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The Strange Link between White Owls, UFOs and Aliens

Owls are common characters in thrillers and horror movies. And the phrase “Owls are not what they seem!” is probably even known by those who have never watched the Twin Peaks series (Twin Peaks). There is something frightening in their appearance that writers and directors have long noticed.

There is a theory that owls are in some strange way related to aliens. Many eyewitnesses indicate that they saw owls in their recollections of abductions, and that it was likely that alien images were mentally “hidden” beneath owl images.

There are many cases where eyewitnesses have seen owls and these cases have been in very unusual circumstances.

Below is a selection of unusual encounters with people with white owls.

Behind the tree

Recently, a US resident tells this story that happened to her and her friends 4 years ago. One day, around 7:00 pm, she, along with her roommate and another close friend, set off on a forest road near an abandoned railroad.

“We like to explore the various deserted places near our city and this was not new to us. We were 5 miles out of the city, among the trees, walking along the path. It gets dark here quickly, and this time we had forgotten to take the lanterns.

Suddenly a very strange feeling came over me and I started to feel very sick. I looked at my friends and by their appearance it became clear to them that they were not feeling well either. We stopped and started looking around with our eyes wide open. ” Let’s go back! “I said, and they agreed with me.

We were frightened by this sudden nervous sensation that encompassed all three of us. It was a feeling of intense fear, as if there was something nearby that we should be afraid of. And this nausea … Suddenly, a very loud and sharp sound came from us. When we turned around, we saw a very large white owl-like bird flying low above us.

She flew completely silent, fluttering her wings slowly, and disappeared behind the trees. After that, we quickly started walking back down the path. Strange clicking sounds continued to be heard behind us. It was as if something were moving quickly behind the trees and stepping on small branches.

At one point, my friend and I looked back and immediately noticed a white humanoid silhouette coming from behind a tree nearby, which disappeared immediately. We both managed to spot his round face. Everything was so scary that I immediately told my friend, ” Don’t tell her anything! “Given my roommate.

Meanwhile, my roommate looked at us incredulously. She didn’t see this creature, but she was scared like us. Then I told her we had to run home quickly, which we did.

I told this story to many friends and acquaintances, but no one believed me. Someone said that it was probably just an owl and everything seemed to us because of the dreaded dark forest environment. But I remember perfectly what that creature looked like.

When he peeked from behind the tree, it was obvious he was not a bird or owl. Because it was high and his neck and upper body were clearly visible.

Unfortunately, because of the darkness, I did not see his face well. I remember it was completely white. He was as tall as a man. ”

White owls on the road

“About 10 years ago, I was traveling late in the evening with my girlfriend, as I was driving on the road that passed by the lake. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, I saw a large white owl landing. I had to completely stop the car so I wouldn’t drive over it.

I started pushing the horn and flashing the headlights to scare the owl away so it would fly away. But, she was just looking at the car and didn’t move. So I decided to slowly approach her.

As we started to approach, we both clearly saw that there was no white owl on the road, but something weak, white and tall, apparently humanoid. It lay on the road, occupying almost two lanes. I could clearly see the humanoid limbs and shoulders.

My girlfriend and I were shocked. She called out:

“What the hell is that? Is it alien ?! “

But as I got closer, in some incomprehensible way, this creature again became an owl, or rather two owls. One owl was sitting in the middle of the road and the other was lying dead next to it. The living owl spread its wings wide in a menacing pose to us.

In order not to come across them, I was forced to get out of the way, practically driving on the grass. Shocked, my girlfriend kept saying:

“Faster, faster, faster to be back in town!”

I find it all very strange. First, in our area a white owl is rarely seen, but here – two at a time.

Secondly, it is impossible to explain the transformation of the owl into a weak tall alien, and then into two owls through pareidolia , dusk or something else. My eyes could see clearly, and my brain was well aware that it was just a humanoid, and I really didn’t like it all. My brain has never played such “games” before.

Third, even if you explain everything with the words “it just looks like it” and explain the length of the “humanoid” with the wings of the owl that are widely spread, this still does not explain how the owl could occupy almost the entire width of the road as it did the body of the humanoid.

Three weeks after the incident, I was traveling with two friends on the road in the same area, and my window was open. At one point, a large white owl flew out of a tree branch and flew very close to my window. A little more and he would get in the car!

A few days later I felt ill. One night I got home from work and my throat started to hurt a lot. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a small, even wound in the back of the throat, just behind the palatine tongue.

