ladakh, Hong Kong and the South China Sea. And if not today, then tomorrow the dam of the Three Gorges hydroelectric power station will collapse, after which everyone will say “disaster” in chorus . But we read further:

I saw how large stones fell from the sky in different parts of Africa. The earth will be shaken with such force, with which it has not yet been shaken from the creation of the world. No one can escape the sword of the Lord. I saw the Nile river dry, the Nile was a god for the Egyptians. Most of central Africa will be covered in water – millions will die.

A very strange prophecy. On the one hand, it says that the Nile will dry up, on the other, Africa will be flooded. What does it mean? And to understand this as the Hydase hydroelectric power station, which is being built by the Ethiopians:

The result of filling this reservoir will first be the drying up of the Nile, and then a tactical missile strike on the dam, followed by flooding. And somehow it so strangely coincided that the dam began to be filled in 2020 – simultaneously with the flooding in China and the beginning of the war in the Caucasus. 

In general, three hits out of five (in total, Mr. Doctorian had five visions) and all three fall on 2020. The Angels did not name the date, but there is every reason to believe that the time for the fulfillment of the prophecies has begun.

H askolko exactly they realized we did not know how and do not know that they were there for the Angels. Maybe Angels from local orbital hosts, maybe Angels from a rival company, or maybe it’s some kind of Third Force. But in any case, the prophecy deserves to be brought in full and wang it on the development of events. 

The prophecy of Samuel Doctorian about a future tectonic cataclysm.

 This prophecy (vision) was revealed to Doctor Samuel Doktorian on the island of Patmos in 1998. On the same island, John the Theologian wrote down his predictions – “The Revelations of John the Theologian”.

Doctorian says: “I was alone for some weeks on the island of Patmos in my house. There I prayed and sought the Lord. There was a small church of St. Nicholas on the island, which no one visited. I went there and poured my heart into it before God. One day I found a large rock at the edge of a cliff, I wanted to sit on it to pray and read the Bible. I ate very little these days. Repeatedly visited the place where John saw the Revelation. A month has passed since I prayed in this remote place. I thought, asking myself, “Maybe God will send me HIS ANGEL for the tenth time?” I have already seen Angels nine times: in England, in Belgrade, Amman, in Jerusalem. I saw one Angel in Upper Egypt: He saved a woman who decided to commit suicide by hanging. I saw the Ninth Angel amid the hostilities in Beirut. At three o’clock in the morning, he woke me up from sleep and told me to leave this country at once. Until today, I am grateful to God for this, although I do not know what could have happened to me. And so I thought, “Will I see an Angel for the tenth time?”

An angel appeared with a message

On June 20, 1998, at 3:50 am here on Patmos, my room suddenly filled with light, even though there was no electricity here. On my right side were two Angels. Looking to the left, I led away three more Angels with wings. I saw their faces as the faces of people, they shone. They were dressed in very nice white long clothes. It cannot be described in human language. I asked myself “Why are there five of them?”

I was trembling all over, I was shaking. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Then I saw myself standing in front of the meeting and prophesying, these words: “My Church, you preach love, but you must live by love, you must show it to others. There must be unity in my Body. There are many divisions among you. Where there is no unity, the Spirit cannot move and work. The flesh rules in My Church. There is a lot of impurity in My Church. I need and yearn for a people who would live a holy life. I died to make you holy. ”

While the prophecy was going on in the Spirit, I was shaking all over. Opening my eyes, I looked into the crowd. During this prophecy, these powerful Angels suddenly appeared. Walking back from the pulpit, I thought I was going to fall. Some force supported me so that I would not fall. I asked myself: “What will happen next?”

Suddenly the first Angel said: “We, the Angels of the five continents, have come to tell you about the future of these continents.” At that moment, I heard the screams of the people standing in front of me ” Oh-oh-oh-oh! ” I think they saw Angels too. Somehow, God made me understand that in the coming days in many places on earth He will reveal Himself to people through Angels. Such phenomena will often occur in churches. Thousands of people will simultaneously see Angels. The angels said: “What you see and hear – tell people.” Whether the peoples will accept it or not, I consider it my duty to announce what has been said to me.

First Angel: Message to All Asia

The First Angel said, “I have a message for all of Asia.” When He said this, in the blink of an eye I saw all of China, India and other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. Then the Angel showed me New Guinea and further down to Australia and New Zealand. “I am the Angel for Asia,” He said.

I saw in His hand a very large trumpet with which He will blow over all Asia. Millions will hear this powerful trumpet voice. Then He said: “There will be catastrophes and famines. Many will starve to death. All over Asia there will be earthquakes and the sea will cover the land. “

I clearly heard the words spoken by the Angel: “Large parts of the earth will fall into the sea. In some places in Australia there will be earthquakes, it will split and most of it will be covered by the sea. ” It was scary.

