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The strange rock removed from the Hung Kings Temple

The strange rock removed from the Hung Kings Temple 1

VietNamNet Bridge – A Phu Tho province’s official has confirmed that the “strange rock” was moved out of the Hung Kings Temple. However, some scientists have voiced a concern that the stone is a bad amulet that can affect the sacred temple.

Mr. Thieu Vinh, chief of the office of Phu Tho People’s Committee, said the Hung Kings Temple management board had reported to the local government on the removal of the exotic rock out of the temple in late May but it did not tell where the rock was moved to.

According to the Management Board of Hung Kings Temple, Mr. Nguyen Minh Thong, who put the rock into the temple several years ago, took back the item.

Though the strange rock was moved out of the temple, some researchers are still worried of its influence, saying that it is a bad spell.

In the discussion of a number of experts from the Union of Vietnam Science Association on June 6, researcher Pham Thuc said, two talismans painted on the two sides of the stone originate from China and the drawing is not the bagua of Saint Tran as being explained by related people.

The contents of Chinese and Sanskrit letters on the talismans are different from the previous explanation, he added.

Thuc affirmed that of the two talismans, the first fully pursues personal interests, not for the peace and prosperity of the country and the people of Vietnam. The second talisman is associated with geopolitical aspects so the rock should be destroyed immediately.

Colonel Le Thanh Dieu, who is also a spiritual researcher, said the rock at the Hung Kings Temple has bad energy so the spell should be dissolved.

In addition to the letters and patterns on the rock, researchers proposed to identify the spiritual elements inside the rock.

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Researchers at the discussion on June 6.

Before the Hung Kings Temple Festival, many visitors discovered a strange rock of about 50 cm high, in the form of a sail, placed on a platform in the Thuong Temple. The front and back of the rock have complicated ancient hieroglyphics and square patterns. Some said that this rock is a kind of strange enchantments that is not good.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism asked the local authorities to remove the rock from the temple.

The Hung King Temple is a complex of majestic buildings built in the 15th century to be dedicated to Hung Emperors. Located on Nghia Linh mountain, Hy Lang commune, Phong Chau district, Phu Tho province, it is also the place where the Hung King Temple Festival is held every year, reminding Vietnamese people of their origins of culture.


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