It had a smooth circular shape and looked deep, without bleeding or inflammation. When I showed it to my mother, she was horrified and immediately said I should go to the hospital. But when we both arrived at the hospital and the doctor examined me, he found nothing in my throat … The wound was gone.

When I began to insist that there was a wound, the doctor looked at me as if I was crazy and then said that if there was really a wound, it would not have been able to heal in such a short time. However, both my mother and I saw it.

In the years that followed, I continued to be harassed by the thought of this wound. I stopped smoking and it became a habit for me to check my throat every morning. I didn’t see the wound anymore, but it still worried me a lot. ”

White owls and UFOs

“It happened at 3:00 pm in Georgia. Three of my friends, my girlfriend and I were returning by car from a party. On the way out of the event, we were taking my girlfriend home. I was driving, one of my friends was sitting next to me in the front seat, the other two friends and the girl were in the back seats.

Suddenly my friend in the front seat and I simultaneously noticed a bright blue light coming from the night sky. He pointed to an object hidden from the clouds, so it was impossible to get a good look at its shape.

By the time we knew what it was, the object had already disappeared behind the trees. We told the others about what we saw. We soon arrived at the girl’s home and left her there. The boys and I were driving back the same way, and I was driving at about 55 mph. Suddenly out of nowhere, a large white owl appeared.

Within seconds, the owl flew very low over the road, parallel to our car, and was so close that you could reach out and touch it. Then she flew away, but a mile later a second white owl appeared, just like the first. She was just flying parallel to our car, low above the road.

When the white owl appeared for the second time, everyone in our car could no longer contain their fear. They shouted like savages, at the same time asking me to slow down so the owl could fly away. I stopped the car and saw the same strange blue light in the sky again. By the time we knew what was happening, everything was gone and neither light nor owl appeared again.

And so far, we have no explanation for what happened that night.



The Tommyknockers: Mysterious Green Men

When the inhabitants of Wales and the county of Devon went to work in the mines, they often heard strange taps there, and after they saw little green men in a mining robe and with a pickaxe in their hands. At the word “Tommyknocker”, most people recall the famous science fiction novel by Stephen King, while the original meaning of this term is almost forgotten today.

However, hundreds of years ago, Tommyknockers were no less popular than leprechauns, with which they have a lot in common. The difference is that Tommyknockers live in caves and dungeons, like European gnomes.

Most often, Tommyknockers (originally just knockers) are described in Welsh and Devonian folklore. Their name can be translated as “Those who knock” – it was believed that it was the knockers who knock on the walls of the mines to cause deadly collapses. Local miners have repeatedly heard these mysterious taps. Some are convinced that the knockers are vicious and long for death, but many of the miners themselves, who personally saw strange little men in underground tunnels, assured that the knockers, on the contrary, try to warn people about the danger and that if they hear these taps, leave in time then you can happily avoid a rock collapse.

Eyewitnesses described Tomminokers as tiny men half a meter tall, with greenish skin, normal human body proportions, and dressed in dirty clothes that looked like a typical mining robe. All tomminokers seen were men. When the gold rush began in California in the 19th century and everyone began to dig mines and look for gold, many British miners went to the United States and brought with them faith in the Knockers. When they began to meet strange little men in American mines, stories about this quickly spread throughout the states and at some point they began to call the Knockers tomminokers.

At the same time, it was believed that strange knocks in a mine might not portend a blockage, but rather indicate rich deposits of ore or other valuable minerals. And when someone heard these sounds, he set off to wander through the tunnels in search of their source. Most often, such miners then simply went missing, but there were also those who really came across a rich mine. That is why it is difficult to say unequivocally whether Tommyknockers were considered bad or good creatures. When collapses occurred, people died or disappeared, Tommyknockers were scolded, but if thanks to their knocks they managed to find a vein or get out of the labyrinth of tunnels, they were called good and thanked.

After a few decades, a whole layer of “urban legends” appeared, according to which strange knocks in mines produce ghosts of dead miners and they do this to warn the living of danger. It was after this that folklore about Tomminokers began to be forgotten gradually, yielding to faith in ghosts. Now the miners began trying to appease the ghosts and brought pieces of bread or cake with them to the mine to leave them in some niche and ask the ghosts for protection and mercy.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, Tommyknockers had almost sunk into oblivion. They were remembered only by collectors of fairy tales or by locals whose houses stood next to the mines and who sometimes also heard strange taps.

There were rumors that when the mine closes, Tommyknockers “go live” to the nearest houses and knock already there, now predicting not collapses, but the death of family members or accidents.

Today, many researchers believe that centuries ago, small children often worked in mines, including illegally, and that it was precisely the miners who faced them underground. The greenish skin of children could become so from contact with copper.

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Never seen before powerful Radio Burst signal coming from a Magnetar in the Milky Way

“Something like this has never been seen before.”

Astronomers working on the CHIME telescope recorded a powerful radio burst from a magnetar in the Milky Way. The peculiarity of this discovery is not only that the burst coincided with a period of increased activity of the magnetar, but also in that it resembles mysterious fast radio bursts. If the discovery is confirmed, then the magnetar will become the source of fast radio bursts closest to Earth, according to  The Astronomer’s Telegram .

Fast radio bursts  (Fast Radio Burst, FRB) – is short (up to several milliseconds), but the strong  radio pulses. Their discovery was accidental and occurred in 2007, and it soon became clear that they could be of  extraterrestrial nature. To date, about a hundred such bursts have been recorded that are associated with  neutron stars ,  blitz , the  decay of  axion mini-clusters,  extraterrestrial civilizations  and other phenomena.

In 2018, it was possible to determine that fast repeating radio bursts from the source of  FRB 121102  could occur in a magnetized medium near a rotating pulsar. Then the source of an individual fast radio burst was first determined , a second similar discovery soon followed , and then  eight more sources of repeating FRB were discovered at once. All discoveries are united by the fact that all sources of fast radio bursts are extragalactic in nature. The source of FRB closest to us is in a large spiral galaxy with a redshift of z = 0.0337; recently, it was possible to detect the periodicity for the first time in fast radio bursts from it.

On April 27, 2020, the SGR 1935 + 2154 magnetar associated with the supernova remnant SNR G57.2 + 0.8 in the Milky Way, located 30 thousand light-years from us in the constellation Lisichka, experienced a burst of activity in the x-ray range. It was previously believed that this magnetar is a source of soft gamma-ray bursts. He became the target of observations for the Swift space telescope , the AGILE observatory , the NICER telescope mounted on the ISS, the INTEGRAL observatory, and other telescopes. 

Initially, his behavior was typical for such objects, but on April 28, the Canadian CHIME telescope reported the registration of a powerful radio burst from the magnetar, which had two peak components five milliseconds long, separated by thirty milliseconds. The radio flux at frequencies of 400-800 megahertz amounted to several kilojans per millisecond. 

An analysis of the CHIME archival data from the beginning of work at the end of 2018 did not reveal any similar events related to this magnetar in the past. If this magnetar were in another galaxy, then for the earth observer the signal would look like a fast radio burst. However, scientists have yet to analyze all the data for the similarity of the flash spectrum from SGR 1935 + 2154 with the spectra of extragalactic fast radio bursts. 

Dynamic spectrum of radio burst from SGR 1935 + 2154.CHIME / FRB Collaboration

An Indian group of scientists working on the GMRT telescope (Giant Metrowave Radio telescope) published a preprint in August 2019   reporting the discovery of a kind of “copy” of fast radio bursts from the J1810- magnetar 197 in our galaxy. Giant radio pulses were also observed from the pulsar in the Crab nebula, however, their generation mechanisms are still different from those that generate fast radio bursts. The situation is similar with SGR 1935 + 2154, where a phenomenon that looks similar to fast radio bursts can be very different from it in physical mechanism.

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Amateur astronomer recorded the mysterious pulsating rays of light emanating from Venus

Something strange happened a few days ago in deep space. An amateur astronomer with a good telescope recorded several flashes or pulsating rays with his infrared telescope camera, which, apparently, came from the planet Venus.

The astronomer also points to a giant object that looks just like the asteroid known for its unusual shape (and some scientists consider it not an asteroid at all, but an alien spaceship) Oumuamua, which passed over Venus and wonders if this object could cause flashes or pulsating rays.

Another possibility for multiple bright flashes can be massive explosions caused by asteroids hitting the planet.

In addition to the strange flashes emitted by Venus, a dark object located near it and looking like a spaceship of gigantic aliens, a large number of UFOs flying in open space fell into the lens of the telescope.

One way or another, whatever that may be, but something very unusual happened near or on the planet Venus.

Oumuamua is the first discovered interstellar object flying through the solar system.

Or maybe it’s a spaceship?

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