I asked myself, “Did I hear correctly?” To this the Angel said: “In China and India, millions will die. The largest river in China will flood and destroy thousands of homes in flooding. Some nationalities will be against other nationalities, brother will go against brother. Asians will fight among themselves, atomic weapons will be used, which will destroy millions of people. ” Twice I’ve heard the word “disaster”. Then the Angel said that there would be a financial crisis in Asia and God would shake the world.

As He spoke, I was shaking. Looking at me, He smiled and said: “There will be a great spiritual awakening, the chains will break, the obstacles will be overcome. All over Asia, China, India, people will come to Christ. There is going to be a big and strong revival in Australia. This is the final harvest. “

Then, as if in the name of God, He said: “I will prepare My Church for My coming.” After the news of the judgment, I was happy to hear this good news. All this time, five Angels were in my room. It was a powerful experience.

Second Angel: Middle East

Then I saw the second Angel holding a sickle in his hand, as they do during the harvest. He said, “The harvest has come in Israel and the countries before Iran.” In the blink of an eye, I saw these countries and heard: “All Turkey and those countries that rejected Me, rejected the message of love, will hate and destroy each other.”

I saw an Angel lifting a sickle. He moved it over the countries of the Middle East. I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, all of Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor. All these lands were covered in blood. I saw fire. Atomic weapons were used against many of these countries, smoke rose to the sky everywhere. Great destruction – people destroyed each other. I heard the words: “Israel, O Israel, the time of the great judgment has come.”

The angel said: “The elect, the Church and the remnant, the people will be cleansed. The Holy Spirit will prepare the children of God. ” I saw a flame of fire rising to the sky. The angel said, “This is the final judgment. My Church will be cleansed, preserved, and prepared for the last day. People will die of thirst. There will be very little water throughout the Middle East. The rivers will dry up, and the people in these countries will wage war over water. “

The angel showed me that the UN, due to the catastrophic situation in the Middle East, would disintegrate and as such would no longer exist. The angel with the sickle will reap the harvest.

Third Angel: Europe

After that, Angel showed me all of Europe from the North down to Spain and Portugal. In His hand He held a measuring branch.

I saw Him flying over Europe and saying these words: “I am deeply concerned, filled with suffering. Injustice, impurity and godlessness throughout Europe. Sin has risen to the sky. The Holy Spirit is filled with suffering. “

I’ve seen rivers in Europe overflow their banks and flood millions of homes. Czechoslovakia has had the worst floods ever before.

Suddenly I heard the rumble of an earthquake all over Europe. “Countries that have never been shaken by an earthquake will be shaken,” said the Angel. Suddenly I saw how the Eiffel Tower broke and disintegrated in Paris. Most of Germany will be destroyed. Big city London – destruction everywhere.

I’ve seen floods all over Scandinavia. I looked south and saw Spain going through great famine and great destruction. Many in Spain and Portugal will starve to death.

I was alarmed and said: “Lord, what will happen to Your Children?” The angel responded with the words of God: “I will prepare them. They should be looking forward to the appearance of the Lord. Many in these days will cry to Me and I will save them. I will work great miracles for them, I will show them My Power. Amid this great destruction, in these countries the mercy of God will dwell. I was happy – God protects his children.

4th Angel: Africa

Now we went to Africa. I saw the fourth Angel with wings flying over Africa. Also, I could see all the way, from the cities in the south to Cairo in the north. The angel destined for Africa was carrying a huge sword.

Suddenly I heard them say the words: “Innocent blood is shed, strife among the nations. Generations are far from the Lord – thousands have ruined each other. I have seen my believing children in Africa. I will bless them abundantly. I will control the weather: the sun will burn fieryly in certain places. Big rivers will dry up, millions will die of hunger. There will be floods elsewhere. The grounds will be shaken. Those who thirst for blood and do lies, My sword will judge, there will be many earthquakes, many cities will be flooded. “

I saw large stones falling from the sky in different parts of Africa. The earth will be shaken with such force, with which it has not yet been shaken from the creation of the world. No one can escape the sword of the Lord. I saw the Nile river dry, the Nile was a god for the Egyptians. Most of central Africa will be covered in water – millions will die.

“Lord, this is all bad news, just all destruction. Is there any good news? ”I asked. The Lord answered: “The last day has come – the day of judgment. My love was rejected and the day of judgment came. ” I was trembling and shaking all over. I thought I would not survive this.

Fifth Angel: America

I saw the last Angel flying over North and South America, en route from the North Pole to Argentina, from the US East to California. I saw the cup in his hand. The angel said that he would pour out the judgments of the court over these countries, which are in this bowl.

Then I heard an Angel speaking: “There is no morality, no justice, no holiness. Idol worship, materialism, drunkenness, attachment to sin. The shedding of innocent blood – millions of children are killed before they are born. Families break up. An adulterous generation. Exactly the same position as in the days of Noah. Lying preachers, false prophets, rejection of My love. Many of them preach religion, rejecting the true Power. “

When I heard all this, I asked the Angel: “Can’t you wait a little longer? Don’t pour it out. Give one more chance for repentance! ” He replied, “The Lord often spoke to them, but they did not listen. Look, the time has come. They love money and entertainment more than they love Me. “

When the Angel began to pour out the contents of the bowl, I saw how large icebergs began to melt. When it started, I saw flooding all over Canada and North America: all the rivers overflowed their banks, causing destruction everywhere.

