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The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens

The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens 92
Owls are common characters in thrillers and horror movies. And the phrase “Owls are not what they seem!” is probably even known by those who have never watched the Twin Peaks series (Twin Peaks). There is something frightening in their appearance that writers and directors have long noticed.

There is a theory that owls are in some strange way related to aliens. Many eyewitnesses indicate that they saw owls in their recollections of abductions, and that it was likely that alien images were mentally “hidden” beneath owl images.

There are many cases where eyewitnesses have seen owls and these cases have been in very unusual circumstances.

Below is a selection of unusual encounters with people with white owls.

The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens 93

Behind the tree

Recently, a US resident tells this story that happened to her and her friends 4 years ago. One day, around 7:00 pm, she, along with her roommate and another close friend, set off on a forest road near an abandoned railroad.

“We like to explore the various deserted places near our city and this was not new to us. We were 5 miles out of the city, among the trees, walking along the path. It gets dark here quickly, and this time we had forgotten to take the lanterns.

Suddenly a very strange feeling came over me and I started to feel very sick. I looked at my friends and by their appearance it became clear to them that they were not feeling well either. We stopped and started looking around with our eyes wide open. ” Let’s go back! “I said, and they agreed with me.

We were frightened by this sudden nervous sensation that encompassed all three of us. It was a feeling of intense fear, as if there was something nearby that we should be afraid of. And this nausea … Suddenly, a very loud and sharp sound came from us. When we turned around, we saw a very large white owl-like bird flying low above us.

She flew completely silent, fluttering her wings slowly, and disappeared behind the trees. After that, we quickly started walking back down the path. Strange clicking sounds continued to be heard behind us. It was as if something were moving quickly behind the trees and stepping on small branches.

At one point, my friend and I looked back and immediately noticed a white humanoid silhouette coming from behind a tree nearby, which disappeared immediately. We both managed to spot his round face. Everything was so scary that I immediately told my friend, ” Don’t tell her anything! “Given my roommate.

Meanwhile, my roommate looked at us incredulously. She didn’t see this creature, but she was scared like us. Then I told her we had to run home quickly, which we did.

I told this story to many friends and acquaintances, but no one believed me. Someone said that it was probably just an owl and everything seemed to us because of the dreaded dark forest environment. But I remember perfectly what that creature looked like.

When he peeked from behind the tree, it was obvious he was not a bird or owl. Because it was high and his neck and upper body were clearly visible.

Unfortunately, because of the darkness, I did not see his face well. I remember it was completely white. He was as tall as a man. ”

The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens 94

White owls on the road

“About 10 years ago, I was traveling late in the evening with my girlfriend, as I was driving on the road that passed by the lake. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, I saw a large white owl landing. I had to completely stop the car so I wouldn’t drive over it.

I started pushing the horn and flashing the headlights to scare the owl away so it would fly away. But, she was just looking at the car and didn’t move. So I decided to slowly approach her.

As we started to approach, we both clearly saw that there was no white owl on the road, but something weak, white and tall, apparently humanoid. It lay on the road, occupying almost two lanes. I could clearly see the humanoid limbs and shoulders.

My girlfriend and I were shocked. She called out:

“What the hell is that? Is it alien ?! “

But as I got closer, in some incomprehensible way, this creature again became an owl, or rather two owls. One owl was sitting in the middle of the road and the other was lying dead next to it. The living owl spread its wings wide in a menacing pose to us.

In order not to come across them, I was forced to get out of the way, practically driving on the grass. Shocked, my girlfriend kept saying:

“Faster, faster, faster to be back in town!”

I find it all very strange. First, in our area a white owl is rarely seen, but here – two at a time.

Secondly, it is impossible to explain the transformation of the owl into a weak tall alien, and then into two owls through pareidolia , dusk or something else. My eyes could see clearly, and my brain was well aware that it was just a humanoid, and I really didn’t like it all. My brain has never played such “games” before.

Third, even if you explain everything with the words “it just looks like it” and explain the length of the “humanoid” with the wings of the owl that are widely spread, this still does not explain how the owl could occupy almost the entire width of the road as it did the body of the humanoid.

Three weeks after the incident, I was traveling with two friends on the road in the same area, and my window was open. At one point, a large white owl flew out of a tree branch and flew very close to my window. A little more and he would get in the car!

A few days later I felt ill. One night I got home from work and my throat started to hurt a lot. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a small, even wound in the back of the throat, just behind the palatine tongue.

It had a smooth circular shape and looked deep, without bleeding or inflammation. When I showed it to my mother, she was horrified and immediately said I should go to the hospital. But when we both arrived at the hospital and the doctor examined me, he found nothing in my throat … The wound was gone.

When I began to insist that there was a wound, the doctor looked at me as if I was crazy and then said that if there was really a wound, it would not have been able to heal in such a short time. However, both my mother and I saw it.

In the years that followed, I continued to be harassed by the thought of this wound. I stopped smoking and it became a habit for me to check my throat every morning. I didn’t see the wound anymore, but it still worried me a lot. ”

The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens 95

White owls and UFOs

“It happened at 3:00 pm in Georgia. Three of my friends, my girlfriend and I were returning by car from a party. On the way out of the event, we were taking my girlfriend home. I was driving, one of my friends was sitting next to me in the front seat, the other two friends and the girl were in the back seats.

Suddenly my friend in the front seat and I simultaneously noticed a bright blue light coming from the night sky. He pointed to an object hidden from the clouds, so it was impossible to get a good look at its shape.

By the time we knew what it was, the object had already disappeared behind the trees. We told the others about what we saw. We soon arrived at the girl’s home and left her there. The boys and I were driving back the same way, and I was driving at about 55 mph. Suddenly out of nowhere, a large white owl appeared.

Within seconds, the owl flew very low over the road, parallel to our car, and was so close that you could reach out and touch it. Then she flew away, but a mile later a second white owl appeared, just like the first. She was just flying parallel to our car, low above the road.

When the white owl appeared for the second time, everyone in our car could no longer contain their fear. They shouted like savages, at the same time asking me to slow down so the owl could fly away. I stopped the car and saw the same strange blue light in the sky again. By the time we knew what was happening, everything was gone and neither light nor owl appeared again.

And so far, we have no explanation for what happened that night.



The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex

The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex 96

The Nazca Lines are mysterious blueprints and signs that are found in the desert in southern Peru. They are about two thousand years old. Symbols in the form of signs, some of which resemble animal figures, have no analogues in the world. Scientists have been trying for years to figure out what meanings they have. It looks like a key has been found to the secret.

For many years, researchers have adhered to two versions. The Nazca Lines can represent either an alien spacecraft landing pad or a complex system of irrigation canals. Both versions one and the second have their advantages, but there was more evidence in favor of the irrigation system.

They were first discovered in 1940 by UFO hunters. From a bird’s eye view, the beauty of complex and simple patterns is mesmerizing. They traverse the barren desert south of Lima.

The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex 97

Ufologists believe that these geoglyphs serve as a kind of reference point for aliens. Archaeologists claim that the lines were created by the pre-Columbian civilization but their exact purpose is not clear. A group of engineers led by Carlos Hermida from Spain came to the conclusion that there is nothing mysterious about the lines. The Nazca Lines are nothing more than a complex system of irrigation canals.

Hermida believes that the mystery of the drawings was solved with the help of numerous convincing evidence. These lines, in his opinion, were created using a pre-Inca technique known as water harvesting.

The satellites have created a mosaic of nearly 4,000 photographs that can be used for detailed analysis of geoglyphs. The mosaic has 75 rows and 50 columns of images. In total, it covers an area of ​​about 2500 square kilometers in the desert. Engineers are confident that this complex system served for irrigation – water through canals filled dry areas to the desired moisture level.

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There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 98

Throughout the history of this African desert, tens of thousands of people have gone missing in its vicinity, and this is only according to official data. The sand is much more destructive than the ill-fated Bermuda Triangle. This is understandable, five thousand kilometers covered with sand.

Scientists know for certain that millions of years ago there were rivers, lakes, flowering gardens and, most likely, even the ocean in the desert, since numerous whale fossils were found in the sands.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 99

The ruins of cities, underground canals, through which water once flowed, were discovered. In one of the Sahara caves, ancient drawings and hieroglyphs were found, depicting humanoid creatures, around which there was greenery and water. There are a lot of mountains in the desert, where people have never been.

Perhaps the most mysterious place in the Sahara is rocky terrain with melted earth and traces of radiation. At this place, according to scientists, an explosion of incredible power thundered. There is a theory that all this is due to the fall of a meteorite.

This is confirmed by the chemical elements that scientists find in glass and iron. These elements are of unearthly origin, and most likely came to us with a meteorite. Moreover, the crater itself is hidden somewhere under the sands, and has not yet been found.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 100

If you look at the desert from space, then the first thing that can be seen is the rings, called the eyes of the Sahara, with a diameter of more than fifty kilometers. There are rocky rocks near the rings that are not found anywhere else on Earth. The stones themselves are most likely solidified lava.

But all these secrets and riddles are not studied in detail, since archaeological and scientific expeditions are officially prohibited on the territory of the Sahara, due to safety. On the territory of the desert, armed conflicts constantly occur, which are a great risk for scientists. This is what official sources say.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 101

The desert can be easily studied from space, by analogy with, for example, Mars, where in the infrared range, with the help of orbiting satellites and telescopes, you can recognize artifacts, as well as make new discoveries. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

The Sahara Desert, along with the oceans of the Earth, remains the least studied.

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Nikola Tesla’s mysterious inventions: from laser to teleportation

Nikola Tesla's mysterious inventions: from laser to teleportation 102

Nikola Tesla is perhaps the most mysterious and most misunderstood of all the great scientists. He was a man well ahead of his time. He owns many inventions and discoveries. Some of them remain a mystery to this day.

Tesla could have pioneered the X-ray, which Wilhelm Roentgen introduced in 1895. The fact is that Nikola had worked with vacuum tubes several years earlier. During the experiments, he discovered an unknown radiation that could penetrate objects. But the scientist was then so busy that he left the study of X-rays.Only after the discovery of Roentgen, Tesla realized what he had missed, although he did not pretend to be the discoverer. The Serb decided to return to this topic and became so carried away by it that he began to scan everyone in a row – dogs, colleagues and even himself.

Tesla figured out how to use X-rays to examine the human body and transfer the data to film.

Tesla figured out how to use X-rays to examine the human body and transfer the data to film.

To get some of the images, it took about an hour to be under the X-ray machine. At first, the researcher believed that these rays were harmless, so he irradiated the head, hands, even eyes. Tesla stopped doing this when he saw the burns.

How Tesla caused the earthquake

After a while, Tesla switched to ultrasound and even caused an earthquake. It happened in 1898 in New York. There were factories, a police station, and residential buildings in the neighborhood of the scientist’s laboratory.

Then one day, the ground in the area shook, the buildings began to shake. In a panic, residents rushed into the street, thinking it was an earthquake. The police ran to Tesla’s laboratory and found him smashing into smithereens some device installed on the base of the building. When the device was broken, the earthquake stopped.

Nikola Tesla shows his inventions.

Nikola Tesla shows his inventions.

It was an oscillator that generated ultra-high frequency oscillations and produced ultrasound. These vibrations caused internal resonance in objects when they coincided with the frequency of their natural vibrations. Tesla saw in this a destructive force of enormous proportions.

The invention of radio

Back in 1890, Tesla predicted the appearance of a device with which it would be possible to listen to music and human speech at a great distance from the sound source. In the same way, images or text will be transmitted, the scientist believed. We can say that the inventor predicted the era of wireless communication and the Internet.

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Nikola Tesla in his Laboratory.

As far as radio is concerned, Tesla conducted experiments. Nine meters from each other, he installed a 5-kilowatt spark transmitter and receiver, from which he extended wires to the ceilings, which served as antennas. Messages were sent from the transmitter to the receiver handset.

Although Tesla built the first wave radio transmitter in 1893, ahead of Marconi, the Italian was more nimble. He challenged the Serb patents for the device itself and the power transmission system in court.
So, Nikola was left without fame and patent payments, and Marconi received the Nobel Prize. It was only after the death of both inventors that the US Supreme Court confirmed Tesla’s primacy in inventing a wireless communication system.

Remote control

In 1893, Tesla began designing remotely controlled vehicles. However, two years later, a fire destroyed all his developments, including the already created mechanisms. For the first time, a scientist showed his inventions at an exhibition in 1898. With the help of a remote control, Tesla made a radio-controlled boat perform various maneuvers. The display of the scientist turned out to be a sensation.

Nikola Tesla's radio-controlled boat.

Nikola Tesla’s radio-controlled boat.

The inventor also proposed creating a remote-controlled submarine to blow up enemy ships. But the military was not interested in Tesla’s developments.

Wireless energy

But then Tesla was not worried about what the military thought. He was so fascinated by the idea of ​​wireless power transmission that he went to Colorado Springs to conduct experiments. An antenna 60 meters high was built here especially for the experiments. Locals often watched the tower generate giant flashes of lightning.

Tower in Wardencliff.  It was an incredible sight for 1900.

Tower in Wardencliff. It was an incredible sight for 1900.

Soon, banker John Morgan gives Tesla money for the project of a global radio network. But the scientist did not forget about his idea of ​​wireless transmission of electricity. With the funds received, he built a new laboratory with a frame tower in Wardencliff, which became famous all over the world.
Morgan did not understand the whole idea. Why was it necessary to build a tower, because Marconi transmitted a signal across the entire Atlantic and without it.

Then Tesla confessed to Morgan that he was not interested in radio communication, but in the wireless transmission of energy to any part of the planet. But this was not part of the entrepreneur’s plans, and he stopped funding.

Tesla in front of a high frequency transformer at the Colorado Springs lab.

Tesla in front of a high frequency transformer at the Colorado Springs lab.

This whole story influenced the opinion of financiers about the scientist. They did not want to deal with Tesla and invest in him. The scientist’s affairs were getting worse. In 1905, his patents for AC motors and other designs expired and payments ceased.
During the First World War, the American government decided to blow up the tower at Wardenclyffe, because it feared that it would become a beacon for German ships. This is how Tesla’s dream of the informational unification of the world collapsed.

The unsolved mysteries of Nikola Tesla

And yet, many of the discoveries of the Serbian scientist are shrouded in mystery to this day. Tesla left no drawings or notes on them. Only fragmentary information and, of course, legends have survived.
Tesla is considered the “culprit” of the 1908 Tunguska explosion. A huge wave of energy could travel from the tower at Wardencliff to Siberia through the ionosphere. If it was a meteorite, then no trace of it was found. Despite the fact that the project in Wardenclyffe stopped funding in 1905, the equipment remained there, and Tesla could secretly continue his experiments.

It is assumed that Tesla was related to the history of the Tunguska "meteorite"...

It is assumed that Tesla was related to the history of the Tunguska “meteorite”.

According to the scientist himself, he received technical and scientific revelations from a certain ether – a single information field of the Earth. From there, he received inaudible signals to anyone, including from Venus and Mars.

In 1931, Tesla presented an interesting development. The gasoline engine was removed from the car and an electric motor was installed. Then Tesla, in front of the public, placed a box with two rods under the hood and connected it to the motor. With the words “now we have energy” Tesla got behind the wheel and drove off.

Tesla invented a device like "perpetual motion machine" and tested it in a car.

Tesla invented a device like a “perpetual motion machine” and tested it on a car.

The car accelerated to 150 kilometers per hour, and there was no need to recharge. When asked where the energy came from, Tesla replied that it was from the ether. However, the public considered the invention to be quackery. Then the disgruntled inventor took out a miracle box from under the hood and carried it away. What kind of device it was is still unknown.

The scientist is also credited with participating in a secret military project, in which the famous Philadelphia experiment later took place.

During the experiment, the destroyer "Eldridge" disappeared and appeared elsewhere.  Teleportation under the influence of strong electromagnetic fields.

During the experiment, the destroyer Eldridge disappeared and reappeared elsewhere. Teleportation under the influence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Shortly before his death, Tesla announced the development of “death rays”. His new invention could destroy aircraft at a distance of 400 kilometers. It is assumed that the military bought the blueprints and created modern laser installations based on them. Also, newspapers wrote that Tesla was working on creating an artificial mind and the ability to photograph thoughts.

Only now the world realizes what discoveries Tesla made. For example, the Kirlian effect was patented in 1949, although the glowing effect of the “aura” of objects was shown by Tesla at the end of the 19th century.

Aura of leaves.

Aura of leaves.

Some scientists are now carried away by studying the torsion field, and they are looking for information about it in the fragmentary records of Tesla. But there are few of them left. Perhaps Nikola burned them shortly before his death, realizing that his knowledge was too dangerous for unreasonable humanity!

“The great mysteries of our existence have yet to be solved, even death may not be the end.”  N. Tesla

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