The Sun experienced giant flares while astrologers speak of the Great Stellium in 2024 which only happens once every 83 years!

Two solar flares of the highest magnitude X occurred today, February 22, 2024, on the Sun. The last time the Sun produced two explosions of higher power in a row was in September 2017. 

What also attracts attention is the density – the bursts were within 60 minutes, it began at approximately 22:30 UT, and by half past eleven it was all over. 

Such events are extremely rare, since each outbreak of such magnitude depletes solar energy reserves, and it usually takes considerable time to restore it.

© Nasa/SDO

The fact that a star is capable of producing two such powerful explosions in a row indicates that the Sun is entering a state of extremely high activity and according to preliminary estimates, the ejected plasma clouds will pass by the Earth, although at a fairly close distance.

Since only grains of information can be caught from the public, one can only speculate theoretically about the harbingers of the Sun shedding its outer shell. If NASA honestly writes about gamma-ray bursts, then 7 bursts per hour or 7 per day are not enough to be a harbinger of a thermonuclear explosion. But who knows what the scientists actually see on the Sun and they don’t tell us about it. And if there are actually series of twenty to thirty pieces, a micronova can happen any day.

Since the beginning of 2024, 5 explosions of higher power have already occurred on the Sun. Previously, scientists reported that the increasing frequency of flares and an increase in their power indicates a gradual approach of the Sun to the peak of activity, which presumably could occur as early as mid-2024, although, according to some forecasts, it could be shifted to 2025.

Great Stellium in 2024

During April, May and June 2024, a unique astrological phenomenon is observed in the starry sky – the great stellium of 2024. This is a cluster of planets in the sign of Taurus, where Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Selena (White Moon) will gather and Mars will join in June.

The exact date of the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter is expected from April 18 to 22, 2024, and in the period from May 13 to 20, 2024 there will be an exact mutual conjunction of the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus.

According to astrologers, a turbulent period awaits us between June 26 and November 10, 2024. This is the time when Uranus will be in conjunction with the ominous star Algol (the star of the Devil). The last time such a connection was in the spring-summer of 1941.

During this conjunction, the beginning of a new Mars-Uranus cycle also occurs. Uranus, as a symbol of collective consciousness, initiates Mars (warrior) to fight Evil (Algol).

Fourth Horseman?

On April 8, 2024, that is, in just over a month, a total solar eclipse of 139 Saros will occur, the full phase of which can be observed in Mexico, the United States and Canada. 

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Conspiracy theorists always treat solar eclipses with great concern, but in this case the concern is special, since eschatologists have been waiting for this eclipse for many years and made predictions for it, one more terrible than the other. There are many reasons for this, but the most important are two. 

Firstly, the eclipse of 04/08/24 and the eclipse of 08/20/17 form a kind of cross in the United States, which everyone is very afraid of:

Secondly, the time distance between the eclipses of 04/08/24 and 08/20/17 is six years, six months, six weeks and six days. Seeing so many sixes, conspiracy theorists traditionally get terrified, because on this day some evil forces may schedule a powerful ritual that will make countries and people tremble. 

And now, the resource, which has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, added fuel to the fire and to the excitement. 

As we all know, for several months now, astronomy lovers have been observing Comet Pons-Brooks (12P/Pons-Brooks), which is showing them all sorts of cosmic wonders in the form of unusual tails, increased brightness, and so on. 

At the moment, the comet is faintly visible, but renowned astronomers promise an increase in its brightness by at least 40 times by April, and maybe an order of magnitude more if the comet warms up and there is an explosion again. But the most important thing is that when the sun goes out on April 8, the comet will appear nearby and will shine instead of the sun in broad daylight. promise that the backlight changes will look like oak leaves falling from an ash tree, which is truly amazing. 

Now we read Revelation 6:8:

“And I looked: and behold, a pale horse, and its rider, whose name was Death. And hell followed him; and power was given to him over the fourth part of the earth – to kill with the sword, and with famine, and with pestilence, and with the beasts of the earth.“

In the original text the horse was not pale, but pale green, or “chlorine”, as it sounds in Greek, so “chlorine” is more correct than “pale”. 

In light of this, some eschatologists think that the Pons-Brooks comet is precisely the “pale horse” from the Apocalypse, 

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