I heard how international trade collapsed – like an earthquake and New York’s skyscrapers collapsed and fell. In the oceans I saw ships sinking, I saw how an Angel poured a bowl over Mexico, and both oceans joined – the Atlantic and the Pacific. Most of Brazil was covered in water. The Amazon River has turned into a large lake. Forests have been destroyed and flooded. Major cities in Brazil have been destroyed, and earthquakes have hit many places. When the Angel poured out the contents of the bowl, great destruction occurred in Chile and Brazil, which had not happened before. The whole earth was shaking.

Everything will be done soon

Here the Angel said: “This will all happen in a very short time.” I said, “Can’t you put it all off? Don’t pour these things over the globe (earth). ” Suddenly I saw five Angels standing around the globe with their arms and wings raised to heaven, saying, “All the glory of God is in heaven and on earth. The time has come and He will glorify His Son. A new heaven and a new earth will be created. God will destroy the works of the devil forever. I will show My Power by keeping My children in this destruction. Get ready for the day when the Lord comes. “

My room was filled with light and brilliance of Angels. Suddenly, they ascended into the sky. As I looked up into the sky, I saw Angels heading in five directions. I did not sleep, my body trembled all the time.

I asked: “Lord, should I leave Patmos?” He said, “No, for a special reason I brought you here.” I said, “The Angels’ message about the whole world is not good news. This is judgment, punishment, destruction, obliteration. What will people say about me? I have always been a preacher of love, peace and good news. ” The angel said, “This is our message. You are an instrument, a channel ”. I said, “Lord, let your will be done.”

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Scientists warn of imminent pole reversal and critical weakening of the Earth’s geomagnetic shield

Since 1850, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. At the turn of the millennium, it began to decline exponentially, by more than 10% in a decade – this decline is extreme and alarming.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from cosmic radiation. Our shields have been discharged and this is very bad news for all life on our planet and this may even lead to another mass extinction.

“”When the magnetic field weakens, the poles change,” says David Mauriello of ORP and MRN. Over the past 100 years, both the north and south poles have been rapidly approaching the equator and their rate of mixing increases, Mauriello warns. 

The S Pole is now behind the Antarctic continent and is heading straight for Indonesia, and the N Pole is moving across the Arctic Circle towards Siberia, it too is heading for Indonesia – where the poles are likely to meet over the next few decades, perhaps around 2050.

This “meeting” will lead to one of two possible options: 

1) a complete reversal will occur (aka “reversal”, where the magnetic poles change)
2) a “bounce back” will occur and the poles will quickly return to their original starting points (in other words, an “excursion”).

The main problem, however, is not the pole shift, although that is certainly one of the problems, Mauriello continues. No, the biggest problem is the waning magnetosphere resulting from the pole shift.

“As the magnetic field weakens, more and more cosmic radiation can penetrate the Earth,” Mauriello explains

“Not only cosmic rays will increase, but also the entire wide spectrum of radiation. Did you notice this summer, just standing in the sun for even a few minutes was hell? ” 

“This is because we are at the solar minimum, we have a reduced magnetic field, and you feel the influence of this radiation. And this, unfortunately, will increase for the rest of your life – or as long as the reversal / hike takes place. “

In recent years, it has been documented that magnetic inversions and excursions have caused some of the largest mass extinctions on the planet, including the Early Dryas event, which wiped out up to 65% of the world’s megafauna.

And this is already happening right now!

Heartbreaking images show the aftermath of Australia’s worst massive whale landfall in history. To date, an estimated 400 whales have died.

It may well go down in history as one of the largest such events in history, but it certainly isn’t unprecedented. Recently, there are data in many other directions, and moreover, that they all occur during solar minima.

Back in 1985, about 450 whales were stranded in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1996, 320 whales stranded off Dunsborough, Washington. 

In addition, this week in Tasmania, for the first time since 2009, more than 50 stranded whales were deployed. 

And in 2017, a staggering 600 whales landed on New Zealand’s South Island, killing more than 350.

So, this is 1985, 1996, 2009, 2017, and now 2020 – these are not random dates: all these years fall within the solar minima, “when the maximum cosmic radiation penetrates the planet, and this would also be a decrease in the magnetic field – confusion for animals “- Mauriello notes.

“These are predictable events based on the simultaneous extinction of the magnetosphere and the disintegration of our Sun,” Mauriello says. “”These events will continue for maybe another year or so, and then when we hit the solar minimum of cycle 25, we can expect them to happen in 2031, 2032, 2033.””

Mauriello concludes: “The magnetic deflection or reversal will continue as the Sun also enters great lows – these two events occurring at the same time, in my opinion, are not accidental, but will actually intensify the already ongoing Little Ice Age.”

“You and I – we all seem to be experiencing the beginning of the next cosmic catastrophe here on Earth.”

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