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The Subtle World, or why everyone has their own way “there”. And why should the study of Invisibility be based on great Sources, and not on the experiences of “visitors”

The Subtle World, or why everyone has their own way "there". And why should the study of Invisibility be based on great Sources, and not on the experiences of "visitors" 1

At one time, Dr. R. Moody’s book, in which the author collected the escapades of people who experienced a state of clinical death, had a great deal of attention on people’s minds. A number of books by this author, having unraveled these incidents, sowed many harmful ideas. 

It would seem strange that mankind, having the Teaching of Wisdom, which explains the structure of being and the structure of man, responds only to vivid descriptions of the subjective thoughts and experiences of people whose level of consciousness does not go beyond the usual.

And although such descriptions have convinced many of the existence of this notorious “there”, one cannot help but understand that for those who seek real knowledge, the descriptions of people who in one way or another came into contact with the Subtle World are their personal experiences of a borderline state – with all the burden of personal consciousness and personal characteristics of perception. Experience is for everyone. True knowledge is only One and every person should strive for that knowledge.

The Internet now is replete with descriptions of the Subtle World, in which those who have “seen” in different states claim that “there” is such and such. But the reality of the Subtle World in the posthumous state of a person, firstly, is very different from the experience of a person who has not yet lost contact with the physical body, and secondly, we repeat the important thing: everyone will “see” the Subtle World by “his own” eye of the beholder, and not a universal one. And someone will not see anything, and for him it will also be “his” “proven fact.”

“There are many misunderstandings around the understanding of the Subtle World. It is especially difficult to perceive the uniqueness, which is the same both in the earthly and in the Subtle World. … the mistake is that usually one layer is taken for the entire Subtle World …” (“Elevated”, 220).

The biggest mistake is to think that one should think about the Subtle World in old age. Why is it necessary to think about the unity and continuity of life from childhood? – Because there is one law of being, which affirms the need to improve thinking and consciousness.

A person who has clear, precise thinking, an active consciousness during earthly life, will clearly perceive life in its subtle conditions. Of course, provided that thinking is spiritualized. Since another law of being – the law of free will  states that the will of a person opens or closes the paths of development, potentials, including the potential of spiritual receptivity. Therefore, it is necessary during earthly life to develop the mobility of consciousness and imagination – in its purest and most sublime forms.

Why are any prejudices about the Subtle World harmful? 

According to the law of magnetism of thinking, a person will attract what he wants (or supposes) to see. Therefore, the subtle world is truly unique in each individual case: a believer in paradise will find them, a waiting world similar to the earthly one will abide in his creations. Therefore, one should strive for the Higher Light, for the Truth, for the Highest Ideal, for God – during earthly life, realizing this aspiration in concrete deeds. Only in this way, integrity and sincerity, a person builds his future in the Invisible – exercising consciousness and will in Light and Truth.

But how long will consciousness remain in illusion? The key concept for a person in all conditions is consciousness. Many sleep with consciousness in earthly life, and therefore, most likely, they will continue to sleep in the subtle world, without touching here on the question of the relativity of Reality as such.

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Thin shells of the spirit  thin “bodies” of a person

Their quality and state determine the state of consciousness in the Subtle World. Kama-loka is the name of the region of the Subtle World, where consciousnesses that have not been cleansed of earthly desires and passions reside. The more spiritualized the consciousness of a personality, the easier it throws off the shells that clothe the spirit with “materials” that are unnecessary on the Higher Planes.

E.I. Roerich, through Fiery Yoga and under the direct guidance of the Great Teacher, burned the Astral shell during lifetime. This is an exceptional achievement, and this achievement is not worth striving to repeat yet. But a person must strive to purify desires and transform all his qualities to the level of their greatest spirituality. The spiritualized consciousness is easily freed during the Transition from the remnants of earthly energies, and soars into the Higher realm.

Loki, or regions of the Subtle World, should not be understood as “places”. It is more correct to think about states of consciousness. People in incarnation also differ in the “region” of their thoughts, their consciousnesses. But if in the physical world this fact is not physically visible, then in the Subtle World – the World of Thoughts – it becomes obvious – “loka”. A person who has crossed “beyond the line” stays “where” his consciousness, his real aspirations, stayed during his lifetime.

Most importantly, for a person who wants to be conscious and not drag out life in the dim areas of the Subtle World will be the development of consciousness, the development of higher centers – through the spiritualization of thoughts and will. For the light in the Invisible Worlds corresponds to the light of human consciousness, everyone illuminates his path with his own light, the light-bearer will remain in the light, the darkened consciousness will see the world around him darkened. 

“… Not many people think about the higher spheres and even fear the radiance of Matter Lucida, and the very sharpening of thinking already frightens the limited mind. On Earth, people should already anticipate where they want to continue their progress …” (“Elevated”, 220).

The transmutation of the centers – the transfiguration – must begin in the earthly state. This is the process referred to in Blavatsky’s theosophy as altruism and knowledge of being. And the process that is explained in the Living Ethics as the transformation of all energies by serving the Light. – Yoga of Ethical development from the subtle to the subtlest, from the subtlest to the fiery state of all earthly feelings.

“… Each spiritual striving gives its deposits, which take the form of subtle energies upon the transition to the Subtle World. It is so important to aspire to the higher Spheres” (H.I. Roerich. Letter dated 05.05.1934).

Consciousness is a property of the spirit

With the abandonment of the physical body, a person loses physical consciousness, but consciousness as a principle and ability of the spirit is preserved if it is manifested during life. , revealed – by the development and spiritualization of thinking, as well as by a firm attitude not to lose consciousness under any conditions. The Higher Light, the Higher World is the lot of the spirit that has developed wingedness in earthly life. Thought and Love shine in all Worlds.

“… It is in the Supermundane that consciousness is needed. The earthly consciousness leaves us, but it is transformed into the knowledge of the spirit. And yet, the clearer the earthly consciousness, the sooner the knowledge of the spirit awakens…” (“Supermundane”, 304).

In the Subtle World the Higher Consciousnesses, in their Subtle bodies, help humanity. But a person must himself strive for the Higher Leaders, having realized the Service to the Light on earth. That is why it is so important to have an Ideal to which one can aspire in all conditions. The Magnet of Love makes it possible to see and accept the Higher Help.

The Subtle World can be an area of ​​work for the Good and an area of ​​teaching. But a person must develop striving and industriousness in his earthly life.

The Subtle World is under the influence of the cosmic worlds, and for those who dwell in it these gravitations are even more tangible than in incarnation. Striving for the Far Worlds is the basic law of the development of the spirit, for the boundlessness of possibilities opens up only in isolation from the earthly sphere. One should think about the Far Worlds and feel them during earthly life, then the light of the Cosmos and new inspiration will appear to the spirit in the Subtle World.

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The Subtle World is open to Cosmos; the sun and stars, and many forms of beautiful life can become manifest to an active and refined spirit with a sense of Beauty.

“On Earth, representatives of the most distant evolutions can get along with people of the sixth race. It can also be seen that the worldview ranges from primitive to enlightened understanding … … one should not imagine the Subtle World as something deadly legalized. There may also be collisions of psychic forces in the higher spheres, to such ideas need to get used to” (“Elevated”, 279